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  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada
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kris feenstra's Discussions

Atheism: Individual vs. Group Identity

Started this discussion. Last reply by Pope Beanie Aug 7, 2013. 32 Replies

This is not intended as a strict dichotomy -- grey area is just fine --, but do you view atheism or aspects of atheism as being defined individually or defined as a group? This is about personal…Continue

Is a Lawless Universe Nonsense?

Started this discussion. Last reply by H3xx Jul 7, 2013. 24 Replies

Can a universe exist which has no natural/ physical/ scientific laws?N.B. In using the term 'law', I am not talking about a formalized human definition of a physical relationship/ pattern/ property;…Continue

Capitalizing 'atheism'

Started this discussion. Last reply by Suzanne Olson-Hyde Apr 2, 2013. 67 Replies

This is not a particularly deep thread, but it seems to me that the prevalence of 'Atheism' with a capital 'A' is growing. 'Atheism' is a common noun, not a proper noun, so in English it should not…Continue

U.S. Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage: Bets?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Mar 28, 2013. 30 Replies

California Prop. 8 and DoMA have found their way before the Supreme Court of the United States. Seems like they'd rather avoid making a ruling altogether at the moment.I've been gleaming bits and…Continue

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kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"It is a proper noun when referring to the Christian god. Note that it's lower case there because it was used as a common noun. Grammar is apolitical to me for the most part. I don't care if it's stupid that Christians nicknamed their…"
Sep 8
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
""I don't believe in God: I'm an atheist," would generally be considered redundant where I live. I am aware, however, that some people do not understand the idea that there are others who can fathom the nonexistence of God/ gods.…"
Sep 8
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"The grammar is fine. In the sentence "I don't believe in God", 'God' is a proposition to be entertained. The speaker holds the proposition to be false. Perhaps it is ambiguous wording as the verb phrase 'believe…"
Sep 8
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"It implies that to you, or to people you talk to?"
Sep 7
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"While it doesn't damage the underlying point much, Canada is capitalist with some socialized structures. Our dna is more socialistic than that of some other capitalistic nations, but on balance we're capitalistic for better or worse."
Sep 1
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"I don't think it's a particularly unique thought, but by all means feel free. I'm not denying the abstraction exists. It's an epiphenomenon of culture and collective human thought. In that sense it even has some power. If we look…"
Sep 1
kris feenstra replied to Charles J Hunsinger's discussion 'What is the value of Atheism to humanity?'
"Atheism's value is not in what it adds, but what it subtracts. If I asked you to run a marathon and you had 5kg weights fixed to your ankles, would you take those weights off first before starting your run? I would. There's no guarantee I…"
Aug 29
kris feenstra replied to Roy Plisko's discussion 'What is "Rational thinking"?'
"Curious comment. What's that impression based on? The 99% certainty, that is."
Aug 28
kris feenstra replied to Roy Plisko's discussion 'What is "Rational thinking"?'
"Perhaps that quote explains why Aldous was the more renowned writer in the family. "
Aug 26
kris feenstra commented on Caila Rowe's blog post 'Birthday Present'
"Perhaps you believe in nothing where gods are concerned, but perhaps you still share some of the same feelings and ideals on life, love, family, ethics, and appreciation for life as your parents. You may also have a lot of different beliefs, and the…"
Aug 26
kris feenstra replied to Roy Plisko's discussion 'What is "Rational thinking"?'
"Neither. Those are philosophical positions which should stand on their own merits. A am an atheist. I am not an agnostic atheist because all the 'agnostic' is indicating is non-absolutism. Human knowledge is not absolute, yet it is highly…"
Aug 24
kris feenstra replied to Mo Trauen's discussion 'Does Atheistic Fanaticism Really Exist?'
"Probably here. The thread isn't all that long yet, and previous posters will get an email notification that there are responses in the thread again (unless they've switched that feature off)."
Aug 19
kris feenstra replied to Unseen's discussion 'Penises vs eyeballs & teeth'
"For what?"
Aug 18
kris feenstra replied to Unseen's discussion 'Penises vs eyeballs & teeth'
"{quote] I'm willing to look at that data, and I will sign any petitions to health care providers to get administrators to look at the data. I'd champion the cause to reduce barriers and hardships thrust upon you as a condition of…"
Aug 18
kris feenstra replied to Unseen's discussion 'Penises vs eyeballs & teeth'
"I am not asking for special privilege. I don't live in Oregon, so I'm not asking for anything. I am giving a small part of the broader explanation on why Oregon might be giving this issue priority. It's a medical problem which is…"
Aug 18
kris feenstra replied to Unseen's discussion 'Penises vs eyeballs & teeth'
"Gender transition is affordable though. The incidence rate is so low that the cost has marginal impact when distributed across a broader population. We're talking single digit dollar values per person spread across a lifetime."
Aug 18

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Why are you here?
That's a good question, but I don't really know.

