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I'm sorry? Did I register for Theology?

I apologize if this blog is scatter-brained. My mind is racing and I am still seething from class this evening.

I started my Biology of Human Sexuality class last Wednesday. Right off the bat I wasn't a fan of my professor. She doesn't seem to know the material. She answers questions like a politician, she simply skates around the initial question and gives back a bunch of BS. When explaining a process...she literally ends it in "blah blah blah". I find this irritating in a normal… Continue

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10 Fun Facts About Charles Darwin

Everyone knows about Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection, but did you know that he once ate an owl, just for kicks? Or that he almost didn't make it aboard HMS Beagle because of the shape of his nose? Behold Neatorama's 10 Fun Facts About Charles Darwin:

1. Darwin Once Ate an Owl

Darwin was an inquisitive man. Sure he was curious about nature and all that science stuff, but he's also a guy. So when he saw strange animals, he often wondered… Continue

Added by Morgan Matthew on June 29, 2009 at 2:30am — 7 Comments

Sunday Morning Service - 28JUN

Sunday Morning Service

28 JUN 2009

Links of Interest

Celebrity Atheist List - A nice compilation of atheist/agnostic/skeptic famous people; broken down by individual with quotes included. And somewhat related, don't miss this great video by… Continue

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Sad movies are the reason I don't believe in God.

I only realized this tonight.

When I was really involved in the church (teenage years) I loved the feeling of being really emotionally charged. Like I could change the world. I loved the feeling of walking out of a youth service in a Wednesday night like i was walking on air. Like I had the world figured out. Like I was invincible. Like anyone could say anything to me and it would bounce off me and turn into rainbows.

Eventually I figured out what was going on. I would go to a… Continue

Added by Erica on June 27, 2009 at 4:27am — 12 Comments

After a recent rash of Atheist Vs. Xtain posts....

I could no long hold back.

If it hasn't been flagged off already here is the link to the rant I posted on Craigslist.org http://lakeland.craigslist.org/rnr/1240797077.html. If you like it submit it for best of , heh.

The Rant:

Atheists (worldwide)

Reply to:… Continue

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Well, everything went well. And by well I mean, I have an amazing surgeon that did a 4 hour surgery in 2 hours.
I'm in a little pain, but I can sit up and move in bed on my own a bit. The only issue I have really is that the A/C is on the fritz and it's like 80 degrees in here.
There's been a load of drama lately and I just want to stick to trying to heal and get better.
If you have any questions or anything just message me or call.

Added by Morticia on June 26, 2009 at 1:31am — 6 Comments

Evolution faster when it's warmer

Evolution faster when it's warmer

By Victoria Gill

Science reporter, BBC News


The results could help explain why the warm tropics are so species-rich

Climate could have a direct effect on the speed of "molecular evolution" in mammals, according to a study.

Researchers have found that, among pairs of mammals of the same species, the DNA of those living in warmer climates changes at a faster… Continue

Added by Dan on June 24, 2009 at 11:54am — 2 Comments

How I became a Born again Evangelical Athiest

Let me begin by explaining what I mean by born again evangelical atheist. By born again, I refer to a definite point in time that ended all discussion of the existence of a god for me. It was an “aha” moment, much like born again Christians describe in their conversion process. For me it was a moment when I finally said “That’s it! I am done with god”. By evangelical I mean that I feel it is my moral obligation to relieve the world of its current god based delusions. I believe that the future… Continue

Added by Joann Brady on June 23, 2009 at 11:42am — 8 Comments

Translating the message of Jesus

How important is it to know the words of Jesus Christ? According to Christianity knowing about Jesus is the most important message anyone one of us could learn. It is believed that knowing about Jesus and accepting him as our personal savior is the only why we can make it into Heaven and avoid eternal suffering in a place called Hell. If that is the case, what happens when that important story is not available in a language you can read or understand?

We all know that the Old… Continue

Added by Truth-Saves.com on June 21, 2009 at 7:20am — 4 Comments

Sunday Morning Service - 21JUN

Sunday Morning Service

21 JUN 2009

Links of Interest

The Scientific Incentive to Disprove Evolution - If a scientist could make a legitimate opposition or disprove evolution, then they would earn their place in the history books, along with Kepler, Copernicus, Darwin, and Einstein.… Continue

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Thank God: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My ESP.

