John Cook
  • 75, Male
  • Quitman, TX
  • United States
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John Cook commented on Chris M's photo

Pokemon is the work of the devil

"Every culture has a belief system. Most are socially demanded, meaning if you must decidedly be different you will not find social acceptance--all the way to that social system determining that you should die for your transgressions. Few make any…"
Feb 21, 2014
John Cook commented on Kilana Malakina's photo


"Realistically the Bible possibly has enough twistable info to answer most any question. If the Bible doesn't have a passage that is close enough, one can become a metaphor, or some cherry picking preacher will invent one concluding that goats…"
Feb 12, 2014
John Cook commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

Snakes talk

"That poster gives us the "short" version of the bible The "long: version included somewhere between  31,102 to 31,109 scriptures and somewhere around 1,200 pages, plus or minus about 500 which can be found without any accuracy…"
Jan 8, 2014
John Cook replied to Dan Ashton Lloyd's discussion ''Google Killed God''
"As a former psychologist I feel qualified to add something. Not to deny others, as I'm certain I will continue to learn from them, simply that I have studied this condition and feel that I may have more factually observed what is occurring. I…"
Nov 21, 2013
John Cook replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion 'The quickest way to get Jehovah's Witnesses off your doorstep...'
"I think they are accustomed to being lied to. Answer the door nekked next time and see what those bothersome little old ladies do.  Of course you stand the possibility of being jumped...There is no perfect way of driving them off forever, save…"
Nov 21, 2013
John Cook commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

This is the best way I've ever seen to teach someone evolution

"Robert Taylor. I realize your post was several years ago, but if you are still receiving notices, could you tell me what "transperia" means?  I have never encountered that term and am curious. Thanks.  "
Nov 21, 2013
John Cook commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

This is the best way I've ever seen to teach someone evolution

"That red to blue example of evolution was first presented perhaps four years ago. It had little impact then and I suppose that will continue similarly where the religious are concerned. Regarding evolution, we must remember that the religious are a…"
Nov 21, 2013
John Cook commented on Morgan Matthew's photo


"Could this be observable evolution, silly Christians?"
Nov 20, 2013
John Cook replied to bongani muthwa's discussion 'What is an Ideal world System of ruling?'
"I was a behavioral scientist before disability and retirement and will attempt to answer your query. However... WOW, what a question! Your query is headlined “What is an ideal system of ruling” but what it asks in the body may be a bit…"
Nov 17, 2013
John Cook commented on El Dol's photo


"America doesn't need a dictator, but an intelligent and benevolent king would certainly be a huge improvement. Three cheers for his excellence, and long live the King!  Just keep his progeny out of it until considerable testing and…"
Nov 17, 2013
John Cook commented on Morgan Matthew's photo

Perhaps the best way to show kids the effects of religion can have on the world.

"Dr. Bob is correct. Hatred and opposition to another group is fairly natural in tribal societies, however it has been shown that when two tribes meet they are generally wary but initially friendly. Over time difficulties develop that concern…"
Nov 15, 2013
John Cook replied to Chase King's discussion 'Religion in a relationship'
"I sincerely feel you haven't considered all aspects of that convoluted proposal and what it might mean to others not like your unconcerned father. I doubt a committed atheist who sees Gog as I do could tolerate it.  There absolutely is NO…"
Oct 15, 2013
John Cook replied to Chase King's discussion 'Religion in a relationship'
"Don't count on that working. Xians belong to a very large and influential carnival act and they look forward to converting atheist.  In my sacred opinion, it would be as bad as living in Utah where you need a note from the Bishop before…"
Oct 15, 2013
John Cook replied to Chase King's discussion 'Religion in a relationship'
"My first wife turned out to be a hiding Christian. That's why she became my first wife."
Oct 15, 2013
John Cook commented on Doc Feral's photo

Some questions that Google can't answer...

"Just thinking.... Hey, if the military went back to refusing atheists, then Christians could do all those war horror moves, and there certainly are plenty willing to die for Gog and country--so maybe we should let them do so.  Jazuuus man,…"
Oct 15, 2013
John Cook commented on Doc Feral's photo

Some questions that Google can't answer...

