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Cody Kirchner commented on Elizabeth Williams's blog post 'Losing my friends.'
"    You mean other than the verses in the bible which call us atheists fools, and order you to run us through with a sword for trying to tempt you away from your god, right Professor? Other than those things, yeah, there's…"
May 5, 2013
Cody Kirchner replied to Unseen's discussion 'Would the Connecticut elementary school toll have been smaller if...'
"   I'm sorry, I'm going to sound like a jerk here, forgive