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Unseen commented on Johnny's blog post 'The Truth About St. Patrick'
"When asked why I don't celebrate St. Paddy's Day, I usually explain that he's a fraud because there were no snakes in Ireland when he was alive anyway. He might as well be credited with ridding Ireland of gila monsters. Why…"
Mar 18
Belle Rose commented on Johnny's blog post 'The Truth About St. Patrick'
"Maybe they are out partying tonight, we may have to wait, lol!!!! (JOKE)"
Mar 18
Belle Rose commented on Johnny's blog post 'The Truth About St. Patrick'
"I am interested what Reg the Fronkey, Nerdy Keith and David Smith have to say on this topic since they are from Ireland....ahem! Lol.... I know not what's legit or not on the topic. I am interested to know though"
Mar 18
Kairan Nierde commented on Johnny's blog post 'The Truth About St. Patrick'
"There's much too much dreck to wade through on this topic. Every source I found claiming what this post puts forth was a direct copy and paste of the same text found above, which may have come from a message board. Not convincing. I found an…"
Mar 18
Kairan Nierde commented on Johnny's blog post 'The Truth About St. Patrick'
"Alright. Time to get out the Google."
Mar 17
Lewal replied to Johnny's discussion 'Religiosity of Character Portrayal in Hollywood'
"Not that I know of, but Adherents has the religions of comic book characters, so you might start there: http://www.adherents.com/lit/comics/Superman.html Superman's a funny example because he comes from a planet where there's no Jesus…"
Sep 8, 2013
Nerdy Keith replied to Johnny's discussion 'Religiosity of Character Portrayal in Hollywood'
"You should watch Orange is the New Black then. Nothing subtle about their portrayal on that show  "
Sep 4, 2013
Johnny shared their discussion on Twitter
Sep 3, 2013
Doug Reardon replied to Johnny's discussion 'Religiosity of Character Portrayal in Hollywood'
"Even "Touched by an angel" didn't specify christianity, that I recall."
Sep 3, 2013
Johnny posted a discussion

Religiosity of Character Portrayal in Hollywood

As non-believers from outside religion we easily observe characters in movies and television being portrayed (either overtly or subtly) as Christian. The thing is that so many Christians don't see this; either because of their belief that they are being persecuted, or because they completely overlook the subtle cues.As I see it most of Hollywood is attempting to keep the Christian portrayal mostly neutral and non-specific in an attempt at general appeasement and to avoid alienating any one…See More
Sep 3, 2013
Cora Boldrey joined Johnny's group

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Atheists

Welcome Coeur d'Alene, or any Northern Idaho Atheists!
Aug 21, 2013
chingisbazyr liked Johnny's photo
Jul 19, 2013

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Your Religious Status
About Me:
I was raised 7th-Day-Adventist early on, Evangelical Christian later on. College, the Military, and real life opened my eyes a lot. Further curiosity, education, reading, and digging led to my deconversion. I work in IT Security, did 6 years in the US Army, and have been happily married for 9 years (and count myself lucky she is like-minded when it comes to religion); and have an 18 month old daughter.
Relationship Status
Why are you here?
I Stumbled Upon this site and after lurking for a few weeks and following a few discussions, decided this was a community I wanted to be apart of.
--More Recently--
I'm here because I've found a group of like-minded people. I enjoy posting about and discussing the many topics that revolve through a community like this.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
When I was in 4th grade my father had a falling-out with elders and left the church. The elders pressed my mother to divorce my father because he was a evil influence on her children. That was when I first determined that something about religion was wrong and corrupt.

In 10th grade, after having read the Bible, I started asking my youth pastor questions. This spiraled into more and more disbelief, and some bitterness toward all church in-general.

Some college, a stint in the military, and exposure to the larger world; and I was sure that the church was a control mechanism that was usually corrupt, and that religion was truly the root of all evil in the world.

I read about other religions and read a lot of mythologies. I pretty much decided that if I was going to have to believe in something, I would rather believe in Greek or Norse gods, or more Paganist beliefs of nature and Gia. But I just kept those thoughts to myself.

