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Interesting website regarding harmful beliefs

To be fair, this is essentially anecdotal evidence about the harm silly beliefs have. It isn't quite as scientific as statistics that show that over X years, vaccination rates dropped by Y, preventable diseases increased by Z, and autism rates changed by... nothing.

But, still, interesting to see the very real damage that irrationally based beliefs cause on actual people:


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Sunday Morning Service - 10JAN

Sunday Morning Service

10 JAN 2010

Links of Interest

I have discovered Jupiter

Carl Sagan's entire Cosmos collection available streaming on… Continue

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So where I live in Rock Springs, WY Scientologists attempted to build a vault nearby but didn't file for any permits. I work at the newspaper. Now a reporter is going to do a follow-up story. What drives me crazy is when Scientology is mocked, sometimes I just want to say all religions are just as crazy and unbelievable. Yeah Scientology may be more far fetched and more deadly and money sucking. But all religions are to a certain degree, just some more than others on your own subjective scale.

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Letter to a Christian Friend

Today I received a message on Facebook from a friend that I knew in YWAM (she's French, so her English isn't perfect):

Girl !!! I've been thinking of you lately? How are you?? I remembered clearly the day in india when we preached and you found the courage to share what happened to you and how God was restoring you. I admired so much what you did that day !!! I've seen on your status that you were not so crazy about all of this anymore. And i wanted to share with you that… Continue

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think atheist chat

look man, the chat thing is open, come in a pay a wee visit, listen to me talking a load of pish, talk about who has the best looking tits.

hope to see you all soon

peace and puff in 2010

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Think atheist gifts

Please buy me gifts,

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Creation Premieres in the U.S. on January 22nd, 2010

It looks like Creation will finally be making its premier here in the U.S. I heard about this movie back in June, and was quite excited to see it. By September when it was premiering in Canada and the U.K., we saw that there was a some drummed up… Continue

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A confident Atheist....and yet...

This isn't a confliction that is tearing me apart by any means. I have a terrific relationship with my family, they all know I'm atheist...even though I never really have had a direct conversation. They never push their views on me. Everything works. But...

To set it up...My mother and sisters are Catholic. I went to church with them until I was 13, but I never believed.(I even tried out other churches after that..but still never believed). They've all gone their whole lives, but… Continue

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Random thoughts.

Doesn't the idea of fundamentalist theist scientists scare you? I mean, it's undeniable that science makes the best weapons, and fundamentalist beliefs (religuos or political, doesn't matter) give the best reasons to use them.

When faced with a question like "why does anything exist", the atheist is likely to answer "i don't know", but the theist - "god did it". If you ask why did god do it, the will most likely answer that they don't know (god's ways are mysterious, bla bla bla). So… Continue

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Death is your gift...

It's sometimes hard for me to put myself back in the mindset I had as a believer. For one thing I am ashamed that I believed what seems to be clearly nonsense. And, I did things, like bringing people to church, or children's liturgy, that in retrospect are too close to evangelising for comfort. I can't change the past, but at times I can't really imagine it either. It is like it happened to someone else. But that person was me, a backwards wishful thinking version of me.

In a way it… Continue

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NYC Interfaith Breakfast Includes Atheists

Once a year NYC holds a interfaith breakfast assembling leaders of all religions to gather and discuss ways to reach out and improve the community. Today a positive change happened. Michael Bloomberg welcomed the NYC Atheists to the Interfaith Breakfast for the first time. “I also want to welcome, for the first time, those who don’t profess a faith but who do love our city,”

Jane Everhart, Director of Communication of NYC Atheists noted that they felt welcomed. As the Mayor welcomed… Continue

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I was asked if i knew that jesus loves me...WHAT!?!

Today I was asked if anyone had ever told me that jesus loves me. i work in customer service & i'm on the phone with people all the time. so this man calls in & i help him as i do with every customer. well at the end of the call he asks me if anyone has told me jesus loves me. i laughed just to avoid it & ask him if there was anything else i could help him with before letting him go. he says, "yeah answer my question, do you know jesus loves you? are you a sister of jesus? because… Continue

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Is the US becoming Western Europe?

Arguably the most nonreligious region in the world, Western Europe has been known for its large population of the self-described "none" when it comes to religion. The 2005 Eurobarometer Poll puts the number of atheists in the EU at 18% and the borderline spiritualists at 27% while only 52% said they believed in a god. According to a study done by USA Today back in early 2009 that compares religiosity in America at the present and in 1990, all religious denominations have seen a decline in… Continue

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Adam Eve and all biblical people were coherent and logical Neanderthals weren't?

So how did we get from fully fucntioning ,reasoning and logical human beings to cave men?

Added by Lord Atheist on January 7, 2010 at 6:30pm — 5 Comments

Contradictory History Of The Bible.

The bible is full of contradictions on matters of history. A person who reads and compares the contents of the Bible will be confused about exactly who Esau's wives were, whether Timnah was a concubine or a son, and whether Jesus' earthly lineage is through Solomon or his brother Nathan. The bible also contradicts itself hundreds of times in many passages of the bible such as genesis: Man was created after the other animals Gen 1:25,26,27 Man was created before the other animals Gen 2:18,19.… Continue

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Bloody Facebook Games!

So, before Christmas I added a few of those facebook games. People kept asking me to, and they assured me that I wouldn't need to do anything. They'd get the benefit just by me adding the application. But once I had added them my notifications were a stream of messages like:

Such and such has sent you the third piece of the Trident of the Sea People, will you send something back and conquer the oceans together?

And I had fallen for similar scams myself previously. I played… Continue

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My imaginary conversation with Ray Comfort

Since Ray uses a scripted argument when dealing with unsaved heathens like me I thought I'd walk myself through it.

Ray: Hey, do you think you're a good person?

Me: I do ok, I try to be good, but I'm not perfect. Like sometimes I lose my temper, I'd say I was a very angry person, but ironically a lot of people tell me that they cant imagine me angry!

Ray: How many lies have you told in your life?

Me: Gosh, who has a number for that? I am not a chronic liar, but… Continue

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Jesus, Fruit of the Poisoness Tree

In order for Jesus to be the Messiah, he must be a direct descendant of Adam, Abraham, and David. Paul refers to him as the Last Adam, 1 Corinthians 15:45. He's referred to a Davic King or the King of Kings for a reason. Clearly we have to establish Jesus as a descendant of Adam, but the story is convoluted and I reject the reasoning based on tradition.

The Messianic Prophesy is laid out in both the Old Testament… Continue

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Courage Campaign working to televise Prop 8. Xtian groups moving to ban cameras...

I just thought I'd pass this along.

Courage Campaign

Yesterday, we asked you to respond to Judge Vaughn Walker's request for public comment on potentially televising the Prop 8 federal trial that starts Monday. In less than 24 hours, an amazing 82,103 people have signed the letter from the Courage Campaign Institute and CREDO Action.

Despite Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling below (please read on), we still need you to sign the letter. With… Continue

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All aboard Tasmanian Buses!

We had a win with the Atheist Bus Campaign, in my home state of Tasmania in Australia with the 1st “Atheism – Celebrate Reason!” signs on the side of busses around our capital city.

Please find out more from my blog post All aboard Tasmanian… Continue

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