Most things in life are atheistic as far as I'm concerned. I don't need a god to enjoy a nice dinner, or to be a good person, to do my job, to scratch a cat's head (et cetera, ad nauseum), so I guess you could say that I appreciate a place where life and philosophy can exist without God being crudely tacked on to the end of everything.

Does that mean I'm not interested in talking about religion at all? No, religion is fascinating (even if sometimes aggravating), but civilized people should be able to hold discussions on the subject matter without relying on a theistic bias.
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Kris feenstra's Blog

Limericks/ Alliterations/ Nonsense

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 8:00pm 16 Comments

This morning, during my morning routine (shower, dress, walk to work, coffee), my mind kept spinning over silly wordplay. Below are the products of boredom and insufficient sleep.

There once was a very bright girl

Who thought she'd give free thought a whirl.

Now her faith slowly dies

As she sees all the lies

Of religion begin to unfurl.

I learned before my chest grew hair

Nature's beauty is without compare.

To explain it with magic



On Calling people 'Trolls'

Posted on July 13, 2012 at 2:30pm 10 Comments

Don't get me wrong, there are some cases where it does need to be said, but I feel people are too quick to level accusations of trolldom.  Furthermore, there is an assumption that because a troll thread continues, the troll was successful, but it doesn't work that way.  If the people in the thread are having fun, or are getting fulfillment out of the dialog the thread generates, it's not a very successful troll.  No one really fell for anything.

Outside of fair warning for others in…


Austria: Pastafarian Headgear Recognized on Driver's License

Posted on July 13, 2011 at 2:00pm 2 Comments

source: BBC News  (pictures and full story)


An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as "religious headgear".

Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons.

Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his…


An Unsurprising Riot, but it Still Gets Me Down.

Posted on June 16, 2011 at 5:00am 4 Comments

(for context, the Vancouver riot after the final Cup game last night)


I made the mistake of looking at pictures of the riot before it was time to go to bed. I should have known better, as I always take these things to heart. It's well past any hour where I can still form coherent thoughts. It challenges my faith in people that so many were so weak-willed that they were readily swept up in such hate-filled hysteria. Apparently, there are two 'sapiens' too many in Homo sapiens…


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At 7:08pm on August 8, 2013, Gregg R Thomas said…

No problem, I'm good with that.

At 7:45pm on June 4, 2013, Dave G said…
How's it going, Kris?
At 11:45pm on February 28, 2013, Richard Bohn said…

My apologies, re: "...your adherents...", I worded it wrong, only meant adherents of the atheist persuasion. Sorry :-) And thanks for your pleasant and reasoned reply...

At 5:15pm on February 28, 2013, Richard Bohn said…
I have been very respectful in my posts and I'm no more trying to advocate my argument than my hostile responders are. But I am not using words like 'deluded', 'dumb ass' etc. This site claims it is trying to change how atheists are viewed-- how about teaching your adherents some respect rather than warning me about something I am doing that all the rest are doing. Perhaps this notice is just the first step in getting am alternative perspective removed from the discussion.
At 9:30pm on August 4, 2012, Heather Spoonheim said…

Thank you for your patience and clear directives.  I will refrain from the direct pejoratives for some time and hope you will be patient enough to offer me another reminder should I fall back into my bad habits in the future.

At 9:37pm on August 3, 2012, John Siqueiros said…

Well, I can't figure out how to delete that blog post. There was a page showing one of my blogs and I thought I deleted it, but it turned out I deleted an earlier blog I did. So when I go back to editing my blogs, it doesn't show up for me to delete it.

If any moderator wants to delete it that's fine, no offense taken.


At 4:14pm on June 14, 2012, Unseen said…

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering if he had a carte blanche.

At 3:01pm on May 22, 2012, Trevor said…

Hi Kris


Thanks for pulling me up on this.  It is my opinion and I am not trying to wind people up.  I will be more careful with my tone.



At 12:05am on March 13, 2012, joel said…

Thank you for notifying me.

At 11:45pm on February 18, 2012, Anthony Tignor said…

Hello Kris, I completely understand and thank you for your comment.


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