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Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe

Started this discussion. Last reply by Davis Goodman 2 hours ago. 9 Replies

In their cosmology model, the cyclic nature of the universe occurs as a result of incorporating quantum effects into a cosmological model of the universe.Prof Faizal explained that even though there…Continue

On the Light Side: Dogs vs. Cats

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Oct 19. 25 Replies

I wrote this recently. It describes what being owned by a cat is like vs. owning a dog.THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOGS AND CATS(FOR THE NEW CAT OWNER WITH DOG EXPERIENCE) You're standing on your feet…Continue

What is the most dangerous large mammal in the US (besides humans)? You'll probably guess wrong.

Started this discussion. Last reply by TJ Oct 3. 21 Replies

Most of the time, people will get this question wrong. Here's a recent list:Bee/Wasp53Dogs31Spider6.5Rattlesnake5.5Mountain…Continue

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Davis Goodman replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"That's the opposite of how theoretical science works unseen. If no one had bothered to posit an incredible theory, work out the orbits of the planets then we'd never have launched into space and put up global satellites that you use on a…"
2 hours ago
Unseen replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'As an Atheist Mom....'
"Sierra Club? Seattle Atheist Church? Oasis coming to Seattle"
10 hours ago
Pope Beanie replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"Haha, listen to those guys! So serious TA members like to talk about what should or shouldn't be believed in or posited. It's a side-effect of having to deal every day with religious fiction. It's ok to speculate, and posit, and keep…"
13 hours ago
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"LOL So my finger can slip too. I actually know that but didn't notice the error. Good catch."
18 hours ago
Unseen replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"To quote Hillary Clinton, "At this point, what difference does it make?" I'm not taking a firm position. But what point would there be (and what basis would there be) for assuming that there are other universes? Simply because there…"
18 hours ago
TJ replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"So, your position is that we are the only universe, because, you feel that there will never be evidence to prove otherwise? The same position about ours being the only planet, etc? :D Essentially, as you assume you can't be proven wrong on a…"
21 hours ago
Unseen replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"And yet, it's not a vicious assumption to assume we are the only universe because, for the reasons you gave, it won't be contradicted and lead to mistakes. Evidence that's permanently unavailable is irrelevant."
22 hours ago
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"There is a pecking order in all group and pack animals, so they are thinking to some degree about what others think of them. They have to analyze (think about) what others think of them in order to assume their proper position in the group."
22 hours ago
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
""faus pas" not "faux pax," but I understood."
22 hours ago
TJ replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"No, that's what makes sense...in that we have an infinite amount of time, and space, and therefore spacetime. So, just as we are in our own solar system, in our own galaxy and in our own known universe, it is probable that our universe is no…"
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"Well, guilt behavior in pets can be stimulated by two things: fear of retribution (cats and dogs) or of displeasing their master (dogs).. In humans, there's that but in other cases a feeling that they've violated a core behavioral value of…"
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"Cats and dogs certainly exhibit guilt behavior. Whether they FEEL guilt is hard to say."
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"Can people?"
Rosella A Alm-Ahearn replied to Unseen's discussion 'Scientists claim to have discovered what existed BEFORE the beginning of the universe'
"I posit that there is a multiverse, one universe of which is our own. This is the only one that we can use or begin to understand.   It is only idea that makes sense is that there are an infinite number of universes, each one entropising (or…"
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"LOL "
Oct 21
Unseen replied to Pope Beanie's discussion 'Describing Consciousness'
"Neural pathways."
Oct 21

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Unseen's Blog

Scientists are now admitting that nuclear power is greener than other alternatives

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 12:29pm 36 Comments

The full read from which the following quote is taken is here.

Nuclear power is one of the least damaging sources of energy for the environment, and the green movement must accept its expansion if the world is to…


A great number of paradoxes, starting with Scroedinger's cat

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 8:00pm 1 Comment

I'm sorry, but I had to stop listening to this bit at about the fourth paradox due to being out of breath from laughing. How long can you last?

Famous last words. No...really!

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 6:30pm 1 Comment

I found a website where Texas lists every capital execution from 1982 on. One of the more interesting things about it is that it includes any last statements the prisoners made. Interesting reading. Lots of "foxhole converts" among them, I note.

OBAMACARE Is Better Than You Think

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 11:40am 1 Comment

In just one week the main part of Obamacare will begin to kick in. This is the state level exchanges that will allow the uninsured to be covered. Beginning on October 1, people will be able to sign up to get insurance in their state regardless of their health.

Most people signing up on the exchanges will qualify for subsidies based on their income and family size. This means that the cost of insurance will be less than the advertised price.

