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Brendan Eich Ouster

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Apr 13, 2014. 37 Replies

I'm curious what the community thinks about the ouster (under pressure) of Brendan Eich from Mozilla.Should someone be deprived of their livelihood for contributing to a candidate or cause with which…Continue

Tags: 8, Proposition, discrimination, homosexual, Eich

Pope Francis considering appointing women cardinals?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Judith van der Roos Nov 3, 2013. 1 Reply

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but no one knows where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone moved by the Spirit.Well, that didn't take long to get…Continue

Tags: Catholic, Church, cardinals, women, Francis

Dawkins and Pedophilia

Started this discussion. Last reply by David Smith Feb 12, 2014. 358 Replies

In one of the interminable threads that devolved into endless discussions of pedophilia a couple of months ago, I raised an academic question about whether those who were commenting could come up…Continue

Tags: pedophilia, Dawkins, Richard

Ask Dr. Bob

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dr. Bob Aug 13, 2013. 555 Replies

It seemed these things were popping up in multiple discussions as people like @Suzanne chased me about, so rather than continue the multiple hijacks, maybe putting them here will be more entertaining…Continue

Tags: Vatican, bible, purgatory, questions, Catholic

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Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"You do understand that that is a faith-based claim, right? Humanity has been exploring the unknown for millennia, after all, and new schools of thought emerge with some regularity.  It's a faith claim to believe that your new school of…"
15 hours ago
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"Hi @Strega, I agree with you, I think. My point is that it is irrational to abandon the current best working model(s) unless or until you have come up with something better.   So for me, atheism by itself is irrational; it's the…"
15 hours ago
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Babies Are Not Born Atheists'
"You do know, @Robert, that for most of the history of homo sapiens we as a species have been illiterate, right?   You do realize that the numerical concept of "zero" didn't appear until a thousand or so years ago, right? So…"
15 hours ago
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Babies Are Not Born Atheists'
"I sort of like Soverign [sic] of the World Arch. I'm just Bob.  Bobby is what friends and close family called me when I was six. Nice to meet you, Soverign."
15 hours ago
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Babies Are Not Born Atheists'
"Ah, I see you are still using playground diminutive names in place of rational argument.  I guess many things really don't change. Nice to see you again, though, truly."
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"I will certainly concur with that! Yet we as a society are confronted with how we best teach people not to behave in that way, because doing so causes such damage to others. Even more, we want some people to be anti-bankers.  We want to inspire…"
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"I will agree that there is a biological basis in desiring to have children. And yet in the West through declining marriage rates, birth control, and other reasons we are having fewer and fewer children.  No one can argue that there isn't a…"
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"I am delighted to know that you as an atheist can speak for what just about every single Christian and Muslim believes.  That's truly remarkable. Although, on reflection, perhaps you might really just be having a conversation between…"
Dr. Bob replied to Mo Trauen's discussion 'What would a "secular theocracy" actually look like?'
"The world's done Secular Theocracy already, @Mo .   It was called Stalinism, or perhaps Maoism. I confess that I am looking forward to watching Mike Huckabee and all of the other Republican presidential hopefuls (I think there are…"
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Babies Are Not Born Atheists'
"Hello, @archaeopteryx.   It's been a while! It is an interesting and demonstrable fact that all children are illiterate and innumerate, and if reading, writing, and mathematics were not inculcated into their minds, they would remain…"
Dr. Bob replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Empirical evidence for God?'
"Sure, I'd agree that would exclude the idea of God as a rather jealous, vain, and petty anthropomorphic idea. "
Dr. Bob replied to Dante's discussion 'Bible Belt Promiscuity'
"Thank you.  I was thinking the same thing.  WTF?"
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Babies Are Not Born Atheists'
"I confess I find these evangelical apologetic pseudo-psychology pieces interminable, and would agree with most of your criticisms. All I would do is caution you not to take your argument too far.  It's fine to argue that religion should…"
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"Sorry, @Simon.  While an abstract hypothesis that game theory or evolution might lead to general cooperative tendencies is interesting, I don't see how it provides a rational basis for an individual to make a particular choice. When was…"
Dr. Bob replied to Simon Mathews's discussion 'If you woke up tomorrow...'
"Oh, dear.  We're back to magical science again, like magical morality simply springing from being human. Unfortunately, the evidence is that the development of science leads inevitably to more and better ways to kill other people, to…"
Dr. Bob replied to Ed's discussion 'Gideons International'
"These days I wonder whether the Gideons have run their course.  After all, the interwebs are available most everywhere, and the bible is readily available on the net.   Does distribution of physical books really offer much…"

