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Why is prophecy taken seriously?


29:10 Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the tower of Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia.

29:11 No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years.

I never can figure how Christians put so much stock in prophecy.  You hear it all the time. …


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What is in the archetypal world of the Anglo-Saxons?

“It is not something that happens because people miss-interpret the text; it is because they believe in them. That is the problem.”

~ Christopher Hitchens ~

Somehow stories contain the very soul of a people; when, for instance, American pastor Carol M. Noren meditated on the crossing of the Read Sea, saying that “God commands Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea,” and Moses obeys without hesitation, she infers the conclusion that, “Our Lord desires…


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Animal Intelligence: What defines it, and how do we recognize it?

   An article on bees and complex problem solving caught my attention today:  http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/10/bees-solve-complex-problems-faster-than-supercomputers.html It's one of several I've come across recently about animal intelligence and problem solving. The bees were able to solve an issue supercomputers have trouble with, and also recognize human…


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The purpose driven life (a review) - Chapter 5 - Seeing life from God's view

Hello readers, welcome to another installment of my review of TPDL


In this chapter, Warren says that people have a metaphor for their life. He says he has asked people to describe their lives and he has gotten some responses like "life is a roller coaster", "life is a dance" etc.


He says that the image that you have in your mind when you visualise your life is your life metaphor, and you have to replace this with god's view of your life. 




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They're intentionally firetrucking with me!

Today I received a message from my direct superior that I will be handling my first school organization. Of course I was ecstatic with this news, I wanted to be a moderator since I started teaching. But to my surprise, they assigned me to a religious organization not the organization i applied for. a little bird told me that the Organization and Extra-curricular Team Leader heard about me having a "weak" faith and because she wanted to "help" me she gave me the religious org. I tried to reason… Continue

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Beer Is Better Than Religion

Why is beer better than religion........................http://willothewisp.nl/beer-is-better-than-religion/ 





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Grudgingly, I have to give a reading at my parents wedding vow renewal mass

One of my brothers knows I'm an atheist (though he probably thinks it's a 'phase'), and my sister probably has a good idea that I am.  I am not looking to ruffle any feathers, but I am kind of annoyed that I am being asked to walk up to the altar, bow, and lead the recessional prayer.  For the uninitiated, this means I will say after each prayer offering "let us pray" and everyone will respond "lord hear our prayer", as Catholic drones are wont to do.

My parents seem to have no idea…


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Atheist Banners to Fly on July 4! Get Your Cameras Ready!

In a huge campaign by American Atheist during the July 4th holiday, planes carrying atheist banners will fly in the skies in many of the states. The banners will say "God-less America" or "Atheism is Patriotic".  The list of locations is below. If you can, take a pic and celebrate your atheism this July 4!!!




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shedding god

when you have shed your “god,”

like old dead skin,

it will fall away off your body---

decaying & no longer relevant in any way

to the rest of your healthy


you will feel cleaner than you ever have before, simply because

there is nothing out there already established as


which claims that you have “sinned” or that you

constantly do wrong, consequently being in need…


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Chaplains in schools


More indocrination of children in Australian schools.  Generally, what the church wants, the church gets. As the article says, these people have no formal training.  I wish they could be ousted before they do harm.  For everyone's information and comment if desired.....…


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Heaven Without Athesits

Like most atheists, I could call BS on religion all day. My newest thought was inspired by my mom. My mom is pretty great in terms of not preaching to me. I was actually wondering why she doesn’t care more (since she won’t be able to enjoy eternity with me, as I will be in hell because I don’t believe in god). I can’t really wrap my head around the concept of an eternity without a loved one and how this could possibly constitute as heaven. I know any significant amount of time without my… Continue

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