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Does life exist elsewhere?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Davis Goodman Nov 6. 39 Replies

I have no way of knowing, for sure, of course, but I don’t believe that life exists anywhere in the universe but on earth.Behind my house in the forest, there is a creek that runs through my…Continue

Stupid Americans

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Oct 19. 15 Replies

Bill Maher recently went on a rant about how stupid half of Americans are, as exemplified by their blind support of Donald Trump despite his long history of failure, fraud, bigotry, and now sexual…Continue

Pledge of Allegiance - REALLY?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Unseen Apr 10. 1 Reply

Here’s an idle thought or two that T.A. readers might want to ponder: America’s “greatest generation” never had to say “under God” when they recited the Pledge of Allegiance in school.  I certainly…Continue

religion = insanity

Started Apr 3 0 Replies

Merriam Webster definition of insanity:“extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable"I rest my case.Continue

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Dale Headley replied to Tom Sarbeck's discussion 'Do You Need The Universe To Have Had A Beginning?' in the group Atheists who love Science!
"   The human mind is presently incapable of conceiving simultaneously both the notion of eternity and the notion that it has boundaries in time or distance.  In all likelihood, the human species will probably go extinct before it CAN…"
Dale Headley replied to D L's discussion 'This is incontrovertible proof that God is evil. God does not live by his own golden rule.'
"   Any reading of the Pentateuch (1st 5 books of the Bible) is proof positive that the Judeo-Christian version of a deity is not only evil incarnate, but the most evil god ever postulated by Man."
Dale Headley replied to Violeta Babacan's discussion 'What do you think about this person's ability to "talk to the dead?"'
"Do I belive it?  I can’t think of a single reason why I should.  First, just who are these “investigators?  Dr. Julie Beishel is a “researcher” at the Windbridge Institute, which is an organization dedicated to…"
Davis Goodman replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"Basing an absolute negative claim (that we can never know what came before the big bang) on a theory in which we are exploring in its infancy (expansion of the universe and what that means if information is lost due to the limitations on us re:…"
Nov 6
TJ replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"LOL Its the same expansion. So, again, its not pointless to try to answer a question for which there is no known answer, as, most questions are ASKED because an answer is sought in the first place. The journey, towards the answer, tends to,…"
Nov 6
Unseen replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"Maybe the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light at its edges, but only if you don't account for the expansion of space. Factor that in, and perhaps we're back at C as a constant again."
Nov 5
Jake LaFort replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"Thought ya might be interested in this article.https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/10/161021123238.htm"
Nov 5
Unseen replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"I don't know that it's "irrelevant crap" "
Nov 4
Pope Beanie replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"Now he's croaking: "Just stick to the Milky Way, guys, or Andromeda if you insist on more billions of possibilities. This speed of light talk is starting to sound more like Dungeons and Dragons banter. Rivet.""
Nov 4
TJ replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"You are pasting irrelevant crap. Light takes less time to traverse a smaller distance, try to absorb that. :D And, all of the prior points are still valid as well. :D"
Nov 4
Unseen replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"But we're talking about relativity which is fraught with paradoxes. Objects move in relationship to an observer. The speed of light is a limit. You can't double it no matter how hard you try. Any physicists here?  I did find this. It…"
Nov 4
TJ replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"You forget the distance is reduced when the universes are travelling towards each other....which, in this case, you assume that there are two or more universes. If they are hurtling towards each other, at the speed of light, or at 1 mph, or…"
Nov 4
Unseen replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"From TJ: Two galaxies/universes, etc, travelling towards each other..potentially doubling the speed for example. The speed of light is not doubled, because you are in one of the two universes and thus are basically at rest with the other…"
Nov 3
TJ replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"He has decided that he can tell when a question will never be answered, because its impossible. He based the decision on the speed of light, which, is not a bad choice as a barrier, albeit, doesn't account for things like: 1) Two…"
Nov 3
Pope Beanie replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"What, no pain?"
Nov 3
Pope Beanie replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'Does life exist elsewhere?'
"Hmm, I might rename Froggy "Popper". Or maybe Popie Popper, is like what if feels like when he's in me pocket. Cannot decide atm. He's at home today. "
Nov 3

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scriptural favorites

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 5:50pm 1 Comment

I am occasionally asked to explain when I became an atheist.  I have several stock answers, but one of my favorite is, “When I read the Bible.”  

Here are a few selected verses from both the Old and New Testaments that pretty much explicate both the “morality” and “compassion” of God.  Choose one, some, or all of them at your leisure.  If you only have the energy to choose one, I recommend my favorite:  2 Kings 2:23-24. 

Or if you’re too lazy to bother looking them up at…


flawed education

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 7:42pm 16 Comments

Here is a question many of you would probably consider a bit whimsical, if not heretical; but I assure you, it has a dead serious intent.  If you were education czar, what would YOU require be taught (or not taught) in American schools?

Let me get you started.  Here are three things that I believe SHOULD be taught but AREN’T: metric system; evolution; critical thinking.

And here are three that ARE being taught, but SHOULDN’T: spelling; long division; propaganda.

My full…


Making God

Posted on October 7, 2012 at 6:59pm 10 Comments

Imagine that there is no God.  So your species has a meeting and decides it wants or needs at least one god.  What kind of god would you propose?  What would be its attributes?  Its powers?  Its motivations?  I have definite ideas about that, which I may post here later; but the purpose here is not to debate MY conception of an ideal god, but to give you the opportunity to describe yours.  Details, please!  

the ultimate prayer

Posted on February 12, 2011 at 3:49pm 3 Comments

   I just read Richard Raymond's atheist prayer.  Here's mine, verbatim.

   Dear God.  Kill me.  Please!  I have lived a full life with no (well, a few small ones, maybe) regrets.  I'm ready to terminate my existence.  I'm waiting, God.  Nothing's happening.  I'll try a little harder: please, please, pretty please, oh great God.  I know you have the power to kill me; so why don't you?  It shouldn't be too hard; after all, I'm 75 years old. You could just give me a heart attack.  God,…


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At 7:43pm on June 5, 2011, Stephen Charles said…
Hey Dale, all I was saying is that it saddens me greatly how people can still get away with dishonouring the bill of rights in the western world. Especially when it's children. I mean, I thought beating and restraining a child in an uncomfortable position as well as subjecting them to mental and verbal abuse was illegal, but maybe that's just me.


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