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one trip through jerusalem- and you'll be atheist too

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TJ replied to Wassabi's discussion 'Restricted mass murder in the name of religion as opposed to a holocaust under secularism'
"Hitler was a theist, Catholic specifically, and, worked with the Church and visa versa. He had many superstitious views, including an offensive to capture a museum that had a spear (lance) made from "a nail from the crucifixion of christ"…"
Wassabi posted a discussion

Restricted mass murder in the name of religion as opposed to a holocaust under secularism

The holocaust probably would not have happened if it wasn't for Christianity. Whether Hitler was an atheist or not is not important. Whether Nazism was the bastard child of Christianity as Isis is of Islam - is not important. What is important, is that common Germans would probably not have so easily related to the notion of the "Jews being responsible for all the worlds evils, and therefore the world would be better off without them" - without 2000 years of deeply ingrained antisemitism in…See More
Wassabi replied to Unseen's discussion 'The Backfire Effect — It's why you can't change a Christian's or Trump follower's mind...and they can't change yours'
"people do chnage their mind. most of us though do turn out like our parents. i had a clear change of views a few years back from left to right. i think all our view points on certain topics tend to stem from some core belief - and for me it was the…"
Jul 23
TJ replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"Fundamentalist versions of a religion, such as Wahhabism, are analogous to something like the Westboro Baptist Church popping up in 1700 or so, and gaining political influence....which in the 1970's oil embargo period, etc....lead to…"
Jul 9
Wassabi replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"You're wrong about the bulldozing too, but never mind. The situation could be comparable to blacks vs whites, if only african americans had a leadership. this small but crucial point changes everything in my view. In the real world governments…"
Jul 9
Pope Beanie replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"Now wait, is that something only conservatives would say? Of course not, but personalizing this debate gets us nowhere. My apologies for reacting negatively to comments like this, or any similar comments I make seemingly without being provoked. I…"
Jul 8
Pope Beanie replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
""Liberals Like Me" haven't said a damn thing to "Them", except that terrorism is an international crime. They are dying in large numbers because they are powerless against terrorists. I think that you and I are both…"
Jul 8
_Robert_ replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"My Jewish friends often express their desire for peace in the Middle-East and don't express any hatred for Palestinians. In fact many Jews I know express a kinship with all peoples from that area. I believe Hamas reaps the kind of karma it…"
Jul 8
Wassabi replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"why do hate facts so much? why do you keep reiterating lies about dicrimination of arab israelies? what's your agenda?"
Jul 8
Wassabi replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"i'm sorry not enough israelies died to quiet your consience. I honestly don't get this argument, this demand for equality of outcome. it makes sense ONLY if you think israel is  massacaring Palestinains on purpose. If that was the…"
Jul 8
Wassabi replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"@pope BeanieWho said ALL Palestinians were wicked?? What is this liberal fixation on not saying anything if it doesn't encompass ALL members of some group. You have a situation where the president openly encourages murder, memebers of his…"
Jul 8
Pope Beanie replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"I agree, somewhat. But I feel that it's often just an excuse for justifying the death of innocents, especially when killing the innocents help to perpetuate the cycle of violence. This fog of war bullshit enables a debate on the matter of pure…"
Jul 8
Davis Goodman replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"Well...if it's directed solely at people of one religion...it's okay...isn't it? I seem to remember Popper explaining the one single set of conditions that allows you to break the moral rule of not killing en masse and destroying…"
Jul 8
Davis Goodman replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"Imagine if one day both sides get together in peace and piss off American Jews and militant muslims in Saudi Arabia and in a covert joint operation the bomb Israel and Palestine taking out most of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt with it. Don't…"
Jul 8
SteveInCO replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"Imagine what would happen if the Palestinians laid down their arms and bombs, and vowed never to fight again--then followed through on it. Then imagine what would happen if Israel did the same. That little exercise should things for all that…"
Jul 8
SteveInCO replied to Wassabi's discussion 'israel- i need to vent'
"The person morally responsible for the death of the human shield...is the person using an innocent as a human shield while he commits atrocities.  And in this incident, calls his intended victim a "pig" or "dog" while…"
Jul 8

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The road to a fascist theocracy in israel

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 5:38am 1 Comment

 The division in Israel is becoming more and more clear – the religious right against the secular left

Judaism VS Democracy. The lines become clearer every day.


On the National front, PM Benjamin Netanyahu's government has declared an all out war on left wing parties and organizations. The ruling right wing coalition, composed…


Steven Austin disambiguation

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 10:21am 3 Comments

I tried looking up info on creationist geologist Steven Austin, but couldn't find any links other than creation wiki. can anyone help? i'm mostly interested in debunked works. 



requested quote from the koran

Posted on May 14, 2011 at 9:34am 4 Comments

I rerember seeing a quote a few years back, i think it was from the koran or hadiths, saying something along the lines of - "allah is allowed to contradict himself"


i recently tried to goole it and found nothing.


help anyone?



Jewish Kosher laws

Posted on May 6, 2011 at 7:22pm 3 Comments

In my previous post I described the evolution of Judaism over the past 3000 years. In a nutshell- after the destruction of the second temple and jewish exile in 126 AD, the jews lost their ability to practice their religion- which was national and temple based. Finding themselves without nation or temple- the jews reformed their religion- practically re-inventing it in a text…


Judaism 101

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 9:50am 4 Comments

I've been on think atheist for quite some site now, and I've noticed that because the vast majority of people here are ex-Christians, naturally the New Testament and Jesus get the most attention.

As an ex-Jew, I've decided to write a post explanation of what Judaism is, as I've found practically no reference to this question here.

So here it goes.

While Christianity believes that God- Yahweh, brought the people of Israel to mount Sinai and gave them the old testament- the… Continue

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At 5:16pm on June 3, 2011, Sarah said…
Hey, a fellow Israeli atheist! נחמד לדעת שיש עוד כאלה.
At 9:22am on July 8, 2009, Newtonslight said…
thank you, it is nice to meet you;)
At 1:35pm on July 5, 2009, D'Holbach said…
Welcome--may you find some peace here. My mother was Jewish, my father Episcopalian; I was the family atheist. I still like matzah brei, though.

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