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Come see the new blog.

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duelity Duelity provides a different take on creation versus evolution. With a slightly humorous, and definitely ironic reversal of roles. The creation story is told in a very scientific manner, while the big bang and evolution story is told in a poetic religious manner.

Besides this seeming like a fairly unique idea, the creators have made the two videos so that you can watch them separately, or at the same time.…


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For you, Grandma<3

Just a year shy of a decade,

To the day

You exited my life

And its never been the same

Honoring you with flowers

Seems like such a silly thing to do

As you are 6 feet under

I can’t deliver them to you

Visiting the cemetery

Seems like such a waste

I can honor you from here, with my writing

This is much more my taste

Last night I dreamt of the day you died

It was so vivid

I could have cried

But I know…

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The Pious Stripper

Friends took me out for my bachelor party last night and inevitably it ended up on the "East Side". For St. Louisans, the East Side is associated with the large number of strip clubs on the east side of the Mississippi river in Illinois. I've heard it said that these clubs are among the best in the nation and from what little I have seen of other clubs in other cities, I believe this could definitely be true. In the better of the bunch, the women are beautiful, bare,… Continue

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You got your life back. That's the point.

Salman Rushdie

an extract from Salman Rushdie's, Satanic Verses…


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The real world is still keeping me very much occupied.

My times online are not as long nor as frequent as I'd like them to be, so I apologize.

Reality still reminds me of you, dear community of TA, though not in the friendliest way possible.

My uncle is dying.

He has always been the strongest male presence in my nuclear unit. I was raised first by my grandparents (deceased in the 90's) and then my aunt and uncle. He was born a good ol' southern boy in a 'Christian Nation' and converted to Mormonism, mostly for the sake of his wife, I… Continue

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