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This is my first time

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in the world?

It seems to me that every christian in the world is worried about every atheist infecting the minds of their children, when I would be willing to bet that the majority of Christians actually are actively trying to infect the minds of younger children. 

Does no one care that the majority of christian theology actually springs from pagan religion?

Christmas was not Christ's birthday, and his name isn't even Jesus! Jesus is…


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Great Minds Quotes


Gene Roddenberry [1921-1991] Creator of Star Trek

"I condemn false prophets, I condemn the effort to take away the power of rational decision, to drain people of their free will--and a hell of a lot of money in the bargain. Religions vary in their degree of idiocy, but I reject them all. For most people, religion is nothing more than a substitute for a…


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Help !!!

My brother-in-law is the son of a preacher. He's also a corporate lawyer. He has never liked me because I'm easy prey. I heard him telling my aging folks to give any inheritance away to charity. I asked him later what he was on about and he told me about what he thought of my family dynamics. He's a narcistic egomaniac who serves himself on a plate in each room he enters. He strives to succeed and my sister is the oldest sibling and plays princess to my dad. They live on the other side of the… Continue

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The Economics of hooking up at fancy nightclubs

We were sitting in a beer park one day, thinking up a nice controversial research question for a friend's paper. After a lot of bouncing of ideas, I got to thinking: Of all the nightclubs in the world, there are some fancy ones with a cover charge which stings a bit. Some of these again charge half off for women. (I wouldn't know these assumptions for a fact, of course.)

Anyway: How can they get away with this?

Well, for…


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TCVS Episode 05- Heathen Half Hour! 10 Myths about Atheists

My new episode of my podcast is up! You can listen to it at http://www.cowboyvoodooshow.com, or subscribe to it on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cowboy-voodoo-show/id442053156. Rate and review it on iTunes please! Thanks and I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Bully Culture

I was homeschooled, then attended Christian school, then went to 2 public elementary schools, 3 public middle schools, 3 public high schools (including 1 magnet school) and finally, GED school. We moved a lot. I had the un-enviable experience of being the New Kid many, many times growing up. In some schools I was bullied, but at others I wasn't.

School culture plays a huge role in the degree of bullying that goes on. Surely some teacher or gym coach at that Iowa elementary school… Continue

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Faking Belief with a Smile

The title of this blog basically sums up most of my life with my experience with religion. I know I am only 23, but it seems like I spent a lot of time being fake. I was raised Catholic, but was not very involved with the church. I was baptized, had my First Communion, went to CCD class, but then was given the choice to continue or stop by my parents, so I decided to stop.


As I grew up, I never really thought about religion and never questioned it, but I do remember the first…


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I May Have Created My Own Religion

Back in 1999 I found myself out of a job with time on my hands.  To amuse myself and, perhaps, contact others with my condition (Sleep Associated Altered States of Consciousness...night terrors, OBEs in the popular vernacular.  I had been troubled with these experiences for years but I stubbornly continued to believe that I was a competent judge of my own experiences. Ten years before I had decided that, rather than fight against these things, I would go along with…


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Let's Put Claus Back Into Christmas

Let’s Put Claus Back Into Christmas:

A modest proposal


Remember Christmas when you were a child?

The Season was a time to come together as family and friends...and even make Peace with your enemies for at least a few days.  Christmas was all about bringing people together.  Religious differences were just like social class or politics or even gender...every town was like Mayberry and had their…


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Boy Mutilated and Killed

''Last month, a 13-year old Syrian boy, Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb, marched with his family in a nonviolent anti-government rally in the city of Daraa. Authorities detained him along with hundreds of others involved in the protest against President Bashar al-Assad. After weeks of absence, Hamza’s barely recognizable body was returned to his family. It bore extensive evidence of torture—bruises, burns to the feet, elbows, face and knees, and the removal of his genitals. The wounds, according to…


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Fear and Mongering......

I just got a call from a so called “Conservative” group playing on the general populations’ ignorance.

Right of the bat they are calling “socialism.”  Then they say that President Obama raised the national debt to 14 trillion.  Funny how they ignored the fact that under G.W. Bush the national debt doubled and ended up around 10 trillion dollars.  They also pushed how Obama was the worst president since Carter.  While not a Carter fan, I do recall G. W. Bush’s ratings being pretty damn…


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Twisted sense of morality

Recently I started to engage in conversations with religious people. The thing that disgusts me the most is their perception of morality. They can go on for hours speaking how it's immoral to use condoms while sitting and eating a steak. They say it's wrong to use embryos for stem cell research but see nothing unethical with animals being tortured in laboratories. Some of them even don't see anything particularly bad about…


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We Are the Insurgency

You'll pardon me; I've already made one long response on the subject of political activity by atheists, so I'm doing this as a blog post instead. 

I am responding to the post outlining the difficulties with organizing intellectuals and the statement:

"Can we overcome and find a way to remain relevant in the political arena without compromising our minds and conforming to the “majority rules” mentality?"

First, this is not an option.  If we don't do this, we don't…


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Ahhhh , it ALL makes sense now!!!

Hi everyone!  I just sat through a beautiful sermon today , and guess what!?  I understand it all now!  I understand the trinity!  

How do I understand it now, you may ask?  Well check out below!  This is the Athanasian Creed that is spoken by some churches ONCE a year , on Trinity Sunday!  It's remarkably clear and very , very , very understandable! I am so glad I was able to make sense of it all this morning ... the following is the Creed , in it's entirety , which was spoken aloud…


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Jerusalem rabbis condemn dog to death by stoning

But we should respect people for their "sincerely held religious convictions"...


A Jewish rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a stray dog it feared was the reincarnation of a lawyer who insulted its judges, reports say.

The dog entered the Jerusalem financial court several weeks ago and would not…


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Know your History: 22nd of June

The events that took place 70 years ago on this date - 03:15 on June 22nd 1941 - should be firmly imprinted on your mind. If you cannot immediately guess what I am referring to: Shame on you, and welcome to history class.

To quote Coleman's commentary on Santayana: "Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat history class."


It is, of course, the start of one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history: Operation Barbarossa. The effects…


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It starts...

I figured since this site has a blogging feature, I really should try to take advantage of it.  My goal with this blog is to give a Central Alberta view of some of the issues concerning atheism and skepticism.  I'll also be bringing up more local issues that we are facing in my neck of the woods.  And of course the obligatory random stuff in between.  So I do apologize if this seems quite rough around the edges, this being my first foray into blogging and…


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The art of logic on internet forums.

Applied logic is a form of art, akin to the art of war or the art of medicine and unrelated to the fine arts. Specifically, it is the art of persuasion - how to convince others to believe your arguments on face value. Humans talk like they think, and usually write like they talk. How a conversation with this person would be can therefore be interpreted from forum activity, and it's quite easy to understand a substantial part of the psychology of others from online behavior.

(This is…


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The price of freedom is justice - ban religion!

The rights and freedoms you enjoy are neither rights nor freedoms - they are privileges. When you break a law, the first thing that happens is that you lose most of them after having had an unfortunate run-in with the justice system. In most countries, even at this point you are awarded a few privileges - prison law is a fairly abbreviated version of civilian law, more on par with military law.

Law is an ever increasing body of knowledge of behavior we find to be anti-social. It is…


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On the Public Declaration of Love Between Two Individuals

to those that hold the institution of marriage

to be something beautiful---

a way of declaring your unending love to another

human being

in front of all your friends & family,

and not just a legally binding contract

which makes you look good on tax forms

and lets you get a better deal on

health care

in the united states,

one always wonders why it is that they feel they need

such a contract to do…


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