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Ed's Discussions

Carl Sagan

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Mar 14. 21 Replies

Just read an article in the latest issue of Smithsonian about Carl Sagan. His application was turned down by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences back in 1992. Those against his being…Continue

Tags: of, Sciences, Academy, National, Sagan

Questioning Authority

Started this discussion. Last reply by James Cox Dec 23, 2013. 10 Replies

Since my early days I have had a propensity to question why things are the way they are. This included having doubts about my country's government and their motivations. As a youth when relating my…Continue

Tags: authority, question

Is there a correlation between rising secularism and improved quality of life?

Started this discussion. Last reply by James Cox Nov 29, 2013. 24 Replies

Some propose that secularism will continue to rise as people achieve a higher level of security and happiness. In countries such as Japan and Sweden secularism enjoys a high level of existence. The…Continue

Tags: economics, secularism

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Ed replied to Gary's discussion 'Dogmatic Atheist or Respectful Husband?'
"I suggest you CONCENTRATE your efforts on your children. Your wife may never come around. If you raise your kids to think rationally and logically and to question tradition and superstition you are doing well. Education is the greatest enemy of…"
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'Torture Works'
"What criteria is used to determine when the use of torture is justified? How many lives need to be at risk? Five or five thousand? Torture as a tool is as despicable as war itself. We still drag our knuckles on the ground while clenching a club made…"
Ed replied to Adam Weber's discussion 'Why Not Deism?'
"Adam, In your mind's eye what is the distinction between being a deist and a theist? I don't believe there is a middle ground between the two as I understand their definition."
Ed commented on Dylan Martin's photo

Idiot Fundie Car

"Can anyone explain the relationship between displaying cute cuddly little creatures and the worship of a god?"
Ed commented on Dylan Martin's photo

Idiot Fundie Car

"@Gallup Uh, God/Jesus is at the wheel of that vehicle. No need to worry......"
Ed replied to Black Dawn's discussion 'Prophetic Delusions'
"There seems to be a very thin line between having voices in your head that a psychiatrist might assist you with and hearing the commandments of an invisible being. That our culture, or even civilization, sees no problem with the latter is befuddling."
Ed commented on Philip Jarrett's blog post 'Infection'
"While not a UFO believer I did recently observe a UFO in the night sky. Emphasis on the unidentified aspect. I will not say there is no chance our little rock here amidst the expanse of the Milky Way galaxy will ever be visited by alien beings. The…"
Ed replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'Men raising kids'
"In an environment of unconditional love the sex of the parent is irrelevant. The bond between father and child is unquestionable and enduring. But I speak of a healthy balanced relationship that often never exists for many children. As the step…"
Ed commented on Nerdy Keith's blog post 'Church of England Attempt to Punish Priests over Same Sex Marriage'
"If the churches do not adapt their religious philosophy to the changing values of modern day society they are faced with the realization that they are becoming less relevant to the needs and aspirations of our evolving civilization. If they refuse…"
Ed replied to Ashley Winter's discussion 'New and Dealing with some Shit'
"Ashley, Sorry for your loss. There are atheist support groups that get together for support and communion. There may be a group in your area. Just a thought."
Ed replied to Logicallunatic's discussion 'Woo and conflict in the workplace'
"As for the efficacy of chiropractic treatment it's hard to argue with an individual who has no doubts that they feel less or no discomfort after a session. Whether the sense of relief is real or temporary they believe there was a benefit. How…"
Ed replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion 'Is Pope Francis really revolutionary?'
"Francis is a pragmatist. He realizes that continued sweeping of Catholic embarrassments under the carpet will be to the detriment of the Church's ongoing health. The prevalence of homosexual activity in the upper echelons of Vatican officialdom…"
Ed replied to Gary's discussion 'In need of an believer to atheist "conversion kit"''
"Gary, If you decide to write a paper that explains your justification for adopting the atheist position be sure to address such issues as the evolutionary origins of supernatural belief systems (Boyer's Religion Explained would be a good…"
Ed replied to Jesus Christ's discussion 'The need for knife control'
""Clearly, we need to control knives. Who can buy them. Require some sort of licensing to prevent them from falling into the hands of unstable individuals..." Clearly your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek during that comment. As a…"
Apr 10
Ed replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion 'What is the sound of democracy dying?'
"Hopefully the elder Ginsberg will be somehow cajoled into resigning in time for a replacement during the current presidential cycle. The scales will tip, maybe topple, too far otherwise."
Apr 7
Ed replied to Micah Armstrong's discussion 'The Cliche and Typical Hello'
"I have a friend who has Crohn's and I know from her conversations that it can be an extremely debilitating disease with lots of pain. She eventually got to the point that it affected her ability to be steadily employed.  Science is the…"
Apr 1

