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God and faith without parents.

If someone was brought up in a controlled environment where information was filtered and they were given zero information about god, what would their belief/value system become?

Does god have a way of communicating with people or has he devolved the spiritual continuence on the parents of the child to bring said child up in said faith?

I wonder how many children who are brought up in faith A, sudenly denounce it and adopt faith B? The lack of wholescale movement to the 'one… Continue

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More Billions from an Atheist

I wrote about the charity of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates back in January. Last week another rich (assumed) atheist threw his name into the hat as someone who will donate the bulk of his money to charity. Paul Allen released a statement noting that the bulk of his money will go to philanthropic efforts. His 13.5 Billion Dolllar fortune will… Continue

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Common theist question: Why is there something instead of nothing?

This in one of those questions I tend to get from theists. Most of the time the theists asking me this question mean well and are curious but sometimes I wonder if they just want to point their finger and say “Ha! You don’t

know everything!” Or perhaps, they are trying (feebly) to make a god of the

gaps argument. Or maybe they are even trying to use this question to show that science

has a weakness because it can’t explain everything.…


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Act Of God??!!


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"Morals and Atheism" From Atheist Climber Blog

Believers in god often ask "Where do morals come from?" They expect the answer to be "from God", mostly because they can't imagine that something so much at the heart of human interaction can have risen naturally.

Well the answer is reasonably simple, but long. So let me see if I can be as brief as possible with this.

As I… Continue

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"Meet the Patriots" Experience

"Meet the Patriots" Experience

By Andrea Steele

July 25,…


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Living in Venezuela 5 Blind Faith

Well..... Its been a long time since i posted....

today i bring you one of the most wtf tales i got:

i was in school the other day and i where in a really heated discussion with a frien

me>....you can feel god, you can touch god, you can smell god, you dont have evidence that he was there, you dont have evidence for is interacions with the universe but you still choose to believe in him, thats the same that i decided to believe i fairies right now, but you are soo… Continue

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We Are Secular Humanists

According to secular humanists, human values should comprise the commitment to improve universal well-being. Ethical principles should be assessed by their effects on people, not by how well they conform to preconceived ideas of right and wrong.

Secular humanists reject that values and ethics are imposed from any deity. In that it echoes simple atheism. Secular humanism goes further challenging humans to develop their own values, and maintains that through a process of value inquiry,… Continue

Added by Monica McGee (Monicks) on July 25, 2010 at 11:23am — 1 Comment

Sunday Morning Service - 25JUL

Sunday Morning Service

25 JUL 2010

Links of Interest


Creationism vs Darwinism in… Continue

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A Priest Encounter - Aftermath.

I mentioned that I was going to have a meeting with a future priest and my friend. We begun and they just wanted me to ask all the questions, so I began with asking them to defied religion, and faith in their own words. We discuss if there is a Right type of faith and a Right type of religion, and to my surprise they are more confused than I thought - or maybe they are less confused than I hoped. The future priest did most of the talking, he tried to explained to me that there is not one…


Added by D.M Barrera on July 24, 2010 at 5:41pm — 4 Comments

My first meeting with fellow skeptics

Last night I attended both my first

lecture at the world-renowned Center For Inquiry (if you're reading this, I'm available for

volunteer work!) and my first group meeting with a new Buffalo-area

skeptics group, Drinking Skeptically. The lecture was given by author Ibn Warraq on secularism in the Muslim world (it was quite interesting).

While I looked forward to the lecture, I was really looking forward to

the group meeting afterwards.

Once again, I'll… Continue

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God in the Constitution: by Col. Robert G. Ingersoll

I ran across this (rather long) public domain essay by Robert Ingersoll (a 19th century atheist) and found that it's still contemporaneous. I kept thinking of Islam as I read this, even though it's really directed at Christians. There are some really good points covered: particularly the secular nature of our constitution and the the break it represents from the divine authority previously assumed…

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Things I never knew about chickens.

About 10 years ago, we got a bucket-O-chicken. Nah, not KFC but a hen and 10 eggs in a five gallon bucket. We were over run with ticks, my wife and son couldn't step out of the house without getting covered up with them (for some reason they pretty much ignored me?). Researchers at Auburn University would send their graduate students out to our place to collect ticks. My wife thought that maybe chickens were the answer. She was right, our dogs no longer look like they have grape clusters… Continue

Added by Doug Reardon on July 23, 2010 at 8:44pm — 4 Comments

Religion Challenge: Dawkins vs. McGrath debate

(note: this is part of a debate between myself and two Christian friends. You can find a link to the entire series below)

Posted by Adam on 9/15

Ah, a great place to start a discussion. I've heard McGrath speak many times. For some reason he gets a little more cred because he was on the other side (it goes both ways - this is true of Christians that convert as well). He seems like a nice enough guy. I do… Continue

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Salt: A Bloody Belly Flop


Russia and America have to worry about agent Salt. Salt answers the age old question: What’s worse than an action movie with no plot?

CIA agent Evelyn Salt’s (Angelina Jolie) life is thrown into turmoil when her loyalty is questioned in front of her bosses by a man named Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) who claims to be an agent high up in the Russian government. They accuse her of knowing about the murder of a Russian dignitary. Worse, she knows that her husband, a Mike Krause… Continue

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Favorite Atheist Website/Blog??

I'll start. I like www.normalbobsmith.com. His hate mail pages are hilarious. He is able to outwit and make his critics look foolish.

What is your favorite Atheist Website and/or blog? (Obviously, other than THINKATHEIST.COM!)

Anybody? Anybody out there?

Added by girlatheist on July 23, 2010 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

"Every Knee Shall Bow" NSFW

Do you smile while we burn

Winking at your children dying forever in turns

Reaching out for you in pain with no solution

You even erased their mind of you to confuse them

Love is what you call yourself goddamn liar

Have you ever been burned in an everlasting fire

Before you send others there you should check it out…


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The Holy Dinner - My evening with a priest

(note: this event actually took

place last year but I thought it would be interesting to copy it from my

other blog)

So the big evening finally arrived. I was going to be dining with a local priest.

Father Pat was all that he was said to

be and then some. He was well-read, well-spoken, affable and at times

blasphemous. I know that many of you read my post yesterday and

probably thought that there was going to be some kind of showdown at my… Continue

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Dating Jesus

Just to clarify: I don't mean "going on a date with Jesus." I mean historically determining the dates of his existence, although I like to think that the title caught your attention.

I've been really battling with proof of his divinity lately. I'm not too concerned about proof of his existence. I reckon if he did exist he was probably a Ghandi or Mandela-type figure, so I'm not too phased about whether he existed or not, although there are plenty of scholars with a fair amount of… Continue

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"Our Future" from Atheist Climber blog

from Atheist Climber blog

Many may ask "Why have you got a problem with other people's religions? It doesn't affect you, so why don't you just leave them alone?"

Well the fact is it does affect me. In fact it affects everyone.

While religious fervour is not as bad in Australia as it is in many countries around the world, the trappings of religions are present in our… Continue

Added by Martin Pribble on July 21, 2010 at 8:35pm — 1 Comment

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