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FCC votes 3-2 on "net neutrality" proposal.

Started yesterday 0 Replies

Is the recent FCC decision to support the "net neutrality" proposal going to be a win-win situation for online internet small businesses and everyday users such as yourself? Or will we likely see…Continue

Is having a purpose in life of paramount importance?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ed Jan 7. 94 Replies

Theists will say that a life without divine purpose is futile and worthless. They make the claim that there is little to live for if we are not following the spiritual purpose their god arranged for…Continue

Tags: Purpose

Mass extinction and loss of biodiversity.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ed Nov 30, 2014. 15 Replies

I saw some startling statistics regarding the downward spiral of our planet's biodiversity. In the past century, and particularly in the past 50 years, there has been a tremendous increase in the…Continue

Tags: extinction, mass, biodiversity

Colonizing Mars- Any Volunteers?

Started this discussion. Last reply by umar Feb 20. 58 Replies

Many in the realm of space exploration believe a manned mission to Mars is possible within the next twenty to thirty years. One issue is that currently it will not be feasible to carry the extra fuel…Continue

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Ed replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'Ladies will dominate the night - UFC 184'
"Rousey won last night in all of 14 secs with yet another arm bar. It was the 1st UFC championship fight where not a single blow was thrown. I would of been pissed had I paid (for view) for that 14 seconds."
5 hours ago
Ed replied to Peter's discussion 'It Seems Like Yahweh WANTS Sin To Occur'
"Personally, I believe the contradiction(s) lies in the fact that the multitude of individual books, including the old and new testament writings and those omitted writings that were decided by the religious officials of Constantinople to not be…"
6 hours ago
Ed and Mai are now friends
6 hours ago
Ed posted a discussion

FCC votes 3-2 on "net neutrality" proposal.

Is the recent FCC decision to support the "net neutrality" proposal going to be a win-win situation for online internet small businesses and everyday users such as yourself? Or will we likely see increases in our internet access charges as the result of new regulatory fees being implemented?I personally don't want to take a backseat to larger online companies who can afford to pay for access to fast track data lines which could impede or hamper the speeds at which my personal data is currently…See More
Ed replied to CAPTAIN OBVIOUS's discussion 'Column by David Brooks...thoughts?'
"Our prime directive needs to be reviewed for possible change. Thus far our emerging consciousness and self-awareness has not caught up with the reality that we are destroying the capability of our mother ship to sustain and support…"
Ed replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'LDS Missionaries lives threatened...and they escape seemingly unscathed'
"I don't think these wandering Mormon missionaries are sophisticated enough to exaggerate the claim. Their fairly one dimensional."
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'Why is America so special?'
"Your comment lends credence to the belief that the spread of capitalism worldwide, with it's focus on profit at any cost, in this case the further decline of the poor working classes, is not in the best interests of our civilization as a…"
Ed replied to John Jennings's discussion 'Avijit Roy, an atheist who advocated secularism murdered'
"And they call Islam the religion of peace. Is it fear of retaliation that most mainstream Islamic followers choose not to publicly denounce these incidents? Will there ever be sufficient pressure from within the ranks of the church of Islam to rid…"
Ed replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion 'Remembering Leonard Nimoy ('Mr. Spock' on Star Trek)'
"Mr. Spock's logical analysis of events and circumstances actually set in motion changes in my own thought processes. I believe his character caused me to be more analytically inclined. I did find his lack of emotional understanding somewhat…"
Ed commented on Mai's blog post 'Kids Logic'
"Naivete is not in short supply. Some of those answers are quite profound actually."
Ed commented on Nerdy Keith's blog post 'Forever Cursed'
"Keith, You stated "But they depend on their religion, they feel a need for it psychologically. It gives them comfort believing that they get a reward when they die. I’m not saying there is any truth to that belief. But by believing it; it…"
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'An atheist has to be a moral/ethical relativist'
"It all seems to boil down to subjective versus objective interpretation. Therefore to have a functioning society we must implement rules that the majority believes is in the best interests of the whole. All the while remembering that rules are not…"
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'An atheist has to be a moral/ethical relativist'
""It is good for child rapists to be killed (and subsequently rendered without air, food, water and protection from the elements) because that is justice for their victims." Some would argue that the punishment -death- doesn't fit the…"
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'An atheist has to be a moral/ethical relativist'
""In reality Simon...we should try to understand what goes on when Africans chop off their daughters vaginas, the role it plays in broader society, the values it implies...instead of judging the fact that adults hold down little girls and cut…"
Ed replied to CAPTAIN OBVIOUS's discussion 'Column by David Brooks...thoughts?'
""The only secularism that can really arouse moral motivation and impel action is an enchanted secularism, one that puts emotional relations first and autonomy second. I suspect that over the next years secularism will change its face and become…"
Ed replied to CAPTAIN OBVIOUS's discussion 'Column by David Brooks...thoughts?'
"" There are two moral rules (the Golden Rule and another one I came up with) which seem to cover everything, but rules are difficult to apply when you're taken by surprise and under pressure from your emotions." Is it correct to…"

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Christian Assumptions

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 10:02am 20 Comments

In responding to a phone message left by a potential customer I called back to see what they wanted. We discussed what they were looking for and whether I could accommodate their woodworking request. Then there was this: "So what church do you go to?" I explained that I was not religious and therefore had no need to attend any church. They commented that they would leave a "pew" open for me.

