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James Cox commented on Brad Snowder's blog post 'The Meaning of Death'
"Last night, over a nice dinner, following a Town hall with our local senator, six of us got together to share pot-luck food. One of us was a retired priest, that had a refreshing attitude towards our common 'questions', I a still unsettled…"
Jan 5
James Cox replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'The single biggest domestic threat to public safety in the United States....'
"I expect that the concept of 'gang' needs to be reworked. A 'gang' could be just a powerful 'special interest group', 'corporation', down to 'telemarketers' depending upon the axe you might wish to…"
Jan 5
James Cox replied to Jason's discussion 'Would you volunteer for a one way mission to Mars?'
"I would need some real supplies that would cost much more than what we use to support people on welfare, and enough people to have a significant work force: O2 production pressurized housing/enclosed farming habitat power production  local…"
Jan 5
James Cox replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'To assimilate? Or not to assimilate? That is the question'
"After my divorce, I took up with a gal that is a member of the local Lutheran church. So far it is not really a good 'fit' for me intellectually, but they are rather good people, and I thought maybe I could use a dose of the…"
Oct 21, 2014
James Cox replied to Ed's discussion '"I'm Christian and I vote."'
"Why do you have to be 'gay', 'happy' does come up though...."
Oct 20, 2014
James Cox replied to Ed's discussion '"I'm Christian and I vote."'
"I have seen this 'persecuted Christian' mentality, up close. Sadly the "persecuted" 'x' groups are also around. Pick your group or ideology, then there could be some not- 'x' that could claim…"
Oct 16, 2014
James Cox replied to Unseen's discussion 'Should getting a college degree be treated as a form of national service?'
"It is possible that the concept of 'national service', to me, by itself, seems to imply a coercive process or program. The 'service' portion could imply some 'mandatory' program. This implication for me might be my own…"
Oct 14, 2014
James Cox replied to Ed's discussion '"I'm Christian and I vote."'
"Since the planet 'seems' to still be here, there must be a very power 'few' that hold it together? We may never know who they are...."
Oct 13, 2014
James Cox replied to Ed's discussion '"I'm Christian and I vote."'
"I am 'a male bipedal mammal, and I vote'. A little like 'I am atheist and I vote'? "
Oct 10, 2014
James Cox replied to Unseen's discussion 'Should getting a college degree be treated as a form of national service?'
"When someone mentions the idea of 'national service' it reminds me of  the 'Starship Trouper' universe. Were if you want 'citizenship', you need to visit another planet to 'kill bugs'. If you wanted…"
Oct 10, 2014
James Cox replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'we are stupid'
"I expect that the reason we 'do not change' is that we have a sale force that is hell-bent to keep the status-quo going at all costs. When the 'shit hits the fan' we will be so caught up with survival that we will be less…"
Oct 3, 2014
James Cox commented on Johnny's photo

Science Poster

"Several years ago, I was working on a neural-network project, using it as a way to 'hopefully' extract patterns from a large date set. I thought it was working just fine, and gave my results to a dear friend who promptly told me that the…"
Oct 3, 2014
James Cox replied to Davis Goodman's discussion 'Where in your life is reason absent?'
"I saw the 'Human centipede II', and was fully grossed out that movie producer would debase themselves by filming it. The 'Doctor' character, surely had no clue of the unlikely positive result of such a surgery for even the…"
Sep 29, 2014
James Cox replied to Davis Goodman's discussion 'Where in your life is reason absent?'
"There was a recent 'DR.Who' concerning 'creepyness'. The show asked the question, 'who are you talking to when you are alone?'"
Sep 23, 2014
James Cox replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'We're the only ones in our right minds!!!'
"So what happens when your mother intentionally retrains you to use your right hand, once she notices 'left handedness'?"
Sep 22, 2014
James Cox replied to Unseen's discussion 'What to do about psychopaths now that we can identify them?'
"I expect that that many people 'feel' that advancement is a 'zero sum game', while in reality 'the game' is more complex. "
Sep 21, 2014

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About Me:
Ex-catholic, recovering rationalist, post modernist. Trying to learn 'how' to have a string of 'nice' days with wonder, adventure and joy. Education: environmental science, philosophy and mathematics. Interests: establishing our 'Eden Again Eco Sancuary' to preserve family timber and meadow land, eco-education program and permaculture.
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I had been the co-director of the PSU SOS student group, and Portland Vancouver Humanists 1981-82. Dr. Kirkendall, Humanist of the Year was my mentor from 1982 till 1992. I believe in the virtue of independent rational thought and think that the sciences bound to rationality and compassion can solve most of our social and planetary issues.
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I started reading Russell while very young. Worked on logic issues surrounding religious claims and found numerous contradictions. Wrote two papers during my philosophy training concerning the classical proofs for the existence of god, and found them lacking. Determined that I did not do well being a member of any personality cult. Studied cults and ideology to determine psychological manipulations.
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At 7:39am on October 9, 2012, Hope said…

Glad to be friends on TA :-)

At 12:28pm on May 26, 2012, stobbins said…

if you have studied the  iching then you will know it is not founded upon superstition or randomness but rather rather an exact statement of where the physical universe is now. Everything that everything does has brought them to that exact moment upon which where the sticks lands. Even the act of deciding to use them, the act of gathering them etc. was spawned by everything in the universe preceding that moment. According to Chinese thought the iching then gives one a formula to decipher what that means...it is considered to be a science rather than a mystical religious interpretation. By the way, the Hindus invented astrology in much the same way. the physical relationship between the celestial bodies places gave one the ability to extrapolate a future much like physicists try to predict the behaviour of sub atomic particles prior to  their experiments. ps try to explain to yourself how and why some quantum particles are thought to exist in two separate spaces by leading scientists.

At 10:03am on March 14, 2012, Robert Karp said…

Welcome to the Think Atheist community James! Join us in the chat on the bottom right of the screen and feel free to ask questions and get involved as much or as little as you want! Welcome again and make yourself at home!


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