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Gary Clouse replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Radical Christianity'
"  It's obvious politicians pander to Christias because christians vote."
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'What does "earn" mean to you?'
" Well, since you are asking for opinions, I'll jump in here. The most fundamental concept in capitalism s the idea that ownership of capital entitles the owner the revenues and liabilities generated by the capital. Money is earned by…"
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'Huge terrorist attack in Paris. Want to bet Muslim immigrants are not involved?'
" Like a terrorist flash mod? Interesting idea"
Nov 15
Gary Clouse commented on Davis Goodman's blog post 'American's are stupid and atheist secular Marxist femimazi transgender boogeymen have been infiltrating every corner of America at all libtard bogeymen do.'
"I somewhat disagree [x] that American voters are stupid. Most are just extremely ill informed and heavily propagandized. I recently spent a week in the hospital with  basic cable as my only entertainment source. Flipping through the channels…"
Nov 13
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'Are you for or against the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)?'
"The secrecy is particularly worrisome as the USA is allegedly a democracy where public policy should benefit the majority. Past trade agreements, however have a history of being extremely lucrative to a few of the wealthiest people in the short…"
Oct 15
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'Ten dead and seven wounded in "no gun zone."'
"We could be on to something here. I have watched news sourcese from other countries, mainly Canada and Germany and they don't sensationalize tradegies theway American news does. Other countries will cover such tragedies factually and with a…"
Oct 3
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'Ten dead and seven wounded in "no gun zone."'
"Fromreports I've rea, UCC allowed concealed carry with a legal permit on most of the campus. One armed student was interviewed by the media "
Oct 3
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
"On a side note, a few years ago, I was working with a neural net simulator that was part of a handwriting recognition system. The odd thing was, that by giving thencomputer he ability to use fuzzy logic in comparisons, it also became capable or…"
Sep 30
Gary Clouse replied to Adam's discussion 'Real Bomb Threat Concerns or Prejudice and Bigotry Knee jerk reaction?'
" "Perhaps because it looks exactly like a fuckin' bomb" This remark defines the problem in a nutshell. In the movies and on TV the bomb has a bright red digital display counting down the time left, or blinking lights or makes…"
Sep 27
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
" OOps... One of the hazards of typing with peripheral parasthesia. People and animals can be programmed for predictive behaviors through the application of adaptive behavioral modification. In fact, most human behavior is predictive.  "
Sep 17
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
" The examples you gave show intelligent problem solving behaviors, and doesn't really define the nature of the mind is or how it operates, but within the examples of animal intelligence I noticed a commonality.The examples of animal…"
Sep 17
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
"  Does that imply training you are turning your light off if you train your cat to do it as well?"
Sep 17
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
"  I have yet too find clear definition of "mind", "consciousness", "self-awareness", or "intelligence" that aren't predicated on the notion that all are exclusive human traits"
Sep 17
Gary Clouse replied to Unseen's discussion 'The impossibility of AI'
"Unseen, most determinists would not consider a malfunction an exception, but but the culmination of prior events and outcomes"
Sep 9
Gary Clouse replied to Andy Hoke's discussion 'So, how long until Iran's theocracy nukes Israel?'
"Israel current has a aboutm200 nukes, and i would expect it the act reemptively "
Sep 9
Gary Clouse replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'Could LACK of breastfeeding contribute to autism?'
"There might be a connection.  Way back in 1991, a genetic study found that significant  percent of autistic subjects carried a genetic mutation (C4b nullallele of the  major histo-compatibility complex). This particular mutation…"
Sep 9

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About Me:
Some people are hardwaire to religion, I suspect that I am not. Even though my parents sent me to church as a child, religion never made sense to me.
I prefer to describe myself as agnostic, because, even thogh I don't entertain even the most remote possibility of some all powerful supernatural intelligent being, I cannot and will not claim knowledge of the unknowable. In short, I seperate what I know from What I believe or disbelieve.
Relationship Status
Why are you here?
I've been an active commenter on a few atheist blogs for years (under a pseudoname), and considering that atheists in Nashville seem as rare as the elusive Florida snowman, I just googled and this site showed up.
The religion you left
Was never a part of one
Why you left your religion.
When I was 15, I realized that many problems of religious people around me wre cause by religion.
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