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george w. obama, i presume

yesterday, NATO

(who doesn’t go to the restroom without asking permission from the


killed 15 more civilians in

tripoli, while bombing a

resteraunt & a

bakery, which were no doubt

major strongholds for gadhafi’s


(what with the

large stockpiles of magroods,

ghreybas, basboosa &

mhalbiya infringing on the rights of

the rebel forces---

certainly the lamb stock libyan soup…


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blockhead buzz

did you know that the first food & drink ever consumed on the moon was

the “communal wafer” & the prospective wine that goes with it?

did you know that buzz aldrin actually asked



if he could have a moment’s silence in order to take his

prepared “communion wafer & wine” before neil armstrong made his

first step out onto the surface of the moon?


please, take a moment,

all rational individuals in…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 7- Destroying Pascal's Wager with Calculus

Pascal’s Wager is a fallacy based on Jehovah or Nobody. However it IS 50/50 Deity or No Deity so 50% for Atheism…split Deity into equal fractions for all possible deitical variations and you have 1/infinity which is the limit as x approaches zero effectively equaling 0 so there is a 0% chance for each deity and a 50% chance for Atheism.
Atheism for the win.
Also: I used calculus to do this. Mind. Blown. Calculus has a use?

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Best of my Tumblr Part 6- The Liberty Amendment and its horrifying implications

Liberty Amendment

Section 1. The Government of the United States shall not engage in any business, professional, commercial, financial, or industrial enterprise except as specified in the Constitution.

No more: Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, EPA, NASA Non-Military Research Branch (military applications still okay), and a whole host of other things. Basically: Bye-Bye non-violent or regulatory citizen protections. Probably not his INTENT but that’s what it…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 5- Dissecting Ron Paul's Issues

Are you serious people? The reality of limiting government in a free market is allowing corporations to run rampant like the Republicans just did for 20 years. When they have so much money that they no longer have to be accountable to their consumers the free market supply/demand principle breaks and we get an oligarchy because they don’t have to worry about the poor people. His ‘liberated health care system’ sounds really suspect to me. Giving tax breaks…


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My Nemisis (con't)

I walked out my front door this morning to find my daughter, her boyfriend, and my old friend(the guy I had a confrontation with) smoking weed on my porch.  I love weed, that's no problem.  My daughter is the star of my life, obviously there's nothing to write about there. Then....

I'm a real 'take the high road' kind of cat these days, so I smiled and said good morning.  He-he then this idiot asks me what I plan to do on this lovely Sunday. I explained that I was headed downtown for…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 4- Republican South Carolina "Debate" Drinking Game!

When I watched the South Carolina Debate I made a (fake, I can’t drink yet) drinking game and here are the results:

48- Subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at Obama

45- Suggestions to break the 1st Amendment

56- Statements actively supporting Randian Economics

32- Proposals to suppress science

34- Imperialistic Claims

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Best of my Tumblr Part 3- What Tolerance Is:


–noun1.a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 2- Starcraft Analogy

Trying to counteract religious-based legislation in Red States is like fighting a Zerg Rush: even if the Terrans kill dozens of them there will still be another couple hundred that get through and make you lose the game.

This is of course why the counter strategy to a Zerg Rush is Firebats. A stalwart armored defense and heavy assault trooper. The idea applies here. Science is the Firebat and the Federal is the production facility to make them. Using the Federal government to…


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Best of my Tumblr Part 1- Proposal for the Utopian States of America

If I close my eyes I can see a great society, a golden age, a superpower of social equality and liberty.  I see a powerful nation, not on the might of the military-industrial complex, but on the might of the liberated-innovation complex.  

This society is free of all forms of discrimination.  You like the same gender? Who cares, gender is a social construct anyways and as long as you’re not committing crimes do as you please personally.  You are a different skin color? Genetically…


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Religion: the anti-fear pill

On my blog, I discussed the topic of how religion relies on human ignorance and fear of the unknown to thrive.


Here's the complete blog post:


Religion: the anti-fear pill

In a society of mass consumption like ours, marketing is a key player. Consumers usually base their purchasing decisions upon marketing campaigns aimed at making them succumb to the latest products. Pharmaceutical companies brag about their…

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all there is


is all there is---

this page, this typeface, these words,

shot out amongst the surface as a leaf blower might,

if that mechanism inside

which is used to suck up a plethora of leaves,

malfunctioned &

all of the leaves that had been captured prior,

now blow out

all over the yard---

imagine all those gorgeous leaves

of ever-so-fragile substance

now drained of…


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Quotes on Education, Ignorance and Knowledge

Here are some quotes on education, ignorance and knowledge...


"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step toward knowledge." - Benjamin Disraeli


"It is only the ignorant who despise education." - Pubilius Syrus


"Education is…


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Why we bother

Here's a wonderful guest post written by Isaac Wolfe from the Sexy Atheist for my blog, Teenage Atheist about why  atheists bother with religion. Enjoy!



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GEEKANOLOGY: On Ghosts & Out-Of-Body Experiences

A post I posted over at my "Geekanology" website:

In my opinion it is ludicrous to believe in things like ghosts, they are last bastion of those reaching out to something they suppose (wrongly I think) will take them beyond life's clutches. Ghosts/spirits are, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the "real essences" of people and animals (usually dead). They continue to exist after we die…


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A Thinking God

What if there is actually a god? Not the god from the Bible or Koran but a thinking God. A creator who doesn’t just reward someone for doing what He says but for using the gifts that He gave them, their free will, intelligence and their own sense of right and wrong. Imagine if this thinking god had decided that a test was needed to try to sort out the innately good from the others in the world. Thus deciding who it was that really deserved the reward of paradise.

It is quite plain to…


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Yizkor - The Israeli debate of God Vs. The People

In the ealy 1920's, a Hebrew poet and intellectual by the name of Berl Katznelson wrote a short segment to commemorate his friends who died in the battle of Tel-Hai, among them the famous Joseph Trumpeldor. The passage, called "Yizkor" ('Remember'), started with the words:

"Remember will the People of Israel the pure souls of his sons and daughters"


After the…


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I figured before I started posting more regularly, I should give a little history on myself and how I came to be the atheist I am now.


I was baptized and raised in the United Church of Canada.  It was actually a nice church, sort of a Protestant-lite.  No hellfire and brimstone, just the concept that God and Jesus love you and how to live your life.  Sunday school was pretty much the same thing.  The church is very "New Testament".  Not much is discussed in the old testament…


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Some people....ugh.

So I was on facebook and talking to some girl I had just recently met. I will admit she is pretty attractive, we got on the subject of tattoos and she asked me if I wanted to get anymore. I said yes and explained to her that I want ἄθεος on the inside of my right bicep. For those of you that do not know, ἄθεος is Greek for Atheos, meaning without god. I told her what it means and she said "O......wow really? Thats kind of messed up"


By now Im starting to get the hint that she…


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A Tidbit about My 3-year old.

I love watching my kid grow. She's learning more and more each day and her imagination just amazes me. She has recently been wanting to learn about Earth and other planets. We look up at the stars at night and I try to explain how far away each star really is. I've also bought several science-themed booked for her and she loves them!

As she's been learning about about the Universe, she has began to create her own version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She now… Continue

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