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Ed's Blog

PBS Frontline expose "Secrets of the Vatican" rather shocking at times.

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 6:04pm 5 Comments

The recently broadcast documentary by Frontline on the inner workings of the Vatican in Rome was quite illuminating and, at times, shocking. Accusations of the Vatican Bank laundering large amounts of underworld money, homosexual activity among, not only the priests, but the highest ranked Vatican officials,  mishandling of the pedophilia scandal , and the continuing power struggle between Pope and Cardinals are all brought to light. I was especially shocked by the video evidence that…


Arkansas Politics

Posted on December 31, 2013 at 8:59am 0 Comments

Just spent an hour or so reviewing the legislative proposals/bills for the past year submitted by our esteemed elected politicians here in Arkansas. The state senator from my area is a real PITA. She managed to spearhead changing the abortion law to 4 months max after which it is a crime unless incest or rape is involved. Not happy with that she then submitted a bill to limit and severely control the application of morning after type chemical substances. Fortunately it…


Stupid is as stupid does.

Posted on December 8, 2013 at 12:30pm 2 Comments

Merrill Newman was finally released by the North Korean government after being detained for nearly a month. This 85 year old was a military veteran of the Korean War. 

"A statement published by KCNA last week said that during a recent visit to the country, Newman attempted to meet with surviving soldiers he had trained during the Korean War to fight North Korea, admitted he was "a criminal" who was involved in the killing of civilians during the 1950-53 Korean War, and carried…


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At 2:24am on June 23, 2013, Karl Hanks said…

Thanks Ed!  

At 10:04pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks for the message.  I will definitely check out that book.  I am always looking for a new read.  You seem like you might have a good opinion on this; Do you think that as a race we are de-evolving by catering to the ignorant masses by creating welfare states for people who are too stupid or lazy to do for themselves and then give them tax credits which equates to thousands of dollars just for having children?  This is going to sound really bad, but wouldn't it be better for our species if we neutered anyone with an IQ under say 100?  There are too many people on earth anyway.  Why is it someones human right to reproduce?  I think it should be a privilege that is earned.  Only the best and the brightest should be allowed to carry on their genetic lineage.  Also there should be a strict guidelines and quality requirements for parenting.  I realize this will never happen.  People are to corrupt by nature to use a system like that for good.  Sometimes I think we are all doomed.

At 6:25pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks :) I'm enjoying it already.  It's nice to be able to communicate with people even if every thought is not seen eye to eye.  The internet is full of people trolling and sniping at one another, its good to finally find a place for civil correspondence.

At 6:08pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

"Indifference to the needless suffering and plight of the very beings it (god) is supposedly responsible for creating is testament to the convoluted thinking of it's followers. "

I'm sure that it is, but not only followers of a specific ideology but the human race as a whole.  For that matter every species and the whole of nature.   It's a dog eat dog world.  When a lion commits infanticide its not evil its just the natural order of things.  Human beings are fickle emotionally unstable creatures.  For some reason we have the ability to think abstractly and outside of the basic survival instincts if only for a moment or two.  The formation of religions over the coarse of human history was only natural for a creature with this capability in order to reconcile its advanced cognitive status to a deaf playing field.

At 10:41pm on December 7, 2012, Heather Spoonheim said…

I'm surprised we weren't already friends on here.  Anyway, if you don't use a copper bowl then you need to add a little cream of tartar - essentially to drop the PH a little.  You also need to ensure you don't have a single drop or smear of yolk in those whites.  After that it should be easy.

At 11:17am on December 28, 2011, bob spencer said…

got it cheers


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