In 2006 I saw the Zeitgeist movie (the part on religion); and had an eye opener. I started researching and reading trying to check the facts quoted in the movie. Turns out many of the facts don't check out; but my research greatly contributed to my increasing non-belief. This eventually led me to more and more atheist sites, and it suddenly clicked one day, this was what I had been looking for: putting a title to my own belief that I did not believe in God.

Suddenly (or so it seemed) I was free! I honestly think I never realized that not believing in God was an option. The realization that it was an option, and that it was how I felt freed me on so many levels.

If you're interested you can find a more detailed deconversion story here.
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"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. I am not afraid." ~ Marcus Aurelius

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Former Governor Huckabee Would Force His Religion on You at Gunpoint

Posted on June 12, 2011 at 11:00am 6 Comments

The first amendment guarantees us the right to freedom of religion. You can choose from the big four, and any of their sub-flavors; or choose any of the lesser known; you can choose neutrality, or choose no religion at all.

Yet there are those who don't like this idea; and prefer you not get a choice.

Like Governor Huckabee for example, who seems to think we should all be one flavor of Christianity. Of course it's the flavor he has chosen; and he would be just fine with… Continue

The Ultimate Easter Quiz - By David Fitzgerald

Posted on April 24, 2011 at 12:31pm 0 Comments

The Ultimate Easter Quiz

By David Fitzgerald

1. When did Jesus get crucified?

a. At the 3rd Hour (9am), on Friday, the morning of Passover.

b. Shortly after the 6th Hour (noon), on Friday, the day before Passover.

c. He didn’t really get crucified, his identical twin Thomas Didymus did.

d. He didn’t really get crucified, he only…


Sunday Morning Service - 05DEC

Posted on December 5, 2010 at 5:00am 0 Comments

Sunday Morning Service - 07NOV

Posted on November 7, 2010 at 5:00am 2 Comments

Sunday Morning Service

07 NOV 2010

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Explaining God to a Child

What Does it Mean to be Human? Human Evolution Interactive… Continue

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At 12:18pm on February 6, 2011, Hope said…

Thanks Johnny for accepting my friendship request.

I read your comments on the discussion "do you feel safe" on ex-muslims support group.

and actually my friend Jean-Marie has suggested to me to ask you for an advice about a proxy or something sort of to open the blocked sites.

because alot of atheist sites are blocked in my country.



At 11:58am on September 3, 2010, Noor said…
hello\ well
from a week ago a made a mistake ... and Nelson told me to put my topics in a blog so i did
they will remove the first ones

At 4:46am on August 18, 2010, George Sterpka said…
Johnny, thanks for the quick response and info.
I added my YT handle to my bio.
Evid3nc3 is one of my favorite YT channels, along with ProfMTH.
Both are keeping up the good fight.
At 2:26am on August 17, 2010, George Sterpka said…
Thanks for taking care of the spammer.
I read some of your Bio and saw that you watched the movie Zeitgeist.
I too noticed it had some errors, but not enough to concern me.
My YT handle is gjsterp.
Hey, would it be too much to put a category on our bio YT Handle?
I would like to let members here know my YT ID.
BTW, if you have not watched this man's videos, I highly recommend it.
Besure to watch his Deconversion 2.0 - it has many parts.
I believe he too works with computers, and his vids are very professionally done.

At 9:56am on August 15, 2010, todwith1d said…
sweet ! thx
At 1:21am on August 9, 2010, Gaytor said…
Thanks for thinking of me in the service today.
At 12:10am on July 18, 2010, Bleacheddecay said…
Thanks Johnny,

I'm now thinking of getting HPV for my son as well. So far the only negative side effects we've seen have been to our wallets because it's $$$ and not covered by insurance.
At 7:39pm on July 4, 2010, Martin Pribble said…
Thank you for featuring my letter in the service, much appreciated! :)
At 9:38am on April 30, 2010, Shine said…
Johnny, thanks so much for sending out a site-wide notice for the rally! :D
At 2:17am on April 28, 2010, Wesley gave Johnny a gift
Because you do a great job here at Think Atheist!

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