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Heather Spoonheim's Discussions

Atheist blogger hacked to death

Started Feb 27, 2015 0 Replies

This CBC news article caught my eye and I think it is worth discussion:…Continue

Tags: machete, murder, execution, Bangladesh

Face to Face Coercion

Started this discussion. Last reply by Heather Spoonheim Oct 24, 2013. 34 Replies

Several times in my Christian life, I noticed that certain members of the church were very adept at changing the opinion/view of a member of the congregation.  In my working career I've occasionally…Continue

Ultimate DNA Modifications

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mary Adams Nov 5, 2013. 98 Replies

Interesting idea raised by Jimmy in another thread - if an advanced race fully understood their DNA they could recreate themselves as they saw fit.  Topic for discussion: What would be the ultimate…Continue

What are the benefits of Atheism?

Started this discussion. Last reply by _Robert_ May 1, 2013. 61 Replies

Recently, in chat, someone pointed out that there are fewer female than male Atheists.  That prompted a comment on sexual differentiation of intelligence.  I suggest that most women make the best…Continue

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Flies & Freewill

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 11:41pm 89 Comments

Yesterday, while seated, I began to reach down for my backpack when a fly landed on my knee.  My reach was instantly interrupted as my hand froze beside me just slightly higher than my thigh. All my intention became focussed on swatting that fly, and my hand began to move ever so slowly and evenly towards the fly on my knee, maintaining a perfectly consistent distance above my thigh of about three inches.

As my hand slowly glided forward I realized that…


Christianity Refutes Itself

Posted on December 23, 2012 at 11:00pm 66 Comments

A narrative essay by – Heather Spoonheim

Christianity is an intellectually repugnant worldview. To subscribe to it is to abandon all reason – and that is why it is so difficult to extract from the psyche of those infected by its doctrines. Once one has thoroughly abandoned reason, they are no longer sentient beings in any meaningful sense of the phrase; they become nothing…


Disciples of Change

Posted on July 13, 2011 at 8:30am 14 Comments

A narrative essay by – Heather Spoonheim

I often encounter people who find it offensive that I haven’t subscribed to the Climate Change bandwagon. To be frank, that is where the conversation typically ends, because such people rarely have anything more to bring to the discussion than the average theist. The problem that always arises in those situations is the…


Rational Thought - An Atheist Hymn

Posted on July 7, 2011 at 11:33am 14 Comments

Rational Thought - An Atheist Hymn by Heather Spoonheim

(Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace)

Rational Thought, how pow-er-ful

That saved an ape like me

I once was lost but now am found

Was blind, but now I see

T'was Thought that freed my mind from fear

Free Thought, just so relieving

How precious did my own thoughts appear

The hour I stopped… Continue

Latest Activity

Jimmy replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'The Junk Science of Terrence McKenna'
"It's so much junk science anymore. Paul Stamets speaks on this topic far better than I have throughout this discussion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxn2LlBJDl0"
Sep 27, 2018
Heather Spoonheim replied to Jimmy's discussion 'Unholy? Atheists should embrace the science of religion'
"Read it, dismissed it, but I'll give it another try the next time I swallow a handful of shrooms.  Might make more sense that way."
Sep 21, 2017
Heather Spoonheim added a discussion to the group Women of Think Atheist

Conquering Obesity

Last December I slipped on some ice and crushed a vertebrae.  After being weighed at the hospital, I realized why that vertebrae got crushed - I had no idea my weight had gotten so out of control.  I knew I was heavy, but just stopped stepping on scales about ten years ago because I hated what I saw.  The worst part about this, from my perspective, is that I'm a professional cook and know how to design a healthy meal plan.  There is a saying that the plumber's faucets always drip.  Too much…See More
Aug 29, 2017
Peter Mark Longdon commented on Heather Spoonheim's photo

Teach the Controversy!

