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Living Life At Rock Bottom

As of today, I've been homeless for a bit over two and a half years.

Right after becoming homeless, I tried to stay with friends.  But that never seemed to be a comfortable situation for me.  Such friends did not understand how I became homeless, so my relationship with such friends was often fractured, I'm sad to say.  Such friends also included former lovers.  No situation staying with such friends ever worked.  My stay with such friends was often brief, and…


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Doctors On The Take: My Career Ending Expose

Whistles blowers aren't always celebrated.

Sometimes they're crushed.

"There is a pathologically intimate relationship between corporations and the U.S. government- their collusion is expressed in the revolving door. "

by Dan Abshear


In the Spring of 2006, I became a pharmaceutical corporate whistle blower.

In February of that year, I had recruited a law firm with experience in pharmaceutical…


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My Thoughts, While Incarcerated

The number of actions deemed “illegal” continues to grow. Seen through that arbitrary filter that means more individuals who were at one time “law-abiding” are now viewed as “criminals.” That makes it more and more likely that you will see the inside of a jail cell. (Such a trend will continue unless we each stop believing that words put on paper by some strangers make once unjust actions just.) Many people use the time to reflect. Some, like  Dan Abshear who authored the below, share their…


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Movie Review: The Ten Commandments (1956)

Film: The Ten Commandments

Director: Cecile B. DeMille

Distributor: Paramount

Starring: Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price, and a cast of thousands

I don’t think I’ve had occasion to mention it, but I’m a big classic movie buff.  Watching movies is probably my favorite hobby and I almost always watch two or three each week.  After each film I rush to Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, Flickchart, and my own personal database to add, rate,…


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uncruel & unusual

and on that day

every supporter of the

death penalty (60% or

so of american idiots)

was ushered into an

execution taking place

with hands tied

behind their backs &

eyes propped open with

safety pins or whatever it

took to keep their

goddamned eyes open

long enough to watch

the slow killing of those

they condemned

to die, with all the

self-righteous certainty of

a sunday…


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of considerable faith


water during the

day to day

during the

9 to five

full of hatred

full of anger

but willed with

the cowardice of

those who hope

there’s a “god”

so as to get

that secret justice

that they so

passionately desire

on a daily basis

when they flick on

the television &

see another

dastardly deed

gone awry

as if it will all

make sense…


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Portland And Austin

I was in Texas recently for a few days. It was my fifth trip to Texas. I went in May 2010 to Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. I went in August 2011 to Dallas and Austin. I went in September 2011 to Dallas. I went in April 2012 to Austin, and lastly August 2012 to Austin. Every time I go it feels like a magic land of opportunity.

So why a picture of Oregon for this post? I am looking for a job, and I have been speaking with a firm in Portland. The technology they are using…


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August, 2012 Latino Atheists Meeing

The monthly Latino Atheistsmeeting was today. I did not make it. I woke up late. But Martha was there and gave me an update.

Jose is in Washington, DC for a month. Jaime was actually at a baptism. Apparently there are still religious people in his family.

It was her, Francisco and Margaret. Martha gave me the impression that it was mostly Francisco giving his usual speech: The world is going to !!!!!!…


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showdown at the UK corral

even though Correa has finally

granted asylum to Julian

so that the empire’s little concubines

in England & Sweden can’t

pass him off to the growling beasts

salivating & waiting in the shadows of

the US (hands twitching fervently

in seething anticipation, all ready to

to torture him far far worse than

Bradley Manning has already been

& inevitably kill him in order to

spread fear to all who might try…


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The Disregard For The Victims In Chrisianity Based Legal And Penal Systems

And What About The Next Victim?

"A University of Utah survey of judges in 19 states found that if a convicted criminal is a psychopath, judges consider it an aggravating factor in sentencing, but if judges also hear biological explanations for…

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A Lucky Shot

A masked Palestinian demonstrator in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh wields a catapult against Israeli troops during clashes following a weekly protest of the Israeli settlement expansion. By Majdi Mohammed, AP Oct 28, 2011. David and Goliath

First Samuel 16:12 to 22:19

16:12 In private the Lord told Samuel to prepare to soon be pouring oil on a new king's head. Sam found what he thought was a good candidate for kingship living in the region of Judah and…

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Bible Review: Exodus 14-40

And the LORD said to Moses, ‘Write these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.’ So he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights.  He neither ate bread nor drank water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments. – Exodus 34:27-28

I regret to report that Exodus, after a powerful opening quarter, ended with a very protracted, very frustrating, very inconclusive…


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Tying up the loose ends

About six years ago, I attended the church I grew up in for the last time. I hadn't been there in several weeks, and questions were asked about where I had been and what I was up to. Mostly it was the pastor's wife, who had been a mentor to me, asking about what I had been doing. The tone she used made me think she knew I was in a "faith crisis" or whatever you want to call it. I made up a lie about attending another church closer to home and left it at that. I walked out the doors and never…


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Where Are The Apistics?

In entry 432 (APISTIA Is More Than Atheism Plus Skepticism) I explained, why the correct label for my complete absence of any belief is apistia, which is more than atheism plus skepticism, as compared in…

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Let me set the scene: my friend and I are chatting on Skype, not video chat, typing. We were each coming up with our "perfect guy" and I had finished (I started before she did). She made a list of his interests:

his interests--

SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS> very active> he has to like old movies and ong walks on the beach. he has to always talk about other people and noot so much himself. he has to like to go out to eat all the time lol. he has to be interested in getting marrried…


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One Million Dad's is sponsoring a "free bible" program through Tim Todd Ministries.

Seems as though One Millions Dad's is giving out free Bibles to teens.. Might be in our best interest to reduce the numbers available for distribution by ordering our own,,, This link is here where you can order them.   I used my kid's name and said he was 13.. Well, he will be in 9 years.. LOL

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The Deception of Belief

Recently I was in a debate on religion with ex-family members. And as always the theists were unable to argue away their inconsistencies or contradictions that are in the bible that shows it was written by men. The ending result like most debates on religion I've gotten into ended with this line "I'll believe what I want and you can believe what you want..."

This "right to belief" continued to bug me, but why?

I got to thinking, why does that not only bother me, but…


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is she correct??

so i saw this just 30 seconds ago and i want you to share what do you think here is the link

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Payers in school bill has passed in my state.

On August 9th in Wayne county of Missouri, (My home town). Missouri voters approved prayer issue. I voted against this, and at least I tried to do something good in my state. But the majority has spoken, but I remember something that Bill Maher once said: "Just because the majority out weights the minority, doesn't mean the minority is wrong. The majority once thought that the world was flat, but that didn't make them right."  It's tough to do something right, when everyone else is against…


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Too harsh??

I closed one of my recent Internet Religious debates with the following line:

"I can be nice to people (really, I can) without fearing that the violent magic psychopath in the sky is going to lock me in the basement and set fire to me for 100,000 years for not loving him the right way...."

Too harsh?

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