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Marshall replied to Kevin Harris's discussion 'Scientific Falsification and Religion'
"    I am not failure with any historical and archeological confirmations of Christianity. Can you provide some examples? I'm not looking for known historical locations and events mentioned in the bible, but events and archeology that…"
Apr 23, 2011
Marshall replied to Kevin Harris's discussion 'Common Misconceptions of Christianity'
"  Creation: Genesis 2:2-3 make it very clear that yom refers to day as we know it.   Adam and Eve: Genesis 2:19-20 makes it very clear the first woman was created after all livestock and birds were found to be unsuitable to serve the role…"
Apr 5, 2011
Marshall replied to Robert Karp's discussion 'Do Atheists Forgive?'
"  I don't think Hitchens was saying that we cannot forgive people who have done us wrong, but rather we cannot forgive a sin committed against another person as we are in no position to forgive it. He was bashing the notion that if I steal…"
Apr 5, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"  He's protesting against Islam, that should be obvious; there's plenty about Islam deserving of protest. Ultimately he doesn't have to be right when he protests and he doesn't have to be nice; but he does have to…"
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"You act as if his anti-islam protests were limited to Quran burning. He's done far more but who cares? What if burning the book was his sole act of defiance against Islam, why would that matter? Book burning has for centuries been a form…"
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"  I don't believe for a second that Jones intended to incite violence. Why do you assume that? As for holding him criminally accountable, the burden would be on the prosecution to prove that he intended violence with his action. It's…"
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"Couldn't agree more. As has been said a million times, the 1st ammendment is useless if it only protects popular speech."
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"  The book burning in this instance was done with the intention of conveying his view of the contents of the book (much like burning a flag or a person in effigy). Jones did not burning anything that did not belong to him, as the book was…"
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"  But one has to be able to prove intent. It is not enough to say that he should have known or even did know that violence would have result. According to USA criminal laws, Jones had to be intending to incite violence. Furthermore, I…"
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall replied to Richmond's discussion 'Burning holy books'
"Just speaking on my knowledge of USA hate laws, but the mere act of buring a Torah would not be prosecuted as a hate crime. This may not be the case in other nations.  "
Apr 3, 2011
Marshall commented on Heather Spoonheim's blog post 'The Bible is NOT Fiction'
"not sure my previous post was written in black."
Mar 22, 2011
Marshall commented on Doug Reardon's blog post 'Just ask Jesus into your life.'
"I have prayed to Jesus numerous times since my deconversion to show me the sign I would need to believe. I has never come, though even today I am open to it. There are occasions (in my darker moments) where I wish I was still a believer, though they…"
Mar 22, 2011
Marshall commented on Heather Spoonheim's blog post 'The Bible is NOT Fiction'
"I would liken the bible not to a comic book, but rather to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Both are books that give us great incite into the motivation of great evils, but neither are worthy of being revered. I'll be honest, I'm kind of…"
Mar 21, 2011
Marshall replied to SomewhereInND's discussion 'You never had a personal relationship with jesus!'
"The religious dude's assertions are completely unfalsifiable and should as a result be dismissed off hand IMHO. Are we supposed to believe in god simply because a christian can claim that he has a personal relationship with it? Would you accept…"
Dec 6, 2010
Marshall replied to Julien's discussion 'LGBT adoption'
"I would happily adopt a lesbian or gay child...wait, is that what you meant?"
Dec 2, 2010
Marshall replied to Jon Heim's discussion 'What are you're thoughts on recreational hunting?'
"Absolutely barbaric. I don't have a problem with hunting for the purpose of subsistence , but killing just because you (not specifically you) enjoy killing stuff is the essence of psychopathy."
Dec 2, 2010

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Marshall's Blog

Religiosity and Well-being

Posted on November 9, 2010 at 12:23am 2 Comments

The following blog entery refers to the results of a Gallup survey linked here:

As most of the people reading this are probably aware, a recent Gallup survey relieved that Americans who qualify as being very religious (according to Gallup this would be…


Agnostic Salvation Hour: interviews with Bob Price and Steve Wells

Posted on March 15, 2010 at 11:52pm 0 Comments

Just uploaded two new episodes of the show. We interview Robert Price and Steve Wells (author of the Skeptics Annotated Bible). Please take a look and let us know what

you think.…


The Agnostic Salvation Hour

Posted on March 8, 2010 at 10:05pm 0 Comments

Hey all...we have a new episode of the show up. Give it a listen if you'd like. Let us know what you think.…

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At 11:19pm on May 8, 2010, Gaytor said…
I liked your response with the Nonstampcollecter. An option if you like, is "embedding" the video. So on YouTube if you copy the embed code rather than the URL address, it will put the video directly in your response so it's just a click of the play. Both work well, I just wanted to bring it up in case it's helpful on this site.
At 2:44pm on April 8, 2010, Skycomet the Fallen Angel said…
Happy Birthday!

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