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Praying for Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is one of the few people in this world that I truly look up to. What makes me look up to him? Because he says that we should not have any idols or put anyone else in too high of regard. So in that sense I admire him for a quality that he possesses.

As you may know, last month my man Hitch announced that he had cancer. The cancer is in his esophagus and from everything I've read it has a relatively low survival rate because it is… Continue

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What God?

Want to thank everyone for the kind wecome I have received, I truly appreciate it. Thought I would try to answer the question Adriana posited.

When I had my near death experience it was like I was plugged into the Universe and all its memories. I suddenly went from being the Janitor of the company with a Janitor's knowledge of how the company works to being the CEO with a CEO 's knowledge of the company. To say it was awesome is an understatement. All knowledge was available…


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Whats a Name, but a Symbol

Just feeling the waters. I use the name God a lot because if I use the names that best describe my feelings of a higher intelligence no one seems to understand. I would prefer to use the Oneness or All-That-Is. I don't really care what others believe in, or whether they are theists, deists, atheists, whatever. Yes, I have heard all the arguments from all the sides of this debate. I would just like to discuss the arguments in a civil, friendly atmosphere. I don't know if such a thing exists.…


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In The Middle

I feel strange posting on this blog because while I am not a believer in the Christian God I am not a true atheist either. I consider myself spiritual because of the near death experience I had over 20 years ago. I am sort of in the middle. When I post on religious message boards, they don't like me because I don't believe in their doctrine. I usually get called something with the word satan or devil in it. Then when I post on atheist blogs they believe I am delusional or at least misguided.… Continue

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"Religious Prophecies and Confirmation Bias" from Atheist Climber blog

The definition of "prophecy" is this (according to "The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language"):

a. An inspired utterance of a prophet, viewed as a…

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How theism has affected me.

Myself in prose:

My whole life I have been affected differently by hope, faith, and belief. I grew

up being indoctrinated with the values of Christianity and Catholicism. My

parents divorced when I was around 4 years old. My dad got weekend custody of

my sister and I. My dad was a Christian and my mom was a Catholic (I have no

idea what religious beliefs they hold now), neither of them would explain the

differences in their religions to me.… Continue

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People in this world

SO on facebook i put posts that are controversial and so many of my "friends" on there get offended because i put that "Some people seem to love to turn to drinking when something bad happens. Pretty sad." So many people though that it was non of my business to them drinking, i do agree, but isnt a statue update on facebook what is one my mind? I believe it is. I dont get the big deal in putting my views on the world on facebook. So what i think this government is corrupt and that i dont… Continue

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Sometimes, A Friend Surprises Me

I started playing hockey again and one of the highlights of this is that some old friends have also dusted off their skates and are shaking off years of rust with me. Of course, the icing on this cake is the trip to the bar after the game, picking up where we left off in our mid-twenties and having a good time with the help of cold beer. I have been friends with these people since before I identified with atheism, and probably back to when I identified as a Christian, although I was never a… Continue

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Woo! My home town....

Atheists of Florida to Sue City of Lakeland, Mayor

Published: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 11:22 a.m.

Last Modified: Monday, July 12, 2010 at 11:22 a.m.

LAKELAND | Atheists of Florida announced its intention this morning to file a federal lawsuit against the City of Lakeland, challenging its

practice of opening its meetings with…


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No Dominion: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces

In his fight against British imperialism, Mahatma Gandhi described the life cycle of successful civil disobedience: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you

win." Mikey Weinstein, the 55-year-old founder of the Albuquerque, New

Mexico-based Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), likes to

quote it, knowing full well he's crossed the line into a…


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"You are worth more than many sparrows" from Atheist Climber blog

from Atheist Climber blog

This is a very brief overview of why I am passionate about the atheist cause, why it is important in this day and age, and why I continue to write about it.

Our world is the only thing we have, and at this time we are destroying it relentlessly with our greed and self-righteous consumption, and by waging wars against each other, using up… Continue

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“Don’t be a dick”? Sometimes we need to…

I have no idea what Bad Astronomer Phil Plait said at TAM 8, I was not there, in fact I am on the other side of the world right now. But the news I got is that Phil was trying to put forward the position that being overtly aggressive when addressing any kind of wrongly… Continue

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The true state of nature

The innate need for protection haunts every human being on a subconscious level . This persecution explains a few normal acts such as searching for friends who provide security , improve certain skills to assure social status and so on … However , this necessity induces the creation of numerous imaginary figures . Humans with a special connection to the gods , and another link to human kind .These figures are coupled…


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Society and religion

How does an individual judge specific acts ? How does he or she decide that a certain situation is either beneficial or dreadful ? Where does society and its norms step in to indicate what is moral and immoral ? In the following , the controversy of the global society will be exposed , as will be a specific issue which varies significantly from a region to another : religion .…


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Sunday Morning Service - 11JUL

Sunday Morning Service

11 JUL 2010

Links of Interest

You Say God Is Dead? There’s an App for That

Free Evolution Book Excerpts…


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Oh! Cruel Blasphemy

A post from one of my blogs at:


Oh! Cruel Blasphemy…


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When a general Facebook question goes oh so very wrong!

I recently posted a question on Facebook. I wanted to know if atheism is compatible with the principle of the Law of Attraction presented in the book "The Secret". I think they are but I wanted to know what they thought in FB land. I received the following response from a person I thought was my friend: "YOU GUYS NEED JESUS DON'T SEND ME ANY ATHEIST… Continue

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Sorry for the vanishing act.

I think I'm back now! Yay!
For anyone interested, and anyone keeping tabs, things got really nasty there for a while, but life is looking up.
The roomie got crazier and crazier, and two days before rent was due, she decided to up the price. That was sort of the final straw for us. Her behavior was way, WAY erratic even before that, but at least we were able to move out without giving any notice, and feel pretty damn justified in that action.
Not only that, but we still…

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Dawkins faith

Hi everyone,

A Christian friend of mine said,

So for all the genius of Dawkins (who I believe is a great scientist, but poor philosopher), his theory of how

science can explain away God hits two major snags along the way. Purpose

and genesis. The best explanation for these I have heard is "that we

don't have the answers yet, but we will". But what is that if…

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Apologist's Arguments Fail

Before we look at bible contradictions we first have to address the issues of bible inerrancy and apologetics.

First inerrancy; there are two main views when addressing the accuracy of the bible. One group of Christians believe that the bible is divinely inspired by God and its message has been molded and shaped by…


Added by Dennis Paul Renner on July 8, 2010 at 1:31am — 1 Comment

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