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"Atheism prooves that we are living in a free speech country. I don't find it offensive and it's not a source of concern for the catholic church." (Msgr. Bertrand Ouellette - famous Quebec priest)


Hi everyone, and welcome to my ThinkAtheist page.
To be honest, I was hoping to find a website like this would show up, A real organized community of atheists, hanging around to discuss ideas with other anti-clerical friends.

As I do not live in the United States of America, I can't even start to pretend I know what atheists in the US are feeling towards religion. I've read a lot about the subject and I know that atheists may be treated differently, in a hidden manner.
But I wish it wouldn't be like that for you guys. I wish you had the opportunity to speak out, I wish you guys had the representation in politics that you deserve and I wish you'd live in an atheist heaven like I do.

For all those reasons, I've decided to write a little something on a daily basis about the situation of atheism in Quebec. I find it interesting (of course I live there) to write about my own situation, as I hope it may inspire other communities around the globe.

Stats, facts, opinions and thoughts...all of this on this page, and more!

FYI - I speak french, but I am Quebecois. Quebec is a province in Canada, soon to be a country. Quebec is a majority french speaking province. I consider myself good, not great in english, so be cool.

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Rob the Ridiculous replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"Christianity is not the 'enemy' always and/or everywhere, yet it is good to know it's literature to be able to understand the effects that Christian thought has on current politics. Depending on where you live it might even be…"
Apr 15, 2012
Doc Feral replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"I think this quote from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" sums things up perfectly for me:   "So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.If you only know…"
Apr 14, 2012
Mabel replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"I'm sure this will help to answer your question. I had an advertisement for an exhibit about the Bable placed inside of my library book by the county library. All the books in the ordered book section had this ad. See for…"
Apr 14, 2012
CJoe replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"...well, what you lack seems to be a fear of eternal damnation. Obviously, this isn't the ONLY reason people don't adopt Christianity, but fear is really the driving force of the Bible. Even my mother, who REALLY believes, admits her…"
Jul 22, 2009
Mark Placanica replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"The reason the bible is the number one best seller of all time is because it's been around for 2,000 years! I mean it kinda makes sense."
Jul 22, 2009
Misty: Baytheist Living! replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"You will burn in hell for wearing cotton blends! ..and eating shellfish ..and trimming the corners of your beard!"
Jul 16, 2009
James replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"Exactly! Most people that say they are living by the Bible and that it's perfect, haven't actually read it. But if they have... RUN! lol"
Jul 15, 2009
noisician replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
""so many people read it" I'm sure that is true, but I bet the number is FAR lower than the number of bibles sold and FAR lower than the number of people who act like they've read it or claim to have read it and live their lives…"
Jul 15, 2009
Misty: Baytheist Living! replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"Personally- I don't have to read a book on stamps to know I don't want to be a stamp collector. The same goes for religion. Anything that embraces discrimination, sexism, racism and homophobia is instantly off my list unless their deity…"
Jul 14, 2009
James replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"*edit* I do agree that it's good to have a decent knowledge of it though. For bullets against theists or if only for the cultural significance."
Jul 14, 2009
James replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"Being a former Catholic, I've read it. However the church only focused on certain passages and left the majority overlooked. When I was having doubts, I looks further. Maybe it was answers I was looking for, but what I found raised more doubts…"
Jul 14, 2009
Dave G replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"One of the important points on my journey away from being a Christian was due to my reading the bible from front to back, at the urging of my pastor. (I somehow doubt he expected the result) Someone once said that God is a very erratic writer. When…"
Jul 14, 2009
Simon Massicotte replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"I agree that's a good idea, nothing I would have the patience of doing though"
Jul 14, 2009
Serotonin Wraith replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"From what I've seen, most people who claim to follow the Bible haven't read it. They get spoon fed the nice parts at church. It's been mentioned before, but reading the Bible is one of the best ways to see how silly it all is. An…"
Jul 14, 2009
elaine kilshaw replied to Simon Massicotte's discussion 'Bible-less'
"No I have never read the bible but have heard enough of what it contains to last a lifetime so I do not need to read it. I am told that it is the 'gospel truth' but who was alive at the time still here to confirm any of it. I was born in…"
Jul 14, 2009
Simon Massicotte posted a discussion


Even as an atheist, I can't deny that the Bible is the most translated, read and sold book of all time.Why is that? I mean I've personally never read the book...not interested. For the most part, I'm just like the next guy: I think the Bible is filled difficult, repellent, confusing and boring passages.But so many people read it! And MANY people read those passages and actually repeat them, memorize them, share them with others. They often become a subject of discussion and debate.The Bible is…See More
Jul 14, 2009

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About Me:
French atheist Quebecer
Why are you here?
Looking for other rationalists to discuss with. I come from a a country that may not have been founded under the same religious values, but if so, we in Canada sure don't save a special spot for religion in every sphere of our culture, and couldn't be happier about it. I have some inspirations: of course Richard Dawkins is a must, but also George Carlin, and if I may quote Bill Maher: "Just because I wish for the demise of a destructive organization, does not make me a bigget. To me, they ARE destructive organizations and I'm not a bigget because I vouch for their downfall." He reads my thoughts...
The religion you left

Simon Massicotte's Blog

Who's prayin' in Canada?

Posted on June 17, 2009 at 11:30pm 3 Comments

I was Youtubing the other day and came across a recording of one of George Carlin's HBO specials in the 90's. Can't tell you which one, but here's a piece

"I say fine, fine, pray all you want...BUT, what about the divine plan? Remember that? Long time ago, God made a divine plan! Gave it a lot of good thought, thought it was a good plan, and then put it into practice. For billions and billions of years...the divine plan was doing just fine. Until YOU come along, and pray for… Continue

Quebec's religion status - Indifferent

Posted on June 16, 2009 at 12:06pm 0 Comments

Montreal is a multi-cultural-religious city, where christians, muslims, buddhists and jews have been co-existing for a few generations now.

We have a great past with the catholic church, which was very present throughout our history, until the mid 60s. After that great period of change, the Church became somehow "unnecessary" to Quebecers and somewhat forgot about church.

The average middle class citizen wasn't going to church anymore, but applied every catholic value into their… Continue

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Hey thanks for the comment and welcome to TA!


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