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"Rodents exhibit empathy by setting trapped friends free"

I recently found this article, with the help of reddit, that empathy may not be unique to humans. This got me thinking about the engrossing argument that religion begets morality.

He's no Rat, He's my Brother!

Now, obviously we have logical evidence and rationality that morality is innate, but this may provide concrete evidence for those who are…


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My Fundie cousin posted this...and it confused me.

My fundie cousin is one of those young Earthers who subsequently doesn't believe in evolution (Her words "No!! God created us....we are not evolved apes."). She's also into the whole build your immune system and you'll never get sick hype. 

So she posts this link on FB today ...…


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Romney keeps his promises to god

Mr. Romney appeared on Fox News and dismissed concerns that with the release of his tax returns, he might lose support when voters learn how much money he had donated to the Mormon Church. He said he had made a promise “to God” to tithe 10 percent of his income to his church.

He said voters would be “pleased with someone who made a commitment to God and followed through on the promise.”…


Added by Barry Eckert on January 22, 2012 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

Book Review: Promises To Pray

I have recently acquired a small book authored by Roy Lessin titled, "Promises to Pray Over Your Children". The book claims to be a helpful tool to parents who aren't sure how to effectively pray for their kids.

However, I find this book disturbing and twisted, and just another way to indoctrinate children and shackle parents. Here's why:…


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Christians Under Attack - For Real

According to this news article, Christians are under attack just because they are Christian. Hrm... funny thing - again, it is NOT Atheists who are attacking them. Instead the Christians are being attacked by Mohammedans.

Christians like to say that they are being attacked, even when they aren't, such as when Atheists bring up the fact that there is zero proof…


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"new atheism"

I ran across this article Why I Don’t Believe in the New Atheism this morning. I have joined Wikipedia as an editor, and was reading the article on "New Atheism " after becoming part of the WikiProject Atheism, and the article was cited.

Anyway, Tom Flynn argues that there's nothing 'new' about "new atheism"…


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My Heart Attack

   One week ago today after getting home from work I decided to take care a few things around the yard followed by wrestling the spare tire from under the minivan to change a flat. Then it hit, my chest hurt rapid heart rate shortness of breath so I went into the the house. I sat in a the chair while my family asked I I thought I was having a heart attack? I said I don't know, this wasn't passing quickly like a few other times I had simular but not as strong feelings. After 20 minutes I…


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People believe it even after their reasons for believing it are proven wrong

I am sure you may have experienced this and the frustration that goes with it.  In short, belief perseverance is a commonplace phenomenon that occurs in all areas of life where belief in something persists even when the position has lost all original reasons for it's credibility.  It isn't just common for people to do this with religion, it is common for people to do it with all sorts of ideas.  It is really common in politics.

People believe this is specific to religion and criticize…


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I'd like to call all atheists to action. CHALLENGING THE SOUL and SPIRITUALITY.

Why do people challenge belief in GOD? When they can challenge belief in the SOUL and SPIRITUALITY?

I have a hard time understanding why people argue for atheism in this time yet won't mention their disbelief in the soul unless it comes up in conversation. Most people I know KNOW there is no god... to me today's problem is the belief in the SOUL. I even know many agnostics and even atheists ACTUALLY claim to believe in souls!…


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Evolving brains produce minds


Henneberg MSaniotis A.


Evolving brains produce minds. Minds operate on imaginary entities. Thus they can create what does…


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You're to young to be an atheist wait until your older.

I have lived in a house were religion isn't very prominent. Church always took second place to sports and as me and my brothers grew older we started to only go on Christmas and Easter. When I was younger I would always despise going to church but I had been taught that god was real and so was heaven and hell. Well by the time I hit about 13 I started thinking about atheism. There was a boy in my class who was an atheist and from an atheist family. I laughed at him once for saying "Thank God… Continue

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Daily Bible Verse Apps.

There Are Many Apps.

On Facebook And iPhone And What Not.

And I Have Always Found Them Odd.

Because To Me.

The People That Create These Apps.

Only Want Their Audience.

To See The Pretty Verses.

You Know.

About Strength.



How Great God Is.

And What Not.

They Don't Want Their Audience To See.

Any Of The Many Messed Up Bible Verses.

Like About Rape.

Or Murder.



Added by Horacio Martinez on January 20, 2012 at 11:31pm — 2 Comments

Platitude of the Day

Platitude of the Day For those across the pond or elsewhere in the world there is a four minute slot every morning Mon-Fri on the main radio news and current affairs programme on the BBC Radio 4 Channel. It's called "Thought for the Day" and it's usually done by a priest or some other religious nutjob, anyway I've discovered this website which parodies these broadcasts and it's very funny!

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the trained animal

person a: so who are you gonna vote for this election?


person b: omitted


person a: see, it’s people like you that make this country fail the way it does---all you do is complain & you won’t even vote!!


person b: omitted


person a: have you ever voted? you know, you have no right to complain about your country if you are given the chance to vote to change it & you refuse. 




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the threat of permanence

with the threat of permanence comes dependence &

with dependence comes vulnerability &

with vulnerability comes sacrifice &

with sacrifice comes reducing one’s own life by half or more &

with the reduction comes a lack &

with the lack comes a void &

with the void comes the naïveté that it can be filled by ungrounded belief &

with ungrounded belief comes faith &

with faith comes the refusal to provide…


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So now I am nothing more the an Animal ....

This is according to someone who has been my friend since my first year of high school. It started out as a simple post on Facebook... go figure. It was about Jessica Ahlquist and the horrifying treatment she is receiving by the Christians. Hell then the next thing I know he's getting all super sensitive and pissed off at me over it. So much so he posted…


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Satan & God

Satan & God!

So ... about this Satan bloke ...

I've been on and around the internet and involved in religion one way or another for well over a decade and for many more with religion and a few things have occurred to me.

One of the things we're constantly being told by our Christian brethren is that Satan is the arbiter of all evil in the world but I think what is really interesting about the whole Satan thing is the whole one-sidedness of it all and I honestly…


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Fundamentalist Christian family, atheist me.

There once was a time when I was the most faithful and religious of them all... But through the process of higher education, and the use of logic and critical thinking, I could no longer deny the fact that I had grown into a full-blown atheist, leaving my parents and my brothers and sister behind in Never-never Land. I did not intend to tell them about it...not for a while at least (I planned on moving out first). I was reading Christopher Hitchens' "God Is Not Great" and left it on the…


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Raising Cain

Don't Bring God Fruits

Genesis 4:1 to 4:25Planting Seeds by ~mzdinolatino

4:1 Adam performed the sex act on Eve and she gave birth to a pair of baby boys. One boy, named Abel, grew up to be a semi-nomadic shepherd, migrating about the region with herds of sheep and goats, ever in search of good…


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Just when you think you've seen it all. Just when you think you've heard it all.

Please join me in a collective jaw-drop and facepalm to the extreme with this website which I'm pretty sure is legit.

The Prayer Company will pray for you if you pay them. That's right folks. The idea is simple yet brilliant yet more disgusting then anything I can imagine. I now give…


Added by Robert Karp on January 19, 2012 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

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