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Does the First Amendment Protect Atheism?

Started Aug 1, 2011 0 Replies

Amendment ICongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...The first phrase forbids Congress from creating a national…Continue

Let's Put Claus Back Into Christmas

Started Jun 19, 2011 0 Replies

I've put out a blog post making the proposal that, as a place to start being heard as atheists on a national scale, the creation of a "Let's Put Claus Back Into Christmas" Christmas card mailing…Continue

Tags: guerilla, theater, publicity, action, political

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Philip Jarrett replied to Nerdy Keith's discussion 'We Are All Born Sinners?'
"The problem is we are all born in the flesh.  We are all born human.  The question that we have is whether we see being human as a state to be desired.  If you say being human is an undesirable state, then you accept the doctrine of…"
Jul 4, 2014
Philip Jarrett replied to Arcus's discussion 'The loss in the war against terror'
"Maybe it's the old Libertarian in me, but why doesn't the US reset the border back to the 50 States and stop getting involved in the affairs of foreign countries?  The only reason we get into these messes is to protect "American…"
Jun 17, 2014
Philip Jarrett replied to Savannah's discussion 'Abortion'
"Abortion is a part of class warfare.  I remember growing up in the hollers of West Virginia and the opinion I heard most frequently expressed about abortion wasn't moral or religious.  It was racist...or classicist as we have today in…"
Jun 17, 2014
Philip Jarrett commented on Richard C. Speaks's video

DEATH -- It Happens Every Day

"I love what you're doing.  Myself, I prefer beer...a lot less time involved in the making of my drinks.  The pain of the Christian life is much deeper and more serious than you imply.  Yes, it all sound so foolish and absurd.…"
Jun 8, 2014
Philip Jarrett replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"God doesn't exist because he doesn't exist. It's a simple matter and there's no need to pile justifications and reasons onto the denial of God's existence. Am I the only person old enough to remember what it was like in the…"
Jun 8, 2014
Philip Jarrett replied to Jesse Selasi's discussion 'I am new'
"Listening to James Taylor's live version of Steam Roller blues"
May 24, 2014
Philip Jarrett replied to Jesse Selasi's discussion 'I am new'
"Hi, Jesse, it's scary, I know. What you are facing is a life in which you have to make up things for yourself instead of relying on someone else's opinion of who you are and what you should do"
May 24, 2014
Philip Jarrett posted a discussion

Does the First Amendment Protect Atheism?

Amendment ICongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...The first phrase forbids Congress from creating a national church along the lines of the Church of England.  The second phrase guarantees the free exercise of religion. There is nothing here that would stop Congress from banning or severely limiting the free exercise of atheism.  The idea that freedom of religion implies freedom from religion is a comforting…See More
Aug 1, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Misty: Baytheist Living!'s discussion 'How does atheism affect your sense of personal safety?'
"I'm from a Red State and I'm scared shitless. The Tea Party is a hybrid of Eval/Fundies and Libertarianism.  These people have been stockpiling guns since the Sixties when the Survivalist Movement branced off from the more…"
Jul 31, 2011
Philip Jarrett commented on Ron's blog post 'Most insidious thing about religion'
"The most insidious thing about religion is it teaches people to fear death. Once you accept your own mortality, there is no need for God. Acceptance of mortality was the norm throughout recorded history and remained so for the common…"
Jul 31, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Pahu's discussion 'Science Proves God'
""Evidence that Demands a Verdict"?  McDowell's book has been around so long it's a wonder it isn't a part of the canon!  You really need to get out more often. The prophecies fulfilled in the Christian Bible? …"
Jul 31, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Skycomet the Fallen Angel's discussion 'Hating Religious People?'
"One of the most freeing things about being an atheist is not having to put up with that BS of loving your enemies...which is neither possible or desirable, it's just semantic double-talk. The better question is:  Are Christians our…"
Jul 31, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Robert Karp's discussion 'The Burden of the White Male is the Responsiblity of the White Male'
"Rogert Karp wrote: Here's my opinion; We as white males, specifically who live in the United States, are in the highest position of power and more importantly comfort than any other group or demographic definitely in the country and arguably in…"
Jul 11, 2011
Philip Jarrett joined Morgan Matthew's group

Columbus, Ohio Atheists

Welcome Columbus, Ohio Atheists!
Jul 2, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Sean's discussion 'Whats up everyone'
"Welcome, not my site, but I see no one else has said howdy yet.  I haven't been on this site long.  Duck out here, make a blog post and some comments then stick my head back in the sand. I grew up in a preacher's family in the…"
Jul 2, 2011
Philip Jarrett replied to Sassan K.'s discussion 'What is Exactly An "Atheist"'
"I believe an atheist is someone who doesn't accept unwarranted claims for the existence of a deity.  It's not that we don't 'believe in" God just like Christians do 'believe in" God.  We do not accept…"
Jul 2, 2011

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Getting old and enjoying it. Poet, writer. Second wife, got it right this time. Five bio-children estanged by false accusations of first wife. One step-daughter with five grandchildren, also estranged because I won't shut up about her husband's abuse she accepts. Three dogs, three cats, two birds. No car, ride bus, rent an apartment. Working class poor.
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Information, networking, getting myself heard to a wider audience. Interest in breaking the stranglehold of theism in the US.
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I came to atheism through my religious experiences as a child in a Fundamentalist church and, later as an adult, in the Charismatic Movement. I did not experience a 'conversion moment' when I became an atheist, rather my studies in biblical criticism and religious history. The final break with theism came with the acceptance of my mortality. I found without belief in an afterlife the need to believe in God became superfluous.
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Philip Jarrett's Blog

I May Have Created My Own Religion

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 9:20pm 0 Comments

Back in 1999 I found myself out of a job with time on my hands.  To amuse myself and, perhaps, contact others with my condition (Sleep Associated Altered States of Consciousness...night terrors, OBEs in the popular vernacular.  I had been troubled with these experiences for years but I stubbornly continued to believe that I was a competent judge of my own experiences. Ten years before I had decided that, rather than fight against these things, I would go along with…


Let's Put Claus Back Into Christmas

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 6:36pm 0 Comments

Let’s Put Claus Back Into Christmas:

A modest proposal


Remember Christmas when you were a child?

The Season was a time to come together as family and friends...and even make Peace with your enemies for at least a few days.  Christmas was all about bringing people together.  Religious differences were just like social class or politics or even gender...every town was like Mayberry and had their…


We Are the Insurgency

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 4:16pm 0 Comments

You'll pardon me; I've already made one long response on the subject of political activity by atheists, so I'm doing this as a blog post instead. 

I am responding to the post outlining the difficulties with organizing intellectuals and the statement:

"Can we overcome and find a way to remain relevant in the political arena without compromising our minds and conforming to the “majority rules” mentality?"

First, this is not an option.  If we don't do this, we don't…


To update: I saw my P-Doc on Monday, she switched me from xanax,,,I'd been on them for so long she felt I might respond better to a change... to kolodin (not sure of the spelling) 0.5 twice a day as …

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 11:45pm 0 Comments

To update:

I saw my P-Doc on Monday, she switched me from xanax,,,I'd been on them for so long she felt I might respond better to a change... to kolodin (not sure of the spelling) 0.5 twice a day as needed , left the Zoloft in the morning at 200 mg and the traxedone at night at 300.

I had an appointment yesterday at, believe it or not, Creekside Counseling in Davis Creek, West Virginia.  The creek ran under one end of the house.  There was a long porch with wicker furniture…


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