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Dustin's Discussions

Are those that eat meat and are aware of the arguments for vegetarianism bad people?

Started this discussion. Last reply by mary bottoms Apr 2, 2014. 78 Replies

So here is a question.  I am currently eating a steak.  It came from a dead animal - one who most likely didn't have the greatest life, one could say suffered - One could go so far as to say the…Continue

Should the man be the head of the household?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jim Duffield Feb 1, 2014. 54 Replies

Hello members of Think Atheist.  I don't remember this topic being brought up before so here it is.The reason I am asking this is because on the Ok Cupid dating website, after browsing quite a …Continue

'War on Religion' has been a big issue in these recent debates - How do we all view this?

Started this discussion. Last reply by kris feenstra Feb 13, 2012. 5 Replies

My recent facebook status:  "It really makes me feel happy that there are so many questions during the Republican debates about the 'war on religion'. The questions and answers to these questions…Continue

Anybody in history ever actually believe but also reject Gods offer of redemption of sins?

Started this discussion. Last reply by erik112358 Jan 1, 2012. 13 Replies

This just hit me today - Is it even possible for someone to actually believe Yahweh and Jesus are real BUT also at the same time reject them and accept eternal damnation?  I have never ONCE heard…Continue

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Dustin replied to H3xx's discussion 'Oh, That's cool... wait... What!?'
"I approve this message."
Jun 13, 2014
Dustin replied to Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek)'s discussion 'I need help understanding something - Presuppositional Apologetics'
"Watch this debate for a good education in how presup arguments can be used  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL8LREmbDi0 I may be one of few atheists that found the arguments in favor of presup arguments to be overall - Fairly internally…"
Jun 10, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
"Right, which is another way we know it's not true.  An all perfect God would never equate a mass murderer-rapist who raped and killed 100 women to a Hindu monk that devoted their lives to helping people in need.   Christians should be…"
Jun 9, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
"Well the good news is that sin doesn't exist because there was never a mythological woman named Eve who ate a magical fruit.  The story never happened, we all know it didn't happen - Therefore the bibles explanation of sin and the…"
Jun 9, 2014
Dustin commented on Jack Lawrence's photo

Dillahunty VS Bruggencate -- 10 Min. Version

"But I LIKE the facepalm moments ;)"
Jun 8, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"You're dodging the point I made.   Use the example of a parent standing next to their child.  Their child begins to run into heavy traffic.  The parent stands there thinking they are being a loving parent by allowing their child…"
Jun 8, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
"Well, first, we'd have to know if you believe in Hell.  If you do, then nothing you said makes any sense about doubt or reasoning.   If you don't believe in Hell, then what you said doesn't matter either way because it is…"
Jun 8, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
"I went through this at the age of 15.  I visited a few pastors and asked them very direct questions.  Me: "Is god Perfect?  Without Fault?"   Pastor:  "Yes." Me: "Then why do natural disasters…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
""Because we have learned things since then, including to treat women as equal partners. Back then they also believed in a flat earth; now that's not OK either." Wouldn't it have been better if the bible didn't include so…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
"So doubt is only ok if you come back to Jesus? If doubt leads you away from Christ, then it is not ok or healthy.   This makes no sense at all. God punishes you for using your reasoning faculties while at the same time, hides himself and…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Savannah's discussion 'On the fence....'
""In Christendom, there is a long tradition that we cannot readily define God or what is right, those things are too big for us." Bit too convenient isn't it?  That no matter what anyone does or says, they are able to justify it…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"Cause a parent pulls their damned child BACK when they run into on-coming traffic.  How can the child learn from their mistakes when they are DEAD? Does God have a special 'school for children who got smashed by a pickup truck' in…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
""ZOT! is dead." "ZOT! is dad.""
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"" If I don't believe the Bible do I not believe in God?" This just means you don't believe in the biblical god, Yahweh/Jesus.   It's perfectly ok to think Jesus was a great moral teacher, if you like things…"
Jun 6, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"Listening to Christopher Hitchens is what finally broke my quasi-somewhat deistic-somewhat spiritually vague-woowoo'esque Chopra - Conscious of all being - personal beliefs. My denial of Christianity specifically is a long story, but I have…"
Jun 1, 2014
Dustin replied to Toby Briggs's discussion 'why I stopped believing... why did you exChristians stop?'
"" The next day, I asked the question to my first period teacher. His reply was "God can do anything". We went round and round with this question for about ten minutes until he got frustrated with me and sent me to the…"
Jun 1, 2014

