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ode to satan

Ode to victory ode to rhyme

Ode to my empty love for you, for all


Everyone decides to begin in the front and work their way down, to meaning nothing

I too have my shallow impression of impersonation, though you make me forget,

I am too busy watching your charades.

There is too much in the world that aches me,

too many people claiming right that are wrong.

You don’t want to take over the world and make it better

You just long to have all the… Continue

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A Priest Encounter

I was chating with one of my friends about the changes I'm making on my religious perspectives, and she became interesting in having a discussion with me. Later she asked if her friend could also come since he is going into ministry to become a priest of the Catholic Church. Apparantly, he is extremely exited about discussing God with me, and hopefully win me over. So the day is set! Tomorrow afternoon!

Any ideas on how I should prepare with such encounter?

Comments, thoughts,…


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would a god of any other name smell as sweet?

We cannot understand our world. We cannot travel back in time to see how it was created. In fact, the notion of a beginning is inside the human mind. Any notion, therefore, of a god that created this world is abstract because it is not an object that is readily in our world. Art represents a way for humans to captivate what they believe happened and create it in a substance to endure time. ‘god’ is not here with us and cannot be founded through our senses unless we create ‘god’ in some relic.… Continue

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The Evolution of Religion in America by Christina

The Evolution of Religion in America

Religion in the United States of America has become personalized due to the oppressive nature of

Christianity and other institutionalized organizations. The oppression

of women, no matter the ethnicity, has caused America’s notions of

religion to evolve in ways that personalize spirituality to suit the

needs of the individual or community. Prior to racial slavery, women

were slaves to men, “That experience, which was available to… Continue

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Respecting Ancient Traditions: Not for allocating Human Rights

Respecting Ancient Traditions: Not for allocating Human Rights by Christina

We all want to clap our hands and applaud the great founding fathers of human rights. It is true we are indebted to them for our present way of thinking though I cannot say that I am truly thankful. We live in a patriarchal society, for which we can thank ancient and still dominate traditions for, where all past oppression has been culturally sublimated, but is nonetheless still existent. Can we really… Continue

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Lying to Attain Sex Leads to Rape Conviction

Usually, consensual sex that leads to a rape conviction has something to do with the legal age of consent and one of the consenting sexual partners being below it. Maybe the victim even lied about their age and the law showed no mercy for the hapless perpetrator. But, this is a novel case where two, consenting adults met and then had sex. Everything was legal until sometime later when the woman found out something about her sexual partner.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced…

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Religion Challenge Part 2: Hitchens Youtube video

(This is part two of "The Religion Challenge", an exercise that I shared in with some Christian friends of mine. We agreed to analyze various resources and have an online dialog. I am posting a new entry each day but you can see the whole series at the bottom of this post).

- Religion arose because primitive man needed to explain things like storms and where we came from.

- It is our human nature to want to…

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The Seedy Religious Underbelly of South Africa

In the last couple of years I have experienced a gradual but rude awakening to the grizzly, spine-tingling reality of South Africa's religious situation.

The existence of Bible translations into KiSwahili, isiXhosa, Zulu, Chichewa, Tswana, Shona etc is frightening. African cultures notoriously cling to superstitions as well as ancestral and tribal beliefs. Combining this with Christianity is resulting in an ongoing history of bad ideas. I have covered many of these issues before, but… Continue

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Tampa Theatre Appreciation and Such

Tampa Theatre Appreciation and Such

(Click here for printable version)

July 19, 2010


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Special Liquid Extends Life

Humans have been living longer with each generation thanks to better healthcare and diets, but alas, the ability to live for hundreds of years has always been well beyond our grasp. That is, until now! I'm so happy to report the solution to the mortal problem is a special liquid I've discovered. Not one created in a lab, not one chemically altered in any way by humans. This liquid was under our noses the whole time.…


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Book Review - The Case for Christ

(note: This is the first part of an exercise that I did with some Christian friends. In a nutshell, we agreed to examine and comment on the media presented as evidence by the other side. I'll post a different one each day, or you can find a link to the whole series below if you do not wish to wait. Once again, I'll post them all here - I do not wish to skirt the blog guidelines).

(one more note - I didn't have the time…

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I am not allowed

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"God is more important than a girl"

I'm just so damn disturbed by this, I needed to share it.

I teach computers to elementary kids, so I have a lot of friends on Facebook who are middle schoolers (former students of mine). Often, I find it entertaining to watch the myriad varieties of adolscent dramas taking place, but throw religion into the mix and it can get damn disturbing.

There's this one boy, who we'll call "Carl" (not his real name). At some point in the last few months, Carl got "saved" and nearly… Continue

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Lady Gaga Takes on Westboro Baptist

Lady Gaga isn't afraid of some gay-bashing protestors.

On Saturday evening, the goddess Gagaposted a note entitled "At the risk of drawing attention to a

hateful organization" to her "little monster fans" via her Facebook page addressing the protest…

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Arrogance, Belief, Agnosticism

Ever since Richard Dawkins gave us his 7-point scale of God belief in The God Delusion, and positioned himself just shy of the strong atheist position, I have sensed a sort of orthodoxy develop around the defense to the accusations that atheists are arrogant and rely on faith just as much as believers. The common reply has been to cry foul ("atheism is merely a lack of belief in gods") and retreat into agnosticism ("I can't know with certainty there are no gods, I just find it highly… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 18JUL

Sunday Morning Service

18 JUL 2010

Links of Interest

My Darwinian Daughters

Christianity Was Not Responsible for American Democracy…


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goodbye facebook!

Well, I finally did it. I let go of facebook, and most likely for good. I'm so proud of myself. I feel like I released a burden off of myself. Anyways, here's the last message I sent to most people on my friend list.

Hey there, this is to let you know that I'm done with facebook, and most likely for good. The reason why is this, I've just not been doing much here on facebook. Also, I've just been mostly on the atheist sites that I normally frequent, and I don't have to worry…


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Non-local Consciousness

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. I wish I could answer each one, but still unsure how everything works here.The main concern seems to be consciousness and whether it is local or non-local. Does the brain create consciousness or is consciousness a separate entity. In other word does the soul or spirit really exist.

Now near death experiences almost always begin with an out of body experience which if provable would show that brain and consciousness…


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Flock Joins the Gulf Oil Relief Efforts

You've heard me rant about how clearly useless prayer is. This week CNN had an article about an Alabama church that used to hold summer services on the beach but was displaced by cleanup efforts.

This is interesting on several levels.

Clean-up efforts forced the congregation from the sandy beach up to a concrete pavilion, "partly due to the relief workers basically taking away our beach. We’re glad they are, but that is the situation," said the Rev. Lance Moore,…

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