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GOD? god?

Some of my least favorite comments I get when I tell someone I just do not believe in god is 'you need god'. Relative to this fact I always give insidious and curt response, 'I think god is the one who needs me.' The non-believers are believed to have burnt in Gommorah and we are called infidels, scum of the earth etc. So in essence non-believers and atheist are a physical manifestation of the (d)evil. We are the point of deviation for all people that need to propagate religion to their…


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Some Thing Are More Important Than Being Right

There are a few expressions for it: Talking to a brick wall, kicking a dead horse, falling on deaf ears and so on. Just about everyone has experienced the frustration of being unable to reach a person no matter how reasonable you may be, no matter what proof you bring you are just not getting through. There comes a time when one has to admit that further discussion is simply a waste of time. Sooner or later trying to reason or debate with a person won’t do anything but make you stressed.…


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In the beginning.....

I was not raised in an active church going family but I did start going to a friend's church.  I was baptized at 16 and an atheist by 18!  I grew up in Kentucky...land of the Southern Baptists nad have kept my mouth shut about my beliefs until a few years ago.  Now at the age of 47, I find that I have less tolerance for hiding in the closet.  For about six months I have made it clear that I am an atheist.  Everyone else in my family are Christians except for a niece who is also atheist.  My…


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Another response to my Christian friend's inquiries

Her email:

So, I don't know much about atheist forums....are they sort of like church only without the supernatural diety? I know what you mean about scripted questions/answers though....not so much with religious discussions but definitely with political conversations. I, myself, really love and value critical thinking. That is one of the reasons I am enjoying this e-discussion. You think things through and you don't get offended. I love to talk to people about…


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How irrelevant is a human life?

Hello all, I recently have just been to myself, and began to think deeply about life in its entirety.  This self-discussion has led to a small amount of depression. I feel as if religion puts value on human life, and yet at the same time, looks down on it, looking forward to the "afterlife". They say thou shall not kill, etc, all moralistic things in human nature.  Then they say, just follow your "god" and you'll have eternal love/happiness/etc in the afterlife.  My point is, I have come to…


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Putting Politicians on the Spot...A Call to Arms for all Atheists.

The National Atheist Party is promoting a campaign, encouraging all Atheists,  to challenge politicians:


Currently there are politicians going through every state who would very much like to NEVER meet you. They are terrified and live their whole lives lying to even…


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Cee-Lo Disrepects John Lennon at New Year Celebration

Not that I had any respect for him to begin with, but in case you missed it, Cee Lo Green had the "honor" of singing in the new year right before the ball dropped in Times Square last night. The song was Imagine by Lennon. A great song. However, Cee Lo decided to add his own flavor to the song and changed the lyrics a bit. Can you guess which verse?

Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too" to "Nothing to kill or die for, And all religion's…


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