Is it just ignorant southern U.S. fundamentalist Christians that make these assumptions about…


Arkansas legislative proposal to remove state's dual celebration of Lee & King

Posted on January 24, 2015 at 9:00am 2 Comments

Little Rock, Ark. • Two Arkansas legislators said Wednesday it is inappropriate to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the leader of the Confederate Army on the same day and proposed ending the state's decades-old tradition of honoring Robert E. Lee.

Arkansas is one of just three states to jointly celebrate King, the black civil-rights leader, and Lee, the white Confederate general, on the third Monday of January. Some have labeled the practice…


The Hive & The Honey Bee

Posted on January 17, 2015 at 8:30am 0 Comments

Sometimes we can be surprised by the comments of an author when reading a book. I am currently reading a book first published in 1878 concerning the inner workings of a honeybee hive. The author, L.L. Langstroth, was one of the first individuals to propose using what is today the 'frame and box' method of housing honey bees; a movable comb hive, if you will.

In the book much discussion is presented about the impregnation of the queen and the ratio of drone to worker bee eggs that are…


Pabst Blue Ribbon to the rescue!

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 9:33pm 1 Comment


A "Festivus Pole" has been erected & warmly received at Tallahassee's capitol building for the 2nd straight year. Chaz Steven's likes keeping the religious displays in check. He has an upbeat cheery attitude about it all. And this is in…


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At 12:55pm on February 18, 2015, archaeopteryx said…
I can't get my PM to work, Ed, and haven't been able to since my account was deleted Jan 1-2 - to respond, I will need an email addy --
At 12:44pm on February 18, 2015, archaeopteryx said…
Congratulations, Ed - you are my second "friend," where I once had over 200 before my account was deleted entirely Jan1-2. Since this will appear on your comment will appear on your comment wall, I can't go into detail. I will try PMing you, but since I rejoined, I haven't been able to get PM to work, so I may need you to give me an email address, if you don't receive a PM within the next five minutes.
At 9:06am on November 23, 2014, Reg The Fronkey Farmer said…

I sent you an email Ed...

At 12:23am on August 3, 2014, Tom Sarbeck said…

Napa County is indeed wine country, Ed, as is Sonoma County just to the west.

My dad and his friends made beer and wine during the Prohibition years when we lived in Ohio. He was in the grocery business and I heard him tell people they can make wine from anything that rots. My wife and made wine during our marriage but not from grapes. I now make my own liqueurs.

At 8:54am on July 2, 2014, Seraphina said…

Thanks, Ed!

I'm up the walls with study this week but once my exam is over I intend to be more active in these parts :D

At 2:24am on June 23, 2013, Karl Hanks said…

Thanks Ed!  

At 10:04pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks for the message.  I will definitely check out that book.  I am always looking for a new read.  You seem like you might have a good opinion on this; Do you think that as a race we are de-evolving by catering to the ignorant masses by creating welfare states for people who are too stupid or lazy to do for themselves and then give them tax credits which equates to thousands of dollars just for having children?  This is going to sound really bad, but wouldn't it be better for our species if we neutered anyone with an IQ under say 100?  There are too many people on earth anyway.  Why is it someones human right to reproduce?  I think it should be a privilege that is earned.  Only the best and the brightest should be allowed to carry on their genetic lineage.  Also there should be a strict guidelines and quality requirements for parenting.  I realize this will never happen.  People are to corrupt by nature to use a system like that for good.  Sometimes I think we are all doomed.

At 6:25pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks :) I'm enjoying it already.  It's nice to be able to communicate with people even if every thought is not seen eye to eye.  The internet is full of people trolling and sniping at one another, its good to finally find a place for civil correspondence.

At 6:08pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

"Indifference to the needless suffering and plight of the very beings it (god) is supposedly responsible for creating is testament to the convoluted thinking of it's followers. "

I'm sure that it is, but not only followers of a specific ideology but the human race as a whole.  For that matter every species and the whole of nature.   It's a dog eat dog world.  When a lion commits infanticide its not evil its just the natural order of things.  Human beings are fickle emotionally unstable creatures.  For some reason we have the ability to think abstractly and outside of the basic survival instincts if only for a moment or two.  The formation of religions over the coarse of human history was only natural for a creature with this capability in order to reconcile its advanced cognitive status to a deaf playing field.

At 10:41pm on December 7, 2012, Heather Spoonheim said…

I'm surprised we weren't already friends on here.  Anyway, if you don't use a copper bowl then you need to add a little cream of tartar - essentially to drop the PH a little.  You also need to ensure you don't have a single drop or smear of yolk in those whites.  After that it should be easy.


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