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My uncomfortable experience with religion.

Okay, so this story got me really uncomfortable and just further proved my point that a god does not exist. One of my good friends invited me to this church youth group get-together, so being the good friend I am, I said okay out of politeness. Upon my arrival to this building of lies, all seemed to be normal until it was time for "down time". I had no idea what this was so I just stood awkwardly in the middle of this big room.


So when "down time" started everyone closed…


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                -AKHIL THE SATAN....

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My pitch for a reality TV show.

Ok, we have 'pastors' looking for noteriety by burning books held as holy doctrine by other faiths and the religious stupid keep banging on about how important the Bible is in telling us how to live our lives.

Even my locval Jehovanhs Witness Kingdom Hall is getting in on the act with a talk on; " Bible Principles, can they help us with todays problems?" I am willing to bet that they think they can.

I so want to turn up to that meeting (after all I am invited) with my male… Continue

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Leave it to Good ol' Texas

Ok, so a local branch of the Veterans Association holds a ceremony on each Memorial Day at the Houston National Cemetery, just like many other communities around the country do.  For the past two years, a preacher has been giving the invocation during the ceremony, explicitly mentioning Jesus Christ.  This year, the VA asked for the prayer in advance and the opening reads as follows; "While respecting people of every faith today, it is in the name of Jesus Christ, the risen Lord, that I…


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The God I Don't Believe In

“Tell me about the god you don’t believe in?”  Another question I have been asked. Frankly, this one is rather lame. If I am feeling cheeky I might describe my favorite fantasy. I am a mythology slut after all.


“If I chose to believe in divinity,” I explain to them. “I chose to believe in a female god – a goddess. The feminine has all the raw, creative and destructive power as the masculine.  She has the same bloodlusts, hormone lusts, but she is a true creator of life. Her…


Added by Ezra T. Klatt on May 27, 2011 at 1:07pm — 5 Comments

Evangelical Atheist?

This is a phrase I have started seeing online more and more. People (in general and on both sides of the spectrum) are griping about the "new Atheists" and how they seem to be shoving their non-beliefs down other peoples throats. 


I understand the problems that people may have with "In your face Atheism" as I like to call it, however, in this day and age I honestly thing the main goal of people who do this (myself included) is to inform others. It took me 10 years to "come…


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Power Balance Wristbands admits he was naive

Power Balance Australia owner Tom O'Dowd admitted to SmartCompany that while he had been "naive" in thinking that the business would not by subject to laws surrounding the regulation of health products.

The rubber wristbands that contain a magnet, are supposed to work by optimising the wearer's natural energy fields using special holograms.  Power Balance claims the products improve the wearer's balance, strength and flexibility. The bands were originally marketed in…


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just a few words

In the last few months telling my family I truly didn't believe in what they did and I was a Atheist; I have found a lot of non acceptance. Not that I am surprised by some, but really? I am the same kind, helpful, caring person I always have been. It does sadden me that I hear such negative talk about Atheist from Christians. Christianity is based on love but yet the love is only for those who feel the same. I think…


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An Ode to Sarah Palin


As I drank my morning cup of joe,

I happened to hear it on the Today Show,

and my coffee out of my mouth I spat,

as I heard Palin might put her name in the presidential race's hat!


Oh, joy, oh rapture oh fun,

Sarah Palin might once again run!


Hope is once again renewed,

as Palin will be plastered on the evening news.

Night after night we get to hear,

good ol Sarah hanging with plumber joe and havin a…


Added by Robert Karp on May 27, 2011 at 9:00am — 9 Comments

How hard is it to be an Atheist in the USA ?

Following your recent blogs I have started to see a real difference between the attitudes to atheism here in the UK and those of North America.

It comes across that being an Atheist in the US is akin to being in a minority group with the same issues as being gay or black may have in some parts of the country.

Here in the UK, declaring you have no faith or religon will not raise an eyebrow, will hardly warrant a comment or start a conversation, in fact it is becoming the…


Added by Shane Harris on May 27, 2011 at 4:24am — 2 Comments

More Friendly Nonsense.

This blog has so far been stories about my nonsensical encounters with my friend since the revelation of my atheism to him. So if you've enjoyed it so far here is some more garbage.


When my friend and I first started getting to know each other enough to claim "best" status we came across a very odd bit of commonality. Both my friend and I were prophesied over as children.

His came when he was just a newborn, one of the church elders came to his mother and said "His…


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Inane church signs

Okay, we've all seen them Those message boards out front of churches where they put up a new message every so often. Well around here we've had a few ridiculous ones lately.


"The trees are green, the birds are back, God did it again!"  Seriously? Do these people seriously not know how the seasons work?


The newest on is pretty silly. "Save gas, walk with God."


I thought this might be a good place we could share the ridiculous quotes we see. So,…


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Scientists Detect Earth-Equivalent Amount of Water Within the Moon

Scientists Detect Earth-Equivalent Amount of Water Within the Moon


"The bottom line," said Saal, an author on the ScienceExpress paper and the principal investigator on the research grants, "is that in 2008, we said the primitive water content in the lunar magmas should be similar to the water content in lavas coming from the Earth's depleted upper mantle. Now, we have proven…


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Senior Moment....Too Funny

If your going to have a senior moment...then do it style.


Added by Walter Maki on May 26, 2011 at 11:08pm — 1 Comment

Church Of the flying spaghetti Monster :)

Oh, the joy of openly mocking Christianity.

If you want to teach evlution, we want creationism,too. Well if you want creationism, you have to teach the beleifs of a pastafarian (A member of the church of the flying speghetti monster)

I love a website that just puts it out there, christianity is crack. This is a great website for any "anti evalutionist" to see.  

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Chicken, chicken chicken?

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Willful Ignorance - The Key To Insanity?

Hey everyone. I got into a really heated debate today with my sister, a theist, who sends $300 dollars a month to Joyce Meyers and claims that she's anointed by God. When I found out that my sister was sending money to that ministry I told her that she's no different than Benny Hinn (whom she says is terrible and a fraud) and that she's been investigated before for several things related to money. I offered to show her the info and my sister flat out refused, got angry and started…


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prayer (in the absence of justice)

in the absence of justice

you drop to your knees

& you close your eyes

looking for something



which you believe can do the

work for you---

you run in your mind to another


which you believe exists even though

you have never actually found proof

& no one you know

has ever found such a place

or testified to its existence

without standing in that…


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Recalling Theatre of Blood as the Roman Catholic Mass


Theatre of Blood is the first horror flick I recall ever seeing.


I saw this film in the early 70’s when a network station broadcast it edited for television. I was 7 or 8 and my older cousins were all hanging out in the dark with the eerie glow of the…


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The Many Paths to Atheism

I'm active on a few sites and there seems to be a few truths. One is that many atheists were at one time religionists. The ones that were once religionists seem to think that they have a monopoly on escaping religion. Their path out is the only way to escape religion. It's not unlike AA members. You must follow these 12 steps and keeping coming back because it works. Much like AA isn't THE way (or statistically, a way) there are many paths out of religion.

I make arguments against…


Added by Gaytor on May 26, 2011 at 11:13am — 3 Comments

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