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5 Tips for debating with theists about your beliefs (or lack thereof)

Virtually every atheist/agnostic encounters those who would attempt to debate them on the merits of their religion, or theism in general.

We all face similar problems, and would like to represent ourselves and…


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My Journey up to now (02/03/2011)

First a bit of family history.


My paternal grandfather came to South Africa from India in the 1940s. He joined his two older brothers who were running a convenience store in a small town. Grandfather got married and had two sons and a daughter. All three were brought up together with their cousins in this small town. They were all kept very religious by their elders.


My grandfather, being the youngest, wasn't treated very well by his brothers and decided to…


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"The Chance We Take"

It takes a lot to discover yourself

Especially after being told the consequences

Deep below the surface

Their common sense…


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The Double Standard of Christians

So I am driving down the road the other day and see this huge hiddeous old clawfoot bathtub stood upright and partially burried as to make like a little cubby. If you live in any area that has a large Mexican population you know what iam talking about, if not then i will try and explain. These folks take a clawfoot bathtub and make a shrine to beat all shrines. There is a statue of, i guess, the virgin mary or something in this little cubby provided by the upsidedown bathtub. There are bricks… Continue

Added by TDM on March 1, 2011 at 11:09am — 5 Comments

Top Ten Harmful Spiritual Beliefs Part One

In no particular order of preference, here is part one of the most harmful spiritual beliefs and why.

1. Karma, hell and punishment systems.

These are designed to create fear and control people through the belief that they will pay in some way for their thoughts, feelings and behaviours here on earth. As no-one is a master of their own minds then why would they be punished for not being in full control.  This expectation just creates guilt and stress as people try to… Continue

Added by Paul Sheppard on March 1, 2011 at 6:30am — 14 Comments

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