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The Cornered Theist & Their Desperate Arguments

Common arguments from theists with nothing meaningful to say. An analysis..sort of.

  • I don't have to defend my God! - I have no answers and I don't have to have any justification for my beliefs nor am I required to justify any of this to myself. I just feel God or know it's true and how DARE you question that! This allows a theist to close the argument, have the last word, and walk away feeling proud and good.

  • One…

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Wilders: my message to Muslims

Wilders: my message to Muslims…


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Are atheists more evolved?

I think so sense we don't live waiting for salvation....

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Islam: Widening Gyre of Doom

This post originally appeared on http://matthewfunti.me


We are at war with Islam. It may not serve our immediate foreign policy objectives for our political leaders to openly acknowledge this fact, but it is unambiguously so.

– Sam Harris, The End of Faith…


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The purpose driven life (a review) - Chapter 4 - Made to last forever

Welcome to another instalment of my attempt to review the entire TPDL by Rick Warren. Today we get to the details of the Believe or Burn(tm) thread made in the last chapter.


According to Mr Warren this life is only the dress rehearsal for your "actual existence", also known as an eternity in god's fellowship. Apparently, if you know that the end of this life will not be the end of you, you will somehow live a better life. According to Warren, if you don't think that some…


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A Real Life Noah's Ark!

I caught a news piece on the new Noah's Ark that was been built in the Netherlands. It's referred to as Johan's Ark. Apparently he had a dream about it one night and the next day he decided to move forward and spend 1.6 million on building it. From a business standpoint, I'll bet that he'll see his money back. If he drug it across the Atlantic to say Georgia, he might see it back…


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Hurray for Freedom of Speech!!!!

Anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders cleared by Dutch court of inciting hatred

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:25 AM on 23rd June 2011


Right-wing politician Geert Wilders was today cleared by a Dutch court of inciting hatred and discrimination against…


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Is it time to counter religious bullying?

Great article by President of the American Humanist Association, Dave Niose. He responds to the pathetic cries coming from right about NBC not including "under god" in the the pledge that aired on US Open. I'm so sick of the christians in this country thinking that their agenda should be that of…


Added by Robert Karp on June 23, 2011 at 10:15am — 3 Comments

Having it our way for a change

Theists claim atheists believe in nothing, but on closer examination, it’s the theist who believes this life is nothing but a stopover for the next life - a non-material life spent in endless grovelling worship towards a monster in the clouds. Thinking this way devalues this life - the real and only one. 


Our brains have evolved to think faithfully. This may have served us well in the past, but now it's nothing but an unfortunate relic. With faith, there is no check system,…


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Non-profit, non-theists groups remind me so much of all the churches. The "donations" are given by the majority of the group, but only those directly running the churches, benefit financially. That's Baloney!

We definitely don't need or want THOSE kinds of "non-theists groups for us. We need, and want, a co-op type organization. An organization that everybody who gives, gets a direct benefit and equally, depending on what they give, of course. Co-ops have been used very…


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james v.

a couple years back i watched the film,

john q,

whose main character, brilliantly played by

denzel w.,

holds a group of patients in a hospital as hostages

until his son’s name is put on a list to receive

a heart transplant,

due to the fact that he cannot get one any other way

because his health insurance will not cover the



not being blind to the state that the united states

decrepit health…


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The purpose driven life (a review) - Chapter 3 - What drives your life?

Sorry its been quite a bit more than one day since the last chapter review. After having some good godless fun over the weekend (LAN party with 20 of my closest friends), it was very difficult to drag myself back to the sorry pile of steaming crap that is TPDL. (I confess, this is a review but not an impartial one)


According to Warren, people are driven by one of the following: guilt, resentment, anger, fear, materialism or the need for approval. Conveniently, he leaves out…


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The Christian God's Foibles (God is Flawed)

This (reworked) satirical piece challenges Christians (I know there's at least a few of you out there) to take a serious look at their dogmas and doctrines.

God tells Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If this was the only way they could understand the difference between good and evil, how could they have known that it was wrong to disobey God and eat the fruit?" ~Laurie Lynn
Have you ever done something you regret? If… Continue

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9 more libyan civilians killed by NATO---

7 adults & 2 babies

(18 others injured)

slaughtered because of a

“weapons system failure”---

imagine if the families of the idiots





were killed in the same brutal manner of

pushing a button to incinerate them,

as NATO so


dropped bombs on a

residential building in…


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Extremist Christian Pastor Creates 'Counter Campaign' Against Secular Coalition For America Over Texas Governor's Christian Prayer Event

Extremist Christian Pastor Creates 'Counter Campaign' Against Secular Coalition For America Over Texas Governor's Christian Prayer Event

June 20, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry has proclaimed a day of prayer scheduled for August 6, 2011.  The prayer rally will be held in Houston's Reliant Stadium with a capacity of 71,000.  According to Perry's…


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People First Worshiped Many Gods.


The Greeks. The Romans. The Egyptians. The Aztecs. Plus more.

But Now, Christians Only Worship One God.

The "One-True God".

To Me, This Just Shows The Laziness Of Humans.

Instead Of Worshiping Many Different Gods That Each Control One Aspect Of The World.

Like One God For Love. One That Controls The Sea. One That Controls The Weather. So On And So Forth.

Christians Now Worship One God That…


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Your Truths, Our Facts

To paraphrase Michael Specter in a TED talk, "You are entitled to your own truths, but you aren't entitled to your own facts." This is a poignant message and one that deserves further exploration.

(Edit: the actual quote, as pointed out in comments on my blog was “...And listen, everyone’s entitled to their… Continue

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What we force theists to confront, or Carol's Wager

For the life of me I have no idea if this* is already a thing,if it is then feel free to correct or educate me on what it is called, I wouldn't know what to type in Google to double check.

*What I am about to write, I do tend to write from the middle out sometimes.


As atheists we do not believe in gods or religion, therefore in any religion in which accepting a god is paramount to salvation, we are on the outside.

We take it as true when faced with…


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Poor NBC- tryin' to do the right thing....

Fox News and others made a point to illuminate the fact that the video montage NBC ran during the US OPEN golf game deleted the part of the children's recital of the pledge of allegiance that said one nation under god. OH Boy..... What a shameful thing for NBC to do. They were trying to do the right thing after many requested the edit. But the backlash by god-fearing do gooders make an apology necessary.

What a crock of shite!



Added by Ed on June 20, 2011 at 10:57pm — 7 Comments

Judeao Christian Values

I recently had an argument with my sister who is a fundie, about our country being/not being founded on "Judeao Christian values".  I would like to discuss it further, but she already called me a bigot for not entertaining this fantasy, so I thought maybe some of you could help me out.

   What exactly ARE Judeao Christian values anyway? Does that term mean the same thing to everybody, or is it like their god, and everybody has a different idea about it? On what do they base the…


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