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"my rapist was protected in the name of honor."

Fatima contacted the BBC World Service citizen journalism project, Your Story, because she wanted to share her experiences of sexual abuse growing up within a strict Muslim family in Abu Dhabi.

She suffered many years of abuse before she finally told her mother what had been going on.

Fatima is now 26. She lives in the United States of America where she has just been given asylum and citizenship after establishing that she would be in danger if she returned to her home… Continue

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Where did the Universe come from? Part 3

Email from

Where did the Universe come from?

Part 3: Why the Big Bang was the most precisely planned

event in all of history


In your kitchen cabinet, you've probably got a spray

bottle with an adjustable nozzle. If you twist the nozzle

one way, it sprays a fine mist into the air. You twist

the nozzle the other way, it squirts a jet of water

in a… Continue

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Creationists can't fail Earth Science: Oklahoma

The Oklahoma House of Representatives
has passed a bill that says that a student can receive a passing grade in an Earth Science class if they say that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the Earth an hour ago, and then planted false memories into every single living creature on Earth to make it seem like… Continue

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Qustion about Rationalist Organization

Is anyone here a member of the Rationalists of East Tennessee?

I heard about the group on NPR this morning, discussing the upcoming meeting: What's Science Got to Do with It? When Scientists Talk Nonsense about Science and Religion.

I plan to go for the speech, but I also want to find out more about the group. I wonder what the benefits of membership are, if it's worth the annual fee, and things like… Continue

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When Essay Writers Think

Aside from writing, thinking is one of the most frequent activities essay writers do. Their ideas come from thinking (or brainstorming) then they put their constructed thoughts into writing.

A good writer should not only think of the conventional; he should be able to think outside the box. Writing need not always be conventional since change is also an art. Essay writers have a wide scope of thinking,… Continue

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Give Yourself a Push

Last night, while my friend Lizzie and I are working on our papers in History and Physics (talk about Thermodynamics), we looked for a boost of confidence and morale in our school life. Writing has taken a toll on our ability to think critically so we took some time off a little.

While browsing the WWW, we figured out we’ll take down some of the best quote boosters for any student who feels lousy, tired, or uninspired reviewing their lessons for an exam or focusing on their… Continue

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Nassim Taleb on the Financial Situation (from WaPo)

from ->

A Conversation With Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Sunday, March 15, 2009; B02

Options trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb made his name and career anticipating the powerful historic events he calls "Black Swans,"which include World War I, the rise of the Internet and the stock market crash of 1987. In two books published in 2001 and 2007, he urges readers to… Continue

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Another great stumble Upon Find!


Here are some verses that come directly from the Bible that preachers refuse to quote publicly, proving that they selectively pick and choose verses out of context which justify their personal bigotry against gay and lesbian people. Take a look for yourself...

Some preachers often quote Leviticus 20:13 against gay and lesbian people, which says...

"If a man lies with a… Continue

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Where did the Universe Come From? Part 2

Email from

Where did the Universe come from?

Part 2: "Bird Droppings on my Telescope"


The Big Bang theory was totally rejected at first.

But those who supported it had predicted that the ignition

of the Big Bang would have left behind a sort of

'hot flash' of radiation.

If a big black wood stove produces heat that you

can feel, then in a… Continue

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Why Is Religion Still Allowed To Stand In The Way Of Basic Human Rights?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

*NO* law respecting an establishment of religion. It seems pretty black and white to me, no law shall be created on the grounds of religious belief. Yet here we are 200 years later still fighting against it every day one multiple fronts. Abortion and contraceptives, assisted suicide, life support, gay rights - indeed despite this 200 year old rule of the… Continue

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Christian Cruelty in modern times

The brief of the story is that the Butte, Montana plane crash that killed 14, including 7 children, has been linked to retribution by God. The family is related to a man who owns a line of abortion clinics. The plane crashed into a Catholic cemetery and the conclusion was drawn immediately that it was God.

Christians hold themselves up on the shoulders of a loving God. I don't see it. I read the Bible and find vitriol and hate "Do not think that I come to bring peace, but a sword." Jesus's… Continue

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New nanogenerator may charge iPods and cell phones with a wave of the hand

I wonder how long till we have hoover boards and a jacket that auto drys after being wet!! I truely believe the nano-tech revolution is the only thing that is going to stop America from becoming a sinkhole of debt. Let's just see if the politicians can keep their hands from our packets long enough for California and other tech centers to move rapidly.

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Millions of knocked up girls screwed over by FDA and Neocons

Why is it always the men making decisions for women?

Fuck everyone who contributed to keeping this pill away from the public. Dr. Drew has already pointed out that when it comes to the morning after pill, most Americans are mentally retarded. Its not an abortion pill. It simply stops the egg from ever getting fertilized. Male sperm is alive in the female for up to 3 days after sex, meaning you actually have 3 days to take it. The pill does not destroy the egg, meaning there is no… Continue

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Where did the Universe Come From? Part 1

Email from

Where did the Universe come from?

Part 1: Einstein's Big Blunder


100 years ago, Albert Einstein published

three papers that rocked the world. These papers

proved the existence of the atom, introduced the

theory of relativity, and described quantum


Pretty good debut for a 26 year old scientist, huh?

His… Continue

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Working On Revising the 101 Bible Contradictions. Help Welcomed.

All your comments & input welcomed.

✔ = Confirmed

✖ = False or Misread.

? = Researched but Confused.

Blank = Unconfirmed

✔1. Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?

* God did (2 Samuel 24: 1)

* Satan did (I Chronicles 21:1)

✔2. In that count how many fighting men were found in Israel?

* Eight hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)

* One million, one hundred thousand (I Chronicles… Continue

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Jesus, Not the Reason for the Season

I know that it is not Christmas but I was not a member on this web page until a couple days ago and I really want to share this information with you. I wrote this informal paper in college and the professor loved it.

Grammar may not be completely correct but I was young, give me a break grammar Nazi's. (lol)


To most people, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, born from a Virgin Mary, the savior and ruler of our lives. But to… Continue

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666 twitter followers :P

:P Thanks guys!

Follow Think Atheist

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box theory

Let's say, everyone around You, everyone You know was born with a box on their head. A plain card board box. It's got eyes holes and a hole for Your mouth ect. But limited vision. No one's questions this because no one sees a problem with it. EVERYONE has a box on their head. So it goes unseen. You live your daily life and never think anything of it. You, and everyone else in existence, is unaware of the box. Not ignorant. Just unaware.

Until one day, something happens. Maybe You… Continue

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I'll take my underwater house now, kthnxbi

Glass you can build with: Metallic glass that's stronger and lasts longer

How cool would it be to live underwater with ambient lighting coming through your walls? Getting to watch all the ocean marine life swim around and do their thing without having to worry about resurfacing for air! That's what im freaking talking about!

Just imagine what this stuff is going to… Continue

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Eli Stone

I truly hate Tuesdays. It hasn't got that 'fresh' feel of a Mondays which, although painful, lends a slight feeling of a page turned in the New Testament of Dave. Neither does it have the warm glow of "Almost There" Wednesdays, nor the near orgasmic release of Fridays. In short, Tuesdays are the perpetual boarding lounge in the holiday that is my life.

In sheer desperation, I turned to an old friend: Free-To-Air TV.

Entertain me, I said to my TV, a sense of hopeless… Continue

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