"Yeah, it frustrates me, too: memes, indoctrination and inculcation from an early age.  I thought we were past all that bollocks? Obviously not. I won't teach about god(s) in any of MY science classes....but on a lighter note, I've had…"
May 19, 2017
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'WHOM TO BLAME FOR THE TRUMP WIN'
"@Robert - not nearly as big a role as Hillary."
Nov 14, 2016
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'WHOM TO BLAME FOR THE TRUMP WIN'
"@unseen - On the topic of the northwestern quadrant of the old world 'dominating', I believe there are just ebbs and flows in human progress.  Europe happened to be on a high tide when the 'new world' was discovered, and so…"
Nov 11, 2016
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'WHOM TO BLAME FOR THE TRUMP WIN'
"@unseen - I see it as requiring more than housekeeping.  The Democratic party has been shifting right for so long that it's now on a neighbouring lot.  Bernie Sanders would regain a LOT more credibility of he went back to the old…"
Nov 11, 2016
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'WHOM TO BLAME FOR THE TRUMP WIN'
"One statistic sums up this election.  51% of American workers are earning less than $28k per year.  Think about that.  They take home less than $500/week.  If you are one of those people then you know what I'm about to say.…"
Nov 11, 2016
Pope Beanie commented on Heather Spoonheim's blog post 'Theory of Mind'
"This reminds me of the meme: And a really old "What the hell is that?" SNL skit by Steve Martin, but it seems NBC has buried all videos of it. Also, Gary Larson's The Far Side, of course, which extend to alien and animal ToM."
Apr 26, 2016
SteveInCO replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'Hubble Successor Telescope'
"There was no closed form solution to the general 3 (or more) body problem back then. There still isn't. That's a problem with the state of the art in mathematics, not an issue with Newton's theory (and the same problem exists with…"
Feb 5, 2016
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'Bad news regarding the American presidential election'
"Poles of likely voters on a theoretical Trump/Sanders ballot come back with sanders having a 15 to 18 point lead.  That is HUGE, and actually a bigger lead over Trump than Hillary gets with the same group."
Feb 4, 2016
Heather Spoonheim replied to Unseen's discussion 'Bad news regarding the American presidential election'
"Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Hillary was the 'most qualified'.  Being married to the president does not contribute to her resumé.  Bernie has 40 years in the house/senate and actually has policies rather…"
Feb 4, 2016
TJ replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'Hubble Successor Telescope'
"Experiments on interference made with particle rays have given brilliant proof that the wave character of the phenomena of motion as assumed by the theory does, really, correspond to the facts.(Albert Einstein, on Quantum Theory, 1954) And, the…"
Feb 3, 2016
Unseen replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'Hubble Successor Telescope'
"In his later years, a different Einstein emerged. The mainstream of physics followed the course of the quantum theory of the mid 1920's. Einstein recognized that this new quantum theory enjoyed remarkable empirical successes, so that it clearly…"
Feb 3, 2016
SteveInCO replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'Hubble Successor Telescope'
"Einstein accomplished a lot.  That's a no brainer. But I think Newton accomplished more, and that's not altered by what his starting point was, nor is it altered by the fact that Einstein refined a lot of what Newton did. Archimedes,…"
Feb 3, 2016
TJ replied to Heather Spoonheim's discussion 'Hubble Successor Telescope'
"According to Wikipedia (which is never wrong): Einstein and others considered (quantum entanglement) to be impossible, as it violated the local realist view of causality (Einstein referring to it as "spooky action at a…"
Feb 3, 2016

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At 8:28pm on February 21, 2014, Davis Goodman said…

Hey no problem. It was my pleasure. I like your posts.

At 9:58pm on November 3, 2013, Thomas Blood said…

I don't think I thanked you for adding me as a friend. I am clueless on social media and am still figuring out protocols and out to make this actually work without losing things in virtual hyperspace. Don't think I mentioned this: I have been in the middle of a divorce for the past year, but before the current unpleasantness forced me to suspend operations, I also brewed my own. I hope to resume someday soon. I tend toward the extremes: big malty stouts and IPA's. 

At 9:09pm on October 28, 2013, Thomas Blood said…

I always thought of myself as a climate change disciple but after reading your post I discovered that I am a climate change heathen. I am a big fan of Stewart Brand and believe that the only rational answer is nuclear energy. I know that we in the west are too stupid to figure this out but I am confident that the Chinese or Indians will save us. Or maybe the Norwegians - they're working on a thorium MSR. Hope you don't mind me posting on your page but you were a "featured" member, and hell, you brew your own. How could I resist?

At 8:07am on October 14, 2013, Beth said…

No probs!

At 1:55am on May 27, 2013, JD Stockman said…

thanks for the welcome back


At 1:33am on May 9, 2013, Mercedes said…

I dont know what you mean by misrepresent in scripture. i think they are all One. I dont know why or how but that is just left to faith i think. I have to put my daughters to bed. I'll talk to you more tomorrow. good night :)

At 1:18am on May 9, 2013, Mercedes said…

with God theres 3 - father, son and espiritu santo. - La Trinidad. 

At 1:12am on May 9, 2013, Mercedes said…

Jesus and his Father and the Holy espirit are the same. thats what i believe.

At 1:07am on May 9, 2013, Mercedes said…

I believe in Jesus

At 10:48pm on May 8, 2013, Mercedes said…

Thanks Heather. yes I believe in God.


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