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Standing Fast for Education

Posted on April 4, 2015 at 3:30pm 19 Comments

Once again this past week we have news of students and colleagues who have become the target of violence by the forces of rabid tribal ignorance. 

Garissa University College on the plains of Kenya is a small but growing school.  It was formerly a "normal" school, which is the old fashioned name for a teachers' college - a place where bright and service-minded young people could prepare to carry the light of knowledge to children and teens in towns and villages across the area.   More…


Atheist Admires Pope Francis. So what?

Posted on August 13, 2013 at 2:00pm 13 Comments

I ran across this piece by a on a blog maintained by the order.  I thought the piece was quite good, actually, and reflects my own views in many ways, and the comments the author makes both to Catholics and indirectly about atheists might be of interest to those here. 


It’s not uncommon for my various social newsfeeds to look like an avalanche of news about Pope Francis; it’s an occupational hazard of (i) being a Jesuit and (ii) knowing a lot of Catholics.…


Religion as Idolatry: A Theist's Perspective

Posted on May 10, 2013 at 7:22pm 13 Comments

This past week, in a small corner of the news there was information about a bombing of a Church in a small community near Arusha, Tanzania.  Several locals along with a handful of Saudi nationals have been arrested as responsible.  The target apparently was the Archbishop of Arusha, a man whom I know personally and whose installation I attended some years back in Tanzania.  Many innocent people were hurt, who were just gathered as a community to dedicate a new church building they had…


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At 1:56pm on April 8, 2015, Colleen Jousma said…

Are you really a doctor? :D 

At 6:06pm on November 21, 2014, Reg The Fronkey Farmer said…

Yes, I am often more annoyed with the anti-science brigade than the religious fundies. I suppose there is a high correlation between them though. I will post this link in my next Sunday school page.

No bird though, just a good Indian curry!!

At 5:02pm on November 17, 2014, Reg The Fronkey Farmer said…

Hi Bob, I found that post here...

At 7:02pm on November 15, 2014, Reg The Fronkey Farmer said…

Hi Bob, I get the travel bit...I am about to fly to the US for Thanksgiving. I have a place in Florida and family living in Atlanta so we will meet up on the beach......I can't find the blog I wrote but will search again for it. I know I did not delete it. I have helped many fundamentalists and born again to get back on track (or on track for the first time). I am almost "religious" about it :-)

At 7:07pm on October 11, 2013, Cesar Deicide said…

Moderation? Seriously?

At 7:06pm on October 11, 2013, Cesar Deicide said…

What happened to the blog post?!

At 6:03pm on August 13, 2013, Unseen said…

Hello, Dr. Bob. Nice to meet you.

At 4:11pm on March 16, 2013, Sagacious Hawk said…

It's refreshing to see a believer on these forums approach with civil, polite, and intelligent discourse even when not treated with such. You, sir, have run our virtual gauntlet and gained my respect. I do hope you stick around and continue to contribute. I sometimes worry that without dissenting opinions and viewpoints, we'll just keep reinforcing our own, and while some of us try to keep a level head and an open mind, we can't articulate a different viewpoint as well as if it was actually ours.

That said, I know it can be a daunting task, but I look forward to seeing what you have to say in the future.



Nude atheist group

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Socratic Method

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Babies Are Not Born Atheists

Started by Ed in Small Talk. Last reply by archaeopteryx 3 hours ago. 16 Replies

Gideons International

Started by Ed in Small Talk. Last reply by _Robert_ yesterday. 5 Replies


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Posted by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on May 23, 2015 at 5:00pm 9 Comments

The Purpose of Atheism

Posted by Pope Beanie on May 22, 2015 at 8:35pm 3 Comments

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