This is good…


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At 7:41pm on May 29, 2016, W1NT3R5 said…
Yeah dude. I was pleasantly surprised. That movie's not very good, as is the story with most modern Adam Sandler movies, but that was pretty cool. I wish it would have actually been Matt Frewer dressed up though.
At 1:48am on May 29, 2016, W1NT3R5 said…
https://youtu.be/plrZB1AceXU this is a link to my personal channel so you know it isn't spam. It's Max Headroom's latest appearance.
At 9:58pm on April 17, 2016, W1NT3R5 said…
Max Headroom's interview on David Letterman is hilarious, and available on YouTube.

I suggest buying the DVD if you haven't. Unfortunately Frewer isn't involved in any of the documentary features in the set, but there is plenty of that material available online. The DVD set contains the show from the 1987-88 American run, omitted is the Talking Headroom show and the 20 Minutes Into The Future (which is also available in its entirety on YouTube).
At 10:56pm on April 16, 2016, W1NT3R5 said…
So we don't always get along. However, I had no idea who Max Headroom was but your photo reminded me of a person I used to be acquainted with, and I searched it on Google and discovered him. I have now purchased the DVD set and watched everything available on YouTube, and while it was not your intention, you have created a fan of that show simply by choosing an avatar. Whatever it's worth, I appreciate it. Hopefully your ribs are healing well.
At 3:22am on April 3, 2016, JadeBlackOlive said…

Glad to hear that!

At 1:53am on April 3, 2016, JadeBlackOlive said…

How are you feeling, Unseen?

At 4:38am on December 26, 2015, Royce Earnest Rasmussen said…

Thank you!

At 3:26pm on December 14, 2014, Virgil said…

You and I got off to a bad start and I almost gave up on AT cuz of it.  I'm glad I didn't.  Amazing how much you and I agree on besides views on how jobs are created, the meaning of wealth and what produces it. All of that I believe about those things are from my personal experience in the past 5 years since becoming a civilian. I believe in them more today than ever before but all that is teeny minor crap compared to my core convictions.  The main reason I argued with you about that was the wrong reason to to argue.  I was offended on a personal level by things you said and I gave into that & put my anger ahead of reason. 

Interrogation.  Please point out any errors in you see in my reasoning.... (why ask, you'll do it even if I don't ask hahahaha!)

my last tour 2009 in Afgh I was a E4, a corporal, just one tiny small guy the big picture. When I heard this report was coming out I thought "oh shit!  This is going to get nasty!"  But wait... "nasty" is a relative term. As a war vet, my idea of nasty in regards to what could have been in that report  is waaaaaaaaay different from Joe Civilian's definition of nasty.  In fact my definition of nasty info on EIT would be impossible for him to wrap his head around and not break out in a chicken little dance. 

There's no damned way Feinstein & the others with that report know less about EIT than I do unless the CIA and armed forces have been totally lying to them.  That's just not possible. 

I've read all I can find for details, watched TV for the hot talking points and I have come to the conclusion that whole report just about has to be a psyop to cover ALLLLLLLLL the shit guys like me know and all the shit guys like me don't know.  For me there hasn't been ONE DETAIL in that report that was newsy or nasty.  I really feel what's going on is a well planned magician's trick that starts  off with him saying, "watch me cut off my right hand" to distract everyone IN THE WORLD while they sneak a 60 ton plaid elephant across the stage. 

This isn't a conspiracy theory about some secret plot from the Obama white house.  This is a theory about possibly pulling off a great Intel move to benefit the very people and programs that it's supposed to be making the focus of world wide outrage. 

But wait.  There's more.

There were things in that report that were totally ridiculous and almost funny when you thin about them.  ONLY  dummasses would fall for some of the shit AND the media and none of the "experts" have even tried to point the silly shit out. 

Think. The report says next to no vital intel has been obtained through EIT.  It says most of the intel obtained is lies told under torture.  I don't recall ONE time in my whole 22 months in Afgh when we were told, "get your guns and let's go find some bad guys to shoot." Every time we did anything se went out to specific places looking at specific times, to look for specific people, specific things and act like we were just dumb gyrines who didn't know what we were looking for. One time we did a four hour search on a small 6 house village before "noticing" the exact item we'd been shown satellite images of sitting right in our way the whole time.   Sooooo where did that intel come from?  The pentagon must be using psychics and have consult fortune tellers.  ...........  That's just one example.  One time we were rushed out to set up a  fake road check, told what car to look for, who would be in it and make sure its 4 tires were blown out 1 km before the road block so the occupants would have to get out and walk after all traffic on the road was stopped to prevent them from hitching rides.  When we go the guys back to base there were interesting guys there. After a staged accidental explosion the 3

At 9:06pm on September 19, 2014, Davis Goodman said…

Can't believe we weren't official friends here all this time!!!!

At 3:34am on September 2, 2014, Demetrius Alcala said…

You stole CBS


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