Recently I had an incident in which God saved my neighbor's skull from being crushed. Or perhaps it wasn't divine intervention but visions of the future bestowed upon me by cosmic forces that my subconscious is attuned to and allowed me to save my neighbor from a trip to the emergency room or certain death. But it really drove home the many aspects of perception and the various ways human beings, the wholly irrational creatures that we are, interpret events in our lives. From the mundane to the… Continue

Added by Reggie on June 18, 2009 at 7:23am — 6 Comments

The Greatest Humility

I often get the impression religious people think of themselves as humble. Even atheists can find themselves admiring the humility shown by many theists in day to day life. They certainly don't all act as if they're better than everyone else. So, I wonder what humble beliefs they may hold...

They believe there is a god. Even though there's no reason to believe in one, the unexplained mysteries of life, like what (if anything) came before the big bang, or how life on Earth started,… Continue

Added by Serotonin Wraith on June 16, 2009 at 9:00pm — 4 Comments

Sunday Morning Service - 14JUN

Sunday Morning Service

14 JUNE 2009

Links of Interest

Atheists Keep Faith with Barack Obama - How much faith should the faithless put in Barack Obama?

Is Sex for Procreation? - A great article about why… Continue

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Visit to a Mormon Church

I should do this more often I think. Anyway, now and then I'll go to a church to observe the goings on. It's like a zoo, but with humans, and you get to analyse psychology at work, peer pressure, conditioning, religious tactics and so on. It's much more interesting to me as a non believer than it ever was when I thought it was true. Well, a while ago I went to a Mormon one and I wrote a report on it. It's pretty long, but it might hold the attention.

I attended the Church of Jesus… Continue

Added by Serotonin Wraith on June 13, 2009 at 8:20pm — 31 Comments

My "Guardian Angel... that I never knew I had!" My theist sister protects me against persecution.... thanks sis! ;)

Another "eruption" between me and my brother today. (... *rolls eyes*) He's 17 and going through "that phase" where you're "radical" about your most treasured beliefs (or unbeliefs). I went through that once... so I know he'll come out of it soon. Still... his intolerance does hurt sometimes. The entire "rest" of my family is Christians... except for a couple of Jews far out in my extended family. I don't think there are any brights in my family.... although I might be wrong... because I still… Continue

Added by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on June 13, 2009 at 2:28pm — 9 Comments


I wanted to post a little post about this particular site.

Think Atheist.

What a great idea.

As an atheist, for as long as i can remember I have felt left out in most situations, at family functions, with my friends, people i work with, guys that I have dated.

So many of us are weary about telling people about our lack of faith in a man who "has a beard and sits on a cloud and judges us" i mean doesn't that sound JUST like Santa? so if Santa isn't… Continue

Added by fixedentropy on June 12, 2009 at 1:07pm — 8 Comments

An Argument from a Deist

I still use Myspace but it's only purpose is to participate in a group on there called Myspace Deists. Don't let the name fool ya, it's got a good collection of people that were Deists at one time but have slowly become Atheists.

I still participate in discussions there and there are a few new members that don't exactly enjoy the presence of so many non-believers.

So, the point here is that earlier tonight I responded to a statement made by one of the deists there that… Continue

Added by Jim Valentine on June 10, 2009 at 12:17am — 28 Comments

Atheist = Undateable

I seriously just had a guy I was seeing tell me that he could never see himself marrying me because I don't believe in god.

I'm a little angry and a little proud at the same time. I'm proud that I've taken a stand and will not back down.

Although, I still want to tell him he's a selfish prick and I'm a better human being than he is despite my belief system.

I think a difference in religious belief is a valid reason to stop seeing someone but he strung me along and then dropped… Continue

Added by Erica on June 7, 2009 at 6:50pm — 68 Comments

Science as Religion

This is mostly a repost from Greg Fish's blog "Weird Things" titled "Why You Should Honor Thy Scientists". I often consider science as my "religion", but really what I mean is that I trust science to be the best thing available to tell me about reality. However, some theists will try to posit that science is just another faith based religion, playing a little… Continue

Added by Reggie on June 7, 2009 at 1:20pm — 3 Comments

Sunday Morning Service - 07JUN

Sunday Morning Service

07 JUNE 2009

'Out of the Closet' — Black Atheists - Sikivu Hutchinson writes about some of the cultural struggles of being a black atheist woman; and how outside the stereotypical norm that is.…


Added by Johnny on June 7, 2009 at 4:00am — 4 Comments

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