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Michael replied to Moria Jackson's discussion 'Looking for info'
"Oh Oh, me too!!! Looking for info for a thing I was trying to write a while back. I heard this story of a soldier fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, who upon dying on the operating table, following being blown up or shot, described the sensations of…"
Jan 14, 2011
Michael replied to Lisa's discussion 'Wicca'
""You HAVE to believe in something" "You're just close minded" How many times have we heard those lines? I went out with a girl for a while who had, let's say; some "new-age beliefs". She thought I was crazy…"
Jan 14, 2011
Michael replied to Michael's discussion 'Anomalous artifacts on earth. Have any of these been falsified?'
"Re. Concretion - New Zealand's Meoraki Boulders: http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2008/arch08/080418moeraki.htm"
Jan 11, 2011
Michael replied to Timothy Van Uytfang's discussion 'What would you say to "God"?'
""If he (your theist friend) and the bible are correct about you, tell me... Which way is Hell?""
Jan 11, 2011
Michael replied to Logicallunatic's discussion 'Debate or Ridicule?'
"I say ridicule, ridicule and thrice ridicule! I don't doubt debate has its place, but I'm under no illusion that it's of any consequence to the faithful. I think a person needs to be on the fence before any debate, no matter how good…"
Dec 28, 2010
Michael replied to Janelle Campbell's discussion 'Atheists were never Christians'
"In response to "Atheists were never true Christians" , I deliberately take it as a compliment and thank them profusely for such kind words of acknowledgement of my greater intellect and rational thought processes, that I could never have…"
Dec 28, 2010
Michael replied to Sophie's discussion 'What advice would you give to the person above you?'
"Admittedly I don't know the Islamic doctrine with regards to this (or much else for that matter). You could try to persuade them to recognise it is an act of charity. What would be worse for them, a dead charitable daughter, whose final wishes…"
Dec 28, 2010
Michael replied to Sophie's discussion 'What advice would you give to the person above you?'
"As far as I've seen of the military in my country, trying to find anyone who isn't considered to be on the scale of autism, would be quite a challenge. Personally I'd refrain from making any formal declarations. I probably…"
Dec 28, 2010
Michael replied to Sophie's discussion 'What advice would you give to the person above you?'
"Thumbs up to your grandmother for being so cool. Depending on the law where you are, could she not put you as sole executor of her will, so you alone would be responsible for carrying out her final wishes. This might also be a wake-up call for the…"
Dec 28, 2010
Michael replied to TDM's discussion 'Religion & Language (warning) this post contains words some may not like.'
"I can't say I'm offended by people using expletives, but I am brought to certain conclusions of a person by how often they use profanities. I have often asked friends if they could refrain from swearing several times in every sentence,…"
Dec 19, 2010
Angie Baugh Stewart replied to Michael's discussion 'Who's afraid of the boogeyman???'
"I love horror films! Watching a scary movie right now as a matter of fact, lol!"
Dec 19, 2010
Michael replied to Michael Sizer-Watt's discussion 'Is it Morally Permissible for Siblings to Have Sex?'
"If siblings grew up apart, never knowing (not in the biblical sense) each other until they met in the same manner strangers would, would the absence of the knowledge of their kinship make it a morally unacceptable? I'd say not. The problem I…"
Dec 19, 2010
Michael replied to Loop Johnny's discussion 'False dichotomy'
"I've seen them in girl-girl porn flicks...   Sorry, I know it's unoriginal but I'm ill in bed and bored."
Dec 19, 2010
Michael replied to Christopher England's discussion 'The "What if you're wrong?" answer'
"I worked with a guy about 9 years ago, who thought "the wager" was his killer-death-blow. Until I told him that "I can't be wrong, my horoscope said I'd be right all this month". He nearly wet himself and said "You…"
Dec 19, 2010
Michael replied to April's discussion 'Arguing Ridiculous Claims'
"Sometimes a raised eyebrow can speak volumes. A little light mockery can also do wonders."
Dec 19, 2010
Michael replied to Gaytor's discussion 'Will Stem Cell Therapies End the Abortion Debate?'
"I doubt the abortion debate will ever go away, even if they accepted the use of stem cells. I'm sure they'd be capable of drawing a convenient little line between the use of stem cells and abortions, when they're reaping the benefits.…"
Dec 19, 2010

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