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Tonight's Ardent Atheist - Ep 024 - EZ PZ and the Fisting Quagmire! Part 2

TONIGHT! Pt. 2 of Ardent Atheist with PZ Myers, Jamie Kilstein, Eric Schwartz, Suzanne Whang, Thunderf00t, PLUS Paul Provenza will air tonight at 7pm PST: http://tinyurl.com/3zc6zrm - I'll be holding a live chat here: http://tinyurl.com/3pkcq2d Join…


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Validity of Arguement

This morning I have had an interesting discourse with a christian by text message. They happened to send me a text message that told me they were praying for me (as I recently rejected religion in favour of Atheism).

After some to fro regarding the ability of god to answer prayer, they then proceeded to use biblical references to support their claim that god is real and does want to answer prayer. I find this an interesting proposition...that to provide evidence to someone who…


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Atheist Twilight Zone Phenomenon (tell me I'm not the only one)

Recently...  Well not exactly recently.  For quite a while now I have this odd experience from time to time.  I just came across this site today and it seemed like the best place to ask.  It's not the kind of thing that's easy to google.  I call it the Twilight Zone Phenomenon due to it's resemblance to an episode of the aforementioned show. 


So here's the setup.  I'll be going about my business.  Perhaps walking to or from classes on campus.  When quite out of no where I am…


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Bill O'Reilly - Oslo killer wasn't Christian because Christians don't kill people...

Sigh... Billo. Really, Billo?


Bill O'Reilly sternly criticized the media for describing Anders Behring-Breivik, the man who has admitted to committing… Continue

Added by Ryan E. Hoffman on July 26, 2011 at 11:51pm — 72 Comments

Talking to a Fundy, Part I

~~My best friend (as of now) is a fundamentalist baptist, although she just calls herself Christian. (We'll call her Jen) We tend to get into "discussions" about faith and religion, and so I thought I'd share some interesting points I, or she, has brought up.~~


This weekend I spent the night at Jen's house and for some reason we got on the topic of the bible. So, she got out her cute little pink bible full of girly quotes and well organized references and decided to look for…


Added by Melody A. Rogers on July 26, 2011 at 7:21pm — 4 Comments

Gay Relationships: The scientific evidence.

The belief that homosexuality is abnormal and unhealthy is prevalent in the Christian community, and is the foundation of a great deal of Christian bigotry. For the time being, however, bigotry is not enough justification to subvert the constitution. Throughout the ongoing debate over the definition of marriage, Right Wing bigots have cited the damage caused by homosexuality and homosexual relationships in an attempt to justify legal discrimination against gays.

The scientific…


Added by William Hamby on July 26, 2011 at 12:12pm — 5 Comments

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Why?

I'm struggling a lot, lately, with this idea of respect. Specifically, respecting other people's beliefs. Which is something that I'm often called on to do, and that honestly makes me feel like a big liar. Because I don't respect anyone's religious belief, if it includes a God (or several). I find it silly and liken it to mental illness. But, to be respectful, I'm supposed to say "well, it's cool if you want to worship an invisible man in the sky, I totally respect your decision to do…


Added by Jess Schonberg on July 26, 2011 at 12:06pm — 21 Comments

Josh McDowell: The Internet is the Greatest Threat to Christians


Josh McDowell, who some may recognize from his apologetics, (Evidence That Demands a Verdict, or More Than a Carpenter?) says that the internet is the greatest threat to Christians and their faith. It is a great little article that I can…


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violent equation

violent equation




fundamentalist conservative christian


guns & ambition

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My Card

I have recently been running into people and they ask me what my religion is. I tell them I am a card carrying atheist and most just leave it at that. Today I was reading some rage comics and one sparked my  imagination. It involved some girl sitting down and talking about her religion without the guy asking about it. I thought about how I would reply and the card carrying atheist thought popped into my head then the idea of taking it literally. So in the interest of that thought I came up…


Added by Fox Anderson on July 26, 2011 at 5:06am — 1 Comment

Idiots Abound

So I stumbled upon some religious right-wing jackassery and I thought I'd share some of the stupidity I've encountered.  I posted under the name "Unapologetic Atheist":


(Warning: possible loss…


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Sam Harris - Christian Terrorism and Islamophobia


Christian Terrorism and Islamophobia

by Sam Harris


At certain points near the extremity of human evil it becomes difficult, and perhaps pointless, to make ethical…


Added by Sassan K. on July 25, 2011 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Extreme Cognitive Dissonance

I had a very interesting phone call yesterday.


From the time that I was a child until I was a teenager, I attended a fundy Baptist church. When I was in high school, they hired a new "youth pastor". He was popular with the kids but after a few years he was let go. He wasn't conservative enough for the minister and the deacons. That was about the same time that I stopped going to church and moved 400 miles away.


That was back in the 70's. Ever since then he's…


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Do I deserve it?

I was talking to my friend about how when I go places and people talk to me like I'm a "normal" guy but then when they find out I'm an Atheist, their attitude changes like night and day. I was at a restaurant not too long ago and my friends were talking about going to church. So they had asked me if I wanted to go to church right before I was about to order so I said "No thanks guys, I don't believe in that stuff." The cashier gave me a dirty look and said "I'm not serving you." I asked why…


Added by Seth Jon Nonnemaker on July 25, 2011 at 8:04pm — 16 Comments

Religion Running Scared

I originally posted this at my blog Martin S Pribble, and it was subsequently picked up as an "Article" at RDFRS, which made me quite happy. It has caused quite a discussion at both sites, so I thought it would be good to share with you lot also.

 Religion is running scared from advances in science, particularly brain science such as neurology. Why? Because the brain is the final frontier in uncovering the reasons for belief in superstitions, religion and a higher…


Added by Martin Pribble on July 25, 2011 at 6:49pm — 1 Comment

Twin Attacks - A Revolution is the Aftermath

I'm currently following the aftermath and the only word I can find to describe it is mostly inspirational. I'll try to compile a list of the lessons Norway can teach other terror-stricken nations and a list over shameful events.It'll be a long post, you can skip uninteresting paragraphs if i score a critical wall-of-text hit.


I'll start with the worst.

Immediately after the blast everyone though of Islamists. After the shooting started everyone (including…


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Going to Vancouver, BC!

Hey everyone, I am riding my bike around the country for a while and will stop in Vancouver for a couple of days. Does anyone have a floor or couch I could sleep on? I'll be there around the 7th or 8th of August. Thanks!

Troy Carter

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A religion's use of a public school


A publicly funded school in Toronto, Ontario Canada is allowing an outside (muslim) group to use the cafeteria as a mosque 1 day per week.  Non muslim students are not permitted inside during services, males and females are segregated and ...menstruating girls  are not allowed to participate. 




I can't believe this crap happens in my country, in my province!  Please follow the link, read the story and sign the petition, even if you're not…


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i am the lord your god & all that is wrong

in the world has been spawned by a fallen angel of whom

i created so that he would tempt humankind into madness---

if you have a bone to pick, please pick it with him,

for that is his purpose,

a purpose which is an integral part of my overall plan,

a plan wherein you & you


are still a vitally important character---


so keep on worshipping me

though you…


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complete & utter gibberish

that there is a personal something out there

something greater than what you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste,

study, test & validate through rigorously systematic rational


that this personal something cares about what your life specifically entails

on a daily basis

wherein what you as a little pubic hair in the great great great universe

somehow matter more than what your short life actually entails---

that this…


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