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About Me:
I am a piano instructor, and accompanist for a Lutheran Church LOL
I absolutely love to cook and prepare delicious meals with wine. I try to study piano at least 3 hours a day and I run my own private teaching studio. Have 16 students currently and they mean the world to me. I adore cats. I have always thought if I could choose to be a non human I would choose to be a cat. Get to stalk prey at night , go home to cuddle with a super warm and affectionate woman who will always pet me and feed me and clean up after me haha and I can still play the piano with my little paws ;P
Why are you here?
Maybe to release some of my pent up frustration with Religious ignorance? I have to sit through a weekly morning Sermon and listen to the nonsense the Pastor teaches. Then I go home to listen to the Atheist Experience so I can wash my mind of the vile and harmful doctrines and get a dose of rationality =)
The religion you left
Was never a part of one

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"What would Jesus Do?"

Posted on August 7, 2011 at 8:00pm 0 Comments

Thought someone might appreciate my story :)  


I work part time at Taco Bell.  So today, I was running drive thru and it wasn't too busy ... A Customer Service Issue arose and the girl on the line making food said 'What would Jesus doooo" ... I got the feeling she was being sarcastic so I said 'Jesus Is dead , so he doesn't have an opinion'.  Well , the girl who initially asked the question replied 'No , Jesus is a Zommbbbiiieee' (LOL!!)  


Then this other girl…


Ahhhh , it ALL makes sense now!!!

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

Hi everyone!  I just sat through a beautiful sermon today , and guess what!?  I understand it all now!  I understand the trinity!  

How do I understand it now, you may ask?  Well check out below!  This is the Athanasian Creed that is spoken by some churches ONCE a year , on Trinity Sunday!  It's remarkably clear and very , very , very understandable! I am so glad I was able to make sense of it all this morning ... the following is the Creed , in it's entirety , which was spoken aloud…


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At 10:10pm on November 23, 2012, CJoe said…

You comin' to the next meet-up yo? It's this Monday :)

At 7:56pm on January 8, 2012, Gabriela Menicucci said…

I think Angelo is here for the attention and to generate controversy lol His persistance is not natural in fundies.

At 12:21pm on January 4, 2012, CJoe said…

Oh and, yes, Morgan will be there!

At 12:20pm on January 4, 2012, CJoe said…

Oops! Here's the link: http://www.thinkatheist.com/events/think-atheist-baltimore-meet-up-i

From now on, you'll be able to see all of these meet-ups under the "Events" tab at the top :) Plus, they should be displayed towards the bottom on the right column on the home page.

So uh... you each piano, huh? What's the going rate for that?

At 12:01am on January 4, 2012, CJoe said…

It's from 7-9, so you can show up a bit late. I bet we'll run over anyway, depending on how long the bookstore stays open! If worse comes to worse, we'll head to a bar to grab drinks after :)

At 3:26am on November 2, 2011, Gabriela Menicucci said…

That's what I was thinking!!! This is an atheist site after all lol 

At 5:43pm on October 29, 2011, Gabriela Menicucci said…

Hey Dustin thanks, that's a feature of this site to put halos on pics lol how ironic :P

At 8:08pm on January 9, 2011, Noah Cameron said…
Hey, are you by any chance a accompanist for the Lutheran church "Lord of Life" or LOL? in friendswood? I go to that church sometimes??
At 10:45pm on December 22, 2010, T A A said…
I love your talent at pushing people's buttons! It is quite amusing. It doesn't do much for popularity tho does it! LOL Sometimes people need a good slap on the face to see reality. Continue on!


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