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Chat with a Fundie

My friend Tim is an Fundamentalist, or as he puts it a "Bible-believing Christian." As an atheist, I think it's perfectly fine to have a fundamentalist friend, afterall... it's not like their dogma is going to persuade us, right? So, what's the harm in being friends with them? To my knowledge, Tim has no idea that I'm an atheist, and I will never tell him. We have been friends since I was a sophomore in high school and I don't wish to ruin that relationship. I thought it was funny that many of… Continue

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Howard Zinn R. I. P.

Now that Howard Zinn has died, may we all reflect on his legacy and what we can do to continue to educate.
see article here
His A People's History of the United Statesopened my eyes. Zinn's essays, lectures, and interviews changed lives and opened minds. May we remain open minded and never compromise under the power structure of religion and greed.

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Mark Five: Demon Pigs

1 And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, Who had his dwelling among the tombs

2 And no man could bind him, no, not with chains: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man…


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The gilded cage of belief

The gilded cage of belief

The preacher dude was going over the story of Genesis. You know the one with Adam, Eve, a walking, talking snake and a tree with really tasty fruit that you can’t eat. He was making a lot of crappy points that I could dissect, but I’m only going to talk about the reason he gave for placing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden in the first place.

Of course, my atheist friends will be familiar with the old argument that if god is all… Continue

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Teach Them Science

This site shows a cooperation between secular and religious. It shows that when things get desperate enough 'thinking' people can come together in spite of ideological differences to battle 'radicalism'. To further this point there have almost always been religious people who have been involved in legally opposing the teaching of creationism in the public schools.


Science education is at risk… Continue

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The Woman's Role in the Home

I've been writing this series over on my blog http://AngietheAntiTheist.blogspot.com I've put this passage in it's entirety here, and the links for comments on this post, and follow-up posts in the series, are provided at the end.

Looking at "The Woman's Role in the Home" by Christian homeschooling mother Rachel Harkins makes me want to wash out my eyes with bleach. Or acid.

I enjoy coming up with acrostics…

Added by Angie the Anti-Theist on January 27, 2010 at 8:14pm — 2 Comments

Converting to Apatheism.

Ok, I admit it. I'm becoming more an Apatheist rather than an Atheist. The more I live my life, the more that I realize just how irrelevant the question of whether or not a deity really exists plays a role in my day to day life.

Do I believe that a 'god' exists? Probably not. But then again, answering the question doesn't really play much of a role in my life when you compare it to the mundane things that I still have to do in my life--like work, pay my bills, pay taxes, and spend… Continue

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I Hope Kent Hovind is Happy...

I don't think any single one of us is ignorant as to who VenomFangX is. Indeed, we all know that name.

I first became part of the whole online atheist community after VFX's second(?) goodbye. In fact, for most of my time on YouTube, VFX was not there... somebody else was manning his account. The first time VFX was active during my time was quite recently. He made all of two or three videos before going away again.

The saga of VenomFangX is an interesting one to me.… Continue

Added by Nathan Hevenstone on January 26, 2010 at 1:38pm — 10 Comments

Hilarious Atheist comedians

So there are quite a bit of atheist comedians out there....and so far Patton Oswalt is the funniest in my opinion. He was on that show "King of Queens" which im sure most Americans have seen. Of course in that show his real humor wasnt in effect due to censorship. Anyone else know of any good Atheist… Continue

Added by Jim Stachowski on January 26, 2010 at 9:06am — 8 Comments

A Wedge Document of Our Own

Adriana put up an excellent vid on Intelligent Design. It's not getting attention likely to the title because it's so absurd. The absurdity lends to the great speech that goes on within. I used this vid this morning as bait on Facebook and tested the waters of a new direction in the ID debate. Call it the religion that it is, and use that to wedge out Christians.

Many of us have heard of the… Continue

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A Christian mentioned to me a few days ago that it's disgusting how Allah tells Muslims to kill all non-believers in the Koran. I would just like to point out, if for no one's benefit but my own, that the bible says exactly the same thing. Christianity is a religion as violent as the Islamic faith, whether its adherents share that violent tendency or not, and it is absurd for Christians to say their's is a "religion of love."

The book of…

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A Sad Ending to a Great Life

It hasn't quite set in yet. I've already cried, but it still isn't real. I can't believe my grandfather, Charles Crum, has passed on. He was the kindest, sweetest man and a Southern Baptist preacher until he retired within the last few years. He also compiled a family history, which now means so much to me. I'm glad he was able to finish it. After having some chest pains a couple weeks ago, he was admitted to the hospital where complications mounted.

First, the doctors put two stints… Continue

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A Funny Thought Experiment

For a while now I've been a member of a forum called CARM.org (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry... run by a Calvinist). On there I met a "Christian". I put "Christian" in quotes because they have officially rejected this title as of last week mainly because of their experience with other more fundamentalist Christians. This person I met was a Christian by virtue of believing Jesus is the messiah... but that's it. They reject the Old Testament entirely, they accept Evolution and the… Continue

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Irony to the 204th power

In Moscow more that 204 parishioners at an Orthodox church became ill after drinking Holy Water. The Holy Water was obtained from a stagnant lake. Story So far it appears that no one has died.

Now to pick on the victims. Maybe if you didn't spend your Sunday's getting lessons from a Bronze Age God, you would move forward in life and understanding. Adding water treatment… Continue

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QWERTY Spells God

The QWERTY keyboard was designed by a man (C. Latham Sholes to be specific). I could stop there and say that so was God and that would do. But that actually wasn't my point. But it IS a good one!!

The arms of the old typewriters had an annoying tendency to jam. If you typed too fast or used letters that were too close to each other they would clash with each other. This was a major stumbling block for the typewriter. In… Continue

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'Skeptics' article stirs up condemnation from skeptics, praise from holistic thinkers

Oh wow, this is two days in a row that my inbox has had a treat waiting for me! Mike Adams, author of yesterday's comedic gem from the webzine Natural News, has just penned a biting retort to the resultant fury of those pesky skeptics.

As to my criticism yesterday regarding Adams' utter disregard for providing hyperlinks to support his statements, he seems to have amended this journalistic oversight as this new article… Continue

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Life Sized Satanic Dolls Serve As Masturbation Toys For America's Youth!

All I can say is, can somebody hook a brother up?

When Mr. Timothy Huxton* opened his son Timmy Jr's bedroom door, he was shocked to see his little boy's innocent white hiney nestled into the 9ft Na'vi doll he bought himself for his son's birthday.

"The demonic characteristics of the Na'vi become obvious when one pays close attention. Their thick lips, suspicious hair styles, tight…

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What 'skeptics' really believe about vaccines, medicine, consciousness and the universe

I am on the mailing list of many, err, "interesting" websites; the crazier the site, the more likely that I am to sign up for email updates. How could anyone turn down a daily dose of hilarity delivered right to their inbox? This morning, I discovered a comedic gem lurking in my unread mail.

Why do I find today's offering to be particularly funny? Because it is an article lambasting the supposed views of some ambiguous group of skeptics with no citations, references, or… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 24JAN

Sunday Morning Service

24 JAN 2010

Links of Interest

America, a Christian Nation? (PDF) - by Jennifer Baker

Stars Vs. Science - "Never take health… Continue

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Friends purge ( stalin style )

My first friends purge reduced my friends list to three people i like talking to, since then its went back up and there is still people i have added that i dont talk to, never have talked to. dont take it personally.

i feel now that i have a small but likable friends which are starting to make me smile and thats what real friends do, its also about my new web site which i will have trading for business in about a mouth. I will be looking for my online and offline friends advice and… Continue

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