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The Hebrew Game of Numbers

Numerology is a form of divination or fortune telling. It is in league with astrology, although, maybe not as popular. But it was quite popular in the ancient world. The Hebrew people of ancient Israel apparently had their own form of Numerology.


Oh! Numerology is based on the idea that numbers have certain magical properties, some are blessed, some are curse, some tell your future or your personality, etc. [Perhaps the superstitous fear of the number 13 is related…


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In the beginning was Big and Bang.  Two Gods that wanted to create lesser beings to praise them because they had no self-confidence.  They got together and talked about what they wanted their creations to look like, but they couldn’t agree on the design.  They started to get aggravated with each other and started to argue with each other.  The argument got heated and Big lost control and hit Bang so hard they exploded and caused them to die.  This is the life and death of Big and…


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Ok, so gonna post something...... hmm, wht to post..? Well, i guess i'll go on about my view on something like the Pledge of Allegiance(United States of America). You see, i've noticed that many atheist complain about the pledge saying "One nation, Under god" This seems like a nonsense thing to complain about..... u don't have to say that part of the pledge! just say it and like stop talking when you get to that line! Stop Complaining! It's a line... just words... that u don't have to say!… Continue

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History of Andalusia

History of Andalusia

from the andalusia-web.com

Since the times of the first metalworking (third millenium BC) the land between two oceans and two continents is a preferred target of…


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"General Instructions and Expectations"

Believe in god

It won't save you now

And it never will

But if you want to believe in someone else besides yourself

Believe in what you must believe

Just don't call me crazy when I choose to be free


I've already been down that road

It looks like home until you see the main roads

All of a sudden things begin to breakdown

Everyone works for a boss that never comes down

It makes me sad inside

People ready to die and some willing to kill… Continue

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An atheist’s profession of faith

An atheist’s profession of faith

Someone once asked what I did believe in if I did not believe in god.  This was my response.

I believe in freedom. I believe that choice is the backbone of freedom. As choice expands, so does freedom; as choice contracts, so does freedom. I believe the freedoms granted to Americans in the Constitution are awesome.

I believe in liberty, justice and equality for all. I believe these belong to everyone regardless of…


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"Imaginary Accomplice"

They tried to leave me for dead

They tried to get me to kill myself

Moments come and go

And no matter what the circumstances are

Your silence ripped my heart apart

Perhaps you should have just came on in

Helping the people tormenting me win

What exactly is faith in you good for

You just stare silently as people are beaten sore

The news shows that no place is safe

When we buy someone breaks in and takes

Do you smile when cancer digests the… Continue

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Happy Darwin Day!

Today is Charles Darwin's 202nd birthday, so I thought I'd share this great article by Roy Speckhardt on the Huffington Post with you in honor of him.


Celebrating Darwin Day


Roy Speckhardt



Added by Amanda Artman on February 12, 2011 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

the ultimate prayer

   I just read Richard Raymond's atheist prayer.  Here's mine, verbatim.

   Dear God.  Kill me.  Please!  I have lived a full life with no (well, a few small ones, maybe) regrets.  I'm ready to terminate my existence.  I'm waiting, God.  Nothing's happening.  I'll try a little harder: please, please, pretty please, oh great God.  I know you have the power to kill me; so why don't you?  It shouldn't be too hard; after all, I'm 75 years old. You could just give me a heart attack.  God,…


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Booklet for Theists about Atheism

I made a small booklet to educate theists about atheism. Feel free to use it.

[Here is the Revised Version! - please use this instead]

A Religious Person's Guide to Atheism Booklet





Added by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on February 12, 2011 at 3:30pm — 5 Comments

The Anti-Vaccination Lunacy

When Vaccinations Attack!

My son is a person with Autism spectrum disorder. Not really sure of the cause, but experts think it’s most likely genetics. Someone once suggested to me has it because he was given vaccinations when he a baby.  My first thought was ‘that’s total BS’ but I did some research anyway. I discovered that there is an entire anti-vaccination movement that believe that not only do they cause Autism but that they are a dangerous waste of…


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Atheist Prayer

Borrowed this from some talented blogger on Redditt:


_My Prayers_

Our BRAIN, which is in our head, you're awesome!

May you be filled with knowledge.

May you acknowledge reality as well as creativity.

Give us our daily control over our body,

And forgive us as we rage upon creationists.

As we forgive those who dare not think.

Subject us not to a deity,

But deliver us from stupidity.

For you are our only…


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Human Development in the Arab World: Islam is Blocking Progress

Human Development in the Arab World: Islam is Blocking Progress

by John L. Perkins

The following article is from Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 24, Number 3.…


Added by Hope on February 12, 2011 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

Why I'm infidel? msg to muslims

Why I'm infidel?


Hi all,

Yesterday I saw a Muslim man trying to preach here and he started talking about the parents and women...…


Added by Hope on February 11, 2011 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Religion must be RIDICULED!

When rational, scientific arguments are scoffed at, "ridicule" is the only weapon left with which atheists can use against unintelligible, anti-intellectual, bigoted propositions of the religious right. Discuss!

Added by Richard Raymond on February 11, 2011 at 9:18pm — 3 Comments

An Atheist Confronts Death

Here's what happened.

I was unloading the car full of beer and chicken wings and chili dog stuff for the next day's Super Bowl party when I got a burning in my chest that felt like really bad heart burn. After it didn't go away for about a half hour I asked my girlfriend to take me to the hospital to get checked out.

The EKG was fine and the nurses were pretty convinced it was acid reflux and were just checking some blood enzymes before they released me. I was feeling as good…


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Exclusion really bites.

I found an online acquaintance in a roundabout way on LiveJournal (yes, that dinosaur) and sent her a friend request.  I'd have been fine with the first part of her explanation for declining (it's only my RL face-to-face circle of friends, nothing personal).  But what stung was what she went on to say:

We're all pagans, Dionysians, Kemetics, polydiests, or combination of the four. Oh, and one very open minded Christian. So, it's not your gang of folks and subject…

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Nuns are so cruel

Just this week we found out that one of my colleague is pregnant. What did the people, religious people, around her did? Talk behind her back, criticize her, make her feel more miserable. They avoided her like she had lupus. When I was accompanying my colleague at lunch, I swear I could feel the cold stares of disgust from our other colleagues. I thought the faithful were understanding and  were concerned of the well-being of other people, but they weren't.

I know it was against the…


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Disaster Preparedness Seminar

It can happen to you. Take five minutes and watch my disaster preparedness seminar and arm yourself with the knowledge against the…


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The Wise Woman of Somalia


For the past decade, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has stood at the forefront of new thought in the philosophy of Islam and its explanation, and Europeans have plenty to learn from her brave commitment to Enlightenment values – in the face of all that extremism.


Ali will…


Added by Claudia Mercedes Mazzucco on February 10, 2011 at 10:59am — 2 Comments

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