"Taxes on religion, whooooeeeee, wouldn't that be nice. Then America could afford even more war machines. I realize that many atheists would not like that, but Xians would.  <sigh>  So let them be the cannon fodder.  "
Oct 15, 2013

Profile Information

Your Religious Status
About Me:
Wow, how do I do this after a life of some extreme and unusual occurrences. Bear in mind that “average” cannot possibly apply to myself and my wife.

I have been an atheist since age 9 when it became clear that the church was little more than a corrupt business of religion built on fleecing frightened fools and those unable to think in clear evaluative terms.

PhD in behavioral psychology; Gannon. Masters in business and psychology; UCSC.

I worked only two years in my chosen?)field. One year for Ford Motor Company and another for Litton Industries improving moral and the like before I became well disappointed with other behaviorists, executives, and business leaders who it seemed were all solidly religious and not open to obvious realities. Remember, closed and sealed minds do not evolve and have barriers not easily overcome.
I am certain you realize this if you are an atheist.

Because my undergraduate work included dual degrees in psychology and business, I went into business and over time started eight and purchased an additional three to include a BMW dealership, a nationwide distribution company, and a sailboat equipment company. Sold now and I prefer not to disclose as it may compromise the current owners.

Business became my life. Merging my business and behavioral education consistently provided me the upper hand. Every business I dealt with improved substantially in very short order with the retail businesses becoming the quickest to improve. Those I purchased tripled their gross and net in as little as two-three years with the BMW dealership requiring five.

I am 71 now and severely disabled from the work of a female sociopath pretending to be a physician. My savings have finally run out, forcing my wife and I to live on the little remaining after America’s horrible system of “bad-medicine-for-profit” takes its portion. Our life now one one of true poverty.

I believe only Iraq operates medicine in a similar for profit manner, and not that the USA’s medical rating has dropped to 48 among industrialized nations, two below Cuba!

American sloth and greed makes me I wish I had never returned from an 18 year international sailing trip aboard our 57 foot fiberglass ketch. Those were grand times and medicine was mostly free. An 18 day stay in ICU in Mexico, as example, cost only $66, and I had no insurance.

When will America learn it is not necessary to suck the bucks from people in support pf less than effective medical practice run by greedy practitioners? Never?

So, as an end note, if anyone wishes some highly productive methods of business improvement, I am willing to work on a method of partially shared profitability over a short enough term that no one would consider me greedy. I can easily guarantee success providing the businessman precisely follows my recommendations. I have never failed, so something I do obviously works. I do not work for religious people as it undermines most of what I need to do. Religious minds are so commonly closed to reality that I cannot be effective.

If I find no takers, I will sell my airplane (hate to lose it, but . . .) and move to Oregon where the religious fools number less than 30% of the population and marijuana is, although not legal, generally overlooked. I do enjoy pot as it relieves my pain better than methadone.

Lengthy, but I have left out more than I provided. Please, no complainers about length, statements, or my personal desires. If you do, that only displays to everyone your tightly stretched level of intolerance and makes many wonder if you are truly able to conceive of atheism, or if you are simply one more religious bigot in disguise attempting to subvert an educational site.
Relationship Status
Why are you here?
Because I am an atheist and will have difficulty upsetting people here. Also, perhaps I can do some good. I am currently writing a book on atheism that takes a unique approach. In it I do not argue bible passages or religious practices, exposing the illogical belief in unique ways that are psychologically far more persuasive than anger and arrogance.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
At age nine i knew that religion was a corrupt business of deception led by a greedy church. My parents had a fit, non-the-less I persisted. What do you think, was I provided for in their will?
Think Atheist Travel Network Couch Availability - Are you able to host anyone now?
Skype username:
I use an intranet phone. 903-763-0261
I dislike wading through the childish and simplistic babble of Twitter.
How did you hear about Think Atheist?
Looked for sites supporting atheism.

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At 8:51pm on August 25, 2013, Heather Spoonheim said…

Hi, John!  Thanks for the add!


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