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"An apology for the devil: it must be remembered that we have heard one side of the case. God has written all the books." - Samuel Butler

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About Me:
Allow me to introduce the largest character of writing career, myself. My name is Mark Andrew Strange and I am a person, first and foremost, a being with the ability to think for himself and to contemplate things outside his own existence. I was born in 1987, in a building that no longer exist as it once did, but that's okay, that's how the universe works I suppose, always in perpetual motion, always changing, recycling itself forever. The building of which I speak is Oral Roberts's City of Faith Medical and Research Center once located in Tulsa Oklahoma which now stands tall as the CityPlex Towers. It was open eight years before it was closed, just long enough to be an imprint on my life's story, closed in 1989, three years after my birth, due to being in debt. It's gone now, but I'm still here living life without it.
Why are you here?
To check this place out... I know nothing of it other then the fact it has atheist in the title so that's the truth of it.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
Why I left "my religion" doesn't really ask the right question because I left all religion not just mine, the reason being that I look around and I see so many religions out there 99.9% of which say that they are the right way and the only way and that to not follow them is to be a outcast, a sinner, destined for some kind of punishment. Who is to say which one is right and which one is wrong? As for me, I don't believe any of them.

Mark Strange's Blog

Talk About "Nothing"

Posted on November 15, 2010 at 10:30am 14 Comments

What is "Nothing?" This question sounds like an oxymoron, because "Is" can only be said about something that exist. Nothing can not exist unless it is "Something" which, in my understanding of the word, it isn't. but when I hear the words "Something from Nothing" I get the sense that I am wrong and “Nothing” simply means the absence of a particular something, or equal to the word Zero.

So again, “What is Nothing?”

Understanding the word might give me better… Continue

"Taking It Out On God"

Posted on September 15, 2010 at 5:00am 10 Comments

Why do people assume something bad happen to me? Why do people assume that without god there is no happiness and you must be mad at god to be an Atheist? On several occasions I have encountered people who claim not to be religious or even Christan, but then say, referring to my being Atheist: " I feel so sorry for have been hurt...your angry and taking it out on god."

um, I can not be mad at something I do not believe exist. No one has wronged me so profoundly, I just… Continue


Posted on August 27, 2010 at 10:00am 2 Comments

I'm a blind man;

I can not see.

The floor is falling from underneath me;

Falling into unbelief.

Darkness floods this soul of mine,

Till no light can I find.

Close my eyes to the truth--

No to evidence,

Reason is cruel,

Blinded eyes this is the rule.

I pray to god yet he is silent.

I fear without him the world is violent

The angels … Continue

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal

Posted on August 25, 2010 at 3:00pm 17 Comments

Okay let me rephrase the question so that maybe someone can understand how I hear it better:

"Should black people be allowed to marry?"

"Should people with blond hair be allowed to marry?"

"Should Christians be allowed to marry?"

This is what I'm hearing and it's not right - not right at all! It should not even be a discussion - It's silly to the even ask; yet, it seems to be one of the top discussions of all time.

We Americans have a…

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Mark Strange replied to Amelia's discussion 'Do you think Theists are "stupid"?'
"No. Religious like Ideas are a part of our brains make up, It help us evolve when we were a young species. It let us imagination a world beyond our own and make sense of death, helped us cope with it and move on. It was the beginning of science, to…"
Feb 28, 2011
Mark Strange replied to Sophie's discussion 'How many of you think that a historical Jesus never existed?'
"Paul the apostle seemed to think that Jesus was a spirit that lived in the unseen spiritual world and never once set foot on earth, instead communicated through dreams and visions. He died and resurrected all in a spiritual state. He would have know…"
Feb 28, 2011
Mark Strange commented on Mr. Anderson's video

Darwin, God & Tony the fish - Tim Minchin

"Great!  Never heard of this guy before, I'm a going to have to educate myself about him."
Feb 11, 2011
Mark Strange commented on Sydni Moser's video
Nov 17, 2010
Kirk Holden commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"Thank the technium for this answer. At present we could say that anything smaller that the Plank length is the line of demarcation between what we understand as not nothing and its opposite - nothing. The…"
Nov 16, 2010
Mark Strange commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
Nov 15, 2010
Mark Strange commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"Once the problem is solved and it reaches our brains and our brains have a general grasp of what was calculated then we would know instantly."
Nov 15, 2010
Loop Johnny commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
Nov 15, 2010
Jaume commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
""If something is, then nothing isn't, so there's no reason to talk about it (and there's no reason to talk about something either, since it already is, and you can do nothing about it.)" This is what a Zen buddhist monk…"
Nov 15, 2010
Loop Johnny commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"we would instantly know It takes some computer processing to calculate the outcome. To know you have to observe and 'reverse engineer' reality. Is like having the final product, and figuring out how it works or how it came to be.…"
Nov 15, 2010
Mark Strange commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"The problem is we do not and probably can not know all the parts of something, If we did we would instantly know why things work the way they do. The more parts we find the better our math. Math, as it is, is incomplete. Our knowledge of the…"
Nov 15, 2010
Loop Johnny commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"The thing is different in "The sum is greater than the parts". Abstractly, the sum of it's parts is equal to the whole ( X + Y = sum ). In reality, when you work with complex objects with different properties and interactions, an…"
Nov 15, 2010
Mark Strange commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"The old saying, "The sum is greater than the parts," comes to mind, but then again of course that's true. If part X = 1 and Part Y =2 then the sum is 3 parts. And 3 parts of course is greater then 2 parts or 1 parts. lol When a…"
Nov 15, 2010
Loop Johnny commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"Also, 0 is an abstract concept. It involves a number that is infinitely small, without going negative. Those are numbers. Reality is different. In reality we are working with "things" ( hence noTHING, and someTHING ). The "thing"…"
Nov 15, 2010
Loop Johnny commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"May I enter? From a point of view of a software developer, nothing is a negation of something. It is like saying not-thing. Not a thing. Nothing is everything that is excluded from something. If you have a ball inside a box, and the box is the…"
Nov 15, 2010
Mark Strange commented on Mark Strange's blog post 'Talk About "Nothing"'
"0 = The absence of a particular something. "There are 0 apples on the table," does not state how many oranges there are, just that there are no apples. "Nothing" according to the way I have thought about it for so long = 0…"
Nov 15, 2010

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