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Stupid or Crazy?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Angela Evangelia Mar 9, 2013. 19 Replies

When someone believes something even though all evidence is contrary to that belief, does this mean they are stupid or crazy?Instead of using religion as an example, I will use this one: some people…Continue

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futilethewinds commented on Ed's blog post 'Governor Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors'
"Shock treatments are actually effective sometimes when nothing else will work. It is generally described as "flipping a switch" in one's brain. I've had two grandmothers undergo the treatment, and they needed it. I don't…"
Aug 20, 2013
futilethewinds commented on Lisa Lark's photo

Doorways to Demonic Possession

"Postmodernism! HA!"
Aug 20, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Schroeder Alice Veidt's discussion 'Eugenics - A touchy subject I'd like to explore'
"One of the reasons why humans have survived so long is that we are such an adaptable species with so much variation. If you eliminate genetic variations, you make the human race easier to kill off. If you want the human race to continue to exist, it…"
Aug 15, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Ed's discussion 'The Implications of Transhumanism'
"It depends on the robot. Does it have sexual functions? Then I'm in. Also, is it waterproof? If not, I may have to rethink this. I would not omit negative memories because they make up part of my identity."
Aug 12, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Unseen's discussion 'If you had enough money (meaning lots), how would you spend it?'
"I would travel the world. By boat. Boats are cool."
Aug 5, 2013
futilethewinds commented on Eric Glen Williams's blog post 'Being Born a Certain Way Is Still A Sin'
"I don't really buy it, given his past record. I mean, it's nice and all, but I feel like it's just lip service."
Jul 30, 2013
futilethewinds liked Redlilly Pond's discussion Christians are like children.
Jul 27, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Nerdy Keith's discussion 'Guilty Gay Theists'
"I was in a relationship with a Catholic lesbian. No matter what I tried, I couldn't stop her from feeling guilty about sexuality. It was really sad. I've sworn never to date another Catholic again. She even went so far as to accuse me of…"
Jul 21, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Dr. Bob's discussion 'Which type of Atheist are you?'
"I would say I'm the activist type, with a smidgeon of antitheism in there."
Jul 16, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Unseen's discussion 'The George Zimmerman jury reached the right verdict'
"It doesn't matter what the law is, a jury has the power to fix broken laws if they see fit by ruling however the hell they want. The "Stand Your Ground" thing is clearly stupid, and this was a jury's chance to strike it down, and…"
Jul 14, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'Religion is NOT the "enemy"'
"The anthropological truth is that religiosity is inherent in human nature, and will likely continue to exist as long as humanity does. Therefore, we as freethinkers must learn to coexist with our religious fellow human beings, despite the many evils…"
Jul 13, 2013
futilethewinds replied to ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp's discussion 'What is your take on extraterrestrial inteligences?'
"Um, aliens have never been to planet Earth, and probably never will. If you think otherwise, you're a crazy ass."
Jul 5, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Unseen's discussion 'The Supremes KILL DOMA'
"Great. Now we just need marriage equality in all 50 states. It should be easy to do since this ruling suggests that there is no relevant difference between gay and straight couples in terms of marriage. This ruling makes it a lot more possible for…"
Jun 27, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Unseen's discussion 'Why isn't a 14 year old girl old enough to consent to sex?'
"Personally, I think 14 is old enough. Then again, at 14, your hormones pretty much rule your life, so you aren't exactly in a position to make a reasonable decision about sex."
May 29, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Redlilly Pond's discussion 'Friend doesn't believe in dinosaurs.'
"Then your friend is stupid. Don't worry, everyone has friends that are stupid."
May 23, 2013
futilethewinds replied to Dustin's discussion 'Are those that eat meat and are aware of the arguments for vegetarianism bad people?'
"I personally rarely see people as good or bad (or evil), just their actions. The action of eating meat, especially with full knowledge of why one should not, is wrong."
May 5, 2013

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Futilethewinds's Blog

Me = Forever Alone

Posted on April 27, 2013 at 5:45pm 20 Comments

If you're heterosexual, you can't begin to appreciate how difficult it is being gay in a mostly straight world. You're surrounded by potential mates, and can afford to be choosy. I don't have that privilege. Even when I meet other lesbians, 99% of them are already with someone else, and if they break up with that person, they're with someone else in a few weeks' time. Meanwhile, I have been single for three years. I guess I could be more outgoing and more involved, but as an introvert, I…


Why Haven't I Been Beat Up Yet?

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 5:49pm 20 Comments

Okay get this:

I'm a woman.

I'm an atheist.

I'm gay.

I have attended pro-choice protests.

I live in Alabama.

Yet I have not yet been beat up. Why is this? I'm living loud and proud, and I know there are haters out there, but nobody acts against me when I'm on my own. (When I'm out in public with a girlfriend, it's another story. People get hostile then.)

Oh wait, I forgot, I'm trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and could take on pretty much…


What I Want

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

There's a "What Women Want" and a "What Men Want" thread, but I don't think what I want quite belongs in either category because they are heteronormative threads. "What Women Want" is really "What Women Want from Men" and I'm a lesbian. "What Men Want" (From Women) is for men, and I'm a woman. So here goes my own thing.

I want a woman who is understanding and kind, not just to me, but to people in general. I want somebody who knows who she is and has her life together, not a big mess…


The Homosexuality Debate

Posted on March 2, 2013 at 10:00pm 33 Comments

Pro-gay: There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Anti-gay: AIDS!

Pro-gay: AIDS is also caused by dirty needles and heterosexual sex.

Anti-gay: Gay people are more promiscuous, so they make AIDS a bigger problem.

Pro-gay: AIDS is spread mostly by straight people.

Anti-gay: Gay sex is inherently more risky than heterosexual sex.

Pro-gay: You're a bigot.

Anti-gay: You're immoral/damned.

I'm tired of seeing the same debate a thousand…


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