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Robert Bumbalough replied to Zevaeros's discussion 'Peer Review Request: Where Do You Get Your Morals From?'
"Morality is a code used to guide one's actions for the purpose of obtaining benefit. I'm quite certain there can be no absolute universal code beyond specifying actions necessary to maintain one's life as similar actions are…"
Mar 23, 2012
Robert Bumbalough liked Morgan Matthew's photo
Mar 16, 2012
Robert Bumbalough commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

Satan- more powerful than God.

"@archaeopteryx Hello Friend: Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you and all the good people who use ThinkAtheist for who you are rather than for whichever religious culture is or was imposed upon you due to accident of birth. If I had…"
Mar 13, 2012
Robert Bumbalough commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

Satan- more powerful than God.

"Propounding a multiplicity of magic immaterial "beings" of pure consciousness is not warranted because the materialist-reductionist paradigm of reality is securely in place. There is no need to violate Occam's Razor/Parsimony to posit…"
Mar 13, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Mike Glickman's discussion 'Is the Universe Infinite or Finite?'
"Hello Dave: I second your opinion of Krauss' book. Its worth buying and studying. Although its not a text book and he could have elaborated further on Cosmic Inflation. Chapter six was a bit skimpy.  "
Mar 2, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Bo Fowler's discussion 'What is not believing in God like?'
"If by the word "God" is meant the alleged deity of the Abrahamic religions or the more general polymodal Godhead of the many Hindu religions, then the question of  what not believing in God is like can be answered with a declaration…"
Mar 1, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Corey K's discussion 'Christian said this: How do I respond?'
"Hello Nelson: Thank you for your thoughtful and cogent messages on this thread. Best Wishes and Regards"
Feb 29, 2012
Robert Bumbalough commented on Alma Salazar's blog post 'What the heck is wrong with religious people?'
"@archaeopteryx Your Genesis essays featuring analysis from Wellhausen's Documentary hypothesis standpoint are both informative and entertaining. Its obvious you've put a great deal of work into you site and research. Many Thanks. "
Feb 20, 2012
Robert Bumbalough posted a status
"Outstanding essay on the uniformity of nature & presuppositionalism's failure"
Feb 20, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Lindsey Harris's discussion 'Would you ever date a Christian?'
"My wife of 25 years is a liberal protestant Christian. I am a strong-positive atheist/metaphysical naturalist. She and I do not discuss matters of religion save for those times we are watching a public television shows about Buddhism or some…"
Feb 19, 2012
Robert Bumbalough posted a status
"Ok here's the link to the frakking video,"
Feb 19, 2012
Robert Bumbalough posted a status
"Can you break this argument. Video link"
Feb 19, 2012
Robert Bumbalough posted a status
"What is on your mind?"
Feb 19, 2012
Robert Bumbalough posted a status
"Hello good evening. Here's a link to an interesting argument against all versions of a transcendent creator god. This brief video is worth w"
Feb 19, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Robert Bumbalough's discussion 'Respectfully request comments and counter arguments re The Presumption of Naturalism and the Probability of Miracles: A Reply to Keith Parsons (2011) by Don McIntosh'
"Its going to be a while before I can get back to this. Its book marked and when I get caught up and feel good, then I'll tackle this little project. Till then, many thanks and best wishes to all, even any religious fanatics that may happen to…"
Feb 16, 2012
Robert Bumbalough replied to Emperor Milos's discussion 'Longtime atheist, new member.'
"Hello Milos: I'm a newbie around here as well, although I registered on the site perhaps a year ago. I've only used it a few times.  So welcome aboard. "
Feb 15, 2012

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About Me:
Greetings: Robert is a neo-objectivist and a metaphysical naturalist. I can be described by assigning specifications to categories: metaphysics - objective reality is all that is. Existence actually exists.

Epistemology - how we acquire and validate knowledge is accomplished by application of our reasoning with non-contradictory identification of absolute reality to fulfill a commitment to rationality. My moral responsibility to rational cognition and the absolutism of reality means I must constantly be on guard against erring through accepting the primacy of consciousness over existence.

Morality - Enlightened self-interest with my own personal benefit, growth, self-improvement, enrichment, and cultivation of loving friendships with other enlightened self-interested persons as a primary goal. All persons are constantly faced with selecting one of two primary choices, to live or to die. If I choose life, then I must get busy living and doing the things that make life possible and better. If I choose death, then I must get busy dying. I choose to live and to enjoy life to the fullest. That is the essence of morality.

Aesthetics = Art is an expression of the morality of life. It should therefore be used to uplift the nobility of Homo Sapiens as heroic rational reasoning beings. Art should promote life and all the good that can be had by humans qua humans.

Politics - Politics is an expression of how human communities and societies can best fulfill the morality of life. A proper political stance should then include that set of policy preferences that best promote the nobility of Homo Sapiens. Because of human identity as rational beings and the absolute nature of existence, the system that best promotes human interests is a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism with a separation of state and economics. Ayn Rand wrote "The moral justification of capitalism does not lie in the altruist claim that it represents the best way to achieve “the common good.” It is true that capitalism does—if that catch-phrase has any meaning—but this is merely a secondary consequence. The moral justification of capitalism lies in the fact that it is the only system consonant with man’s rational nature, that it protects man’s survival qua man, and that its ruling principle is: justice." - “What Is Capitalism?” Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 20.

Sometimes I'm wrong. On those occasions I prefer to be corrected and shown my error that I may hasten to correct it.
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I think it would be fun to interact with fellow non-believers.
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Why you left your religion.
My deconversion story is at the following link.

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