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American Atheists National Convention -2015

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dan Aug 2. 1 Reply

Well it appears that the 2015 American Atheists national convention will be held in a city not too far away - Memphis, Tennessee. And it happens to coincide with my birthday! …Continue

Tags: convention, Atheists, American

Redirecting One's Life

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ed Aug 1. 21 Replies

As I approach retirement there has developed an undercurrent of change in my philosophical perspective of life, reality, and, most of all, what constitutes happiness. I had always felt a compulsion…Continue

My faith is in our youth.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ed Jul 10. 25 Replies

According to a recent Gallup poll (…Continue

Tags: young, youth

Origins of Religion- Another Angle?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jenna Garcia Jun 12. 16 Replies

The origins of religion are thought to be rooted in animism and other primitive notions which our pre-literate ancestors chose to accept as part of the explanation for our very existence.…Continue

Tags: origin, numinosum, Wasson, hallucinogenic

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Ed replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'The battle against childhood obesity'
"Michelle Obama has ran into stern opposition at the national level to her school menu program changes she has proposed and partially enacted. The soft drink giants didn't take kindly to the removal of their products from school campuses across…"
Ed replied to Ken P's discussion 'What's gained by being an atheist (not religious)'
"I believe cognitive dissonance accounts for the millions of headaches that plaque American religious culture. They don't why they get them but their subconscious has a good idea. ;^ )"
Ed replied to Ken P's discussion 'What's gained by being an atheist (not religious)'
"copper is not a ferrous metal....but I do understand the point you were trying to make...."
Ed replied to Richard Ahearn's discussion 'Agnostic Apoplectics'
"" Scientists are animals.  Like all animals, their range of perception and reason is limited to that which evolution deemed appropriate for the needs of their species. " Homo sapiens has demonstrated the ability to extend their…"
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'So, all it took was a couple high school cheerleaders to ruin a prayer ban'
"The alternative is to let them broadcast their prayer over the PA. I would rather appear as the Bad Guys than follow along in theistic traditions."
Sep 21
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'How much government openness is too much?'
"The majority of us are naive gullible cows chewing on the corporate cud that controls Washington D.C. Most of us couldn't handle the truth. The truth be told many would probably not be so eager to wave the flag or make other patriotic gestures…"
Sep 20
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'So, all it took was a couple high school cheerleaders to ruin a prayer ban'
"The important point is that school administrators no longer use the PA system to to openly pray at a football game. What the fans choose to do is another matter. The cheerleader who started the prayer commented that they had been doing this pre-game…"
Sep 20
Ed replied to Davis Goodman's discussion 'Where in your life is reason absent?'
"There is smoking that doesn't involve tobacco.  ;^ )"
Sep 19
Ed replied to Davis Goodman's discussion 'Where in your life is reason absent?'
"Are you saying that doctors who smoke or drink (heavily, or not) are deluded? I don't think a physician exists, who smokes or drinks, that is unaware of the potential damage he may wreak on his/her body. They are making a calculated/reasoned…"
Sep 18
Ed replied to Gallup's Mirror's discussion '"Nude" women's cycling team uniforms: indecent?'
"Would this be an issue if the cycling team was from Uganda? I doubt it. Crotch fixation seems to be a malady suffered by many."
Sep 16
Ed replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'The Capacity for Love - cross species bonds....'
"Some of my closest friends are non-human!"
Sep 14
Ed replied to Stuart VanDyke's discussion 'Family Issues.'
"Stuart, It would be a stretch of the imagination to believe your Baptist family is going to engage in civil conversation with you regarding your atheism. We are emotional beings and they will not respond well to reason and logic when their faith is…"
Sep 14
Ed replied to K_R's discussion 'Punishment as a parenting strategy'
"I come from a background where corporeal punishment was the default behavior modification technique during my childhood. Fear and intimidation seems to be a poor motivator IMHO. Standing a disobedient child in the corner to study paint particles is…"
Sep 14
Ed replied to Unseen's discussion 'What to do about psychopaths now that we can identify them?'
"Have you considered re-location? "
Sep 14
Ed replied to Carol Foley's discussion 'Cats are Anti-Christian and Other Strange Tails(Tales)...'
"At that same link, lower on down, this was said in regard to dogs (the akita in particular): Imported by Japanese hedonists, these dogs are one of the reasons why the USA decided to purge the Japanese mainland from their wicked ways through…"
Sep 14
Ed commented on ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp's blog post 'Solid light could compute previously unsolvable problems'
"Very cool...."
Sep 13

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Death With Dignity -the Gillian Bennett story.

Posted on September 9, 2014 at 8:30am 0 Comments

Deadatnoon.com is a website created by Gillian Bennett, 84, diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimer's) three years ago. Her disposition about choosing the right time to terminate is both admirable and sobering. I truly hope her blog can be an inspiration to others who feel it important to die with a morsel of dignity. 

U.S. Air Force Does Away With Enlistment Oath Option.

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 8:26am 2 Comments

Until October 30 of last year there was an option to omit the words "so help me God" from the enlistment oath required by recruits/re-enlisting veterans of the USAF. Now they have dropped this option and made it statutory to pay homage to a god during enlistment/re-enlistment.


Two steps forward, one step…


Atheist gives 'historic' invocation in Greece

Posted on July 20, 2014 at 7:29am 0 Comments

Dan Courtney of Hamlin became the first atheist to deliver a secular opening invocation before the Greece (New York) Town Board.


Arkansas Legislative Update

Posted on July 8, 2014 at 7:40am 0 Comments

The signature submission deadline is over for legislative initiatives to be included in the fall ballot and the results:

1. Statewide sell of alcoholic beverages: well over the required 63,000 signatures were obtained.

2. Increase of mandatory minimum wage: same as 1. Arkansas is only one of four states that has a minimum wage below federal level and this legislation would increase it to a paltry $8.50/hr. Last raise was 8 years ago.

3. Medical marijuana initiative only…


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At 12:23am on August 3, 2014, Tom Sarbeck said…

Napa County is indeed wine country, Ed, as is Sonoma County just to the west.

My dad and his friends made beer and wine during the Prohibition years when we lived in Ohio. He was in the grocery business and I heard him tell people they can make wine from anything that rots. My wife and made wine during our marriage but not from grapes. I now make my own liqueurs.

At 8:54am on July 2, 2014, Seraphina said…

Thanks, Ed!

I'm up the walls with study this week but once my exam is over I intend to be more active in these parts :D

At 2:24am on June 23, 2013, Karl Hanks said…

Thanks Ed!  

At 10:04pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks for the message.  I will definitely check out that book.  I am always looking for a new read.  You seem like you might have a good opinion on this; Do you think that as a race we are de-evolving by catering to the ignorant masses by creating welfare states for people who are too stupid or lazy to do for themselves and then give them tax credits which equates to thousands of dollars just for having children?  This is going to sound really bad, but wouldn't it be better for our species if we neutered anyone with an IQ under say 100?  There are too many people on earth anyway.  Why is it someones human right to reproduce?  I think it should be a privilege that is earned.  Only the best and the brightest should be allowed to carry on their genetic lineage.  Also there should be a strict guidelines and quality requirements for parenting.  I realize this will never happen.  People are to corrupt by nature to use a system like that for good.  Sometimes I think we are all doomed.

At 6:25pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

Thanks :) I'm enjoying it already.  It's nice to be able to communicate with people even if every thought is not seen eye to eye.  The internet is full of people trolling and sniping at one another, its good to finally find a place for civil correspondence.

At 6:08pm on January 12, 2013, Samuel Cheshire said…

"Indifference to the needless suffering and plight of the very beings it (god) is supposedly responsible for creating is testament to the convoluted thinking of it's followers. "

I'm sure that it is, but not only followers of a specific ideology but the human race as a whole.  For that matter every species and the whole of nature.   It's a dog eat dog world.  When a lion commits infanticide its not evil its just the natural order of things.  Human beings are fickle emotionally unstable creatures.  For some reason we have the ability to think abstractly and outside of the basic survival instincts if only for a moment or two.  The formation of religions over the coarse of human history was only natural for a creature with this capability in order to reconcile its advanced cognitive status to a deaf playing field.

At 10:41pm on December 7, 2012, Heather Spoonheim said…

I'm surprised we weren't already friends on here.  Anyway, if you don't use a copper bowl then you need to add a little cream of tartar - essentially to drop the PH a little.  You also need to ensure you don't have a single drop or smear of yolk in those whites.  After that it should be easy.

At 11:17am on December 28, 2011, bob spencer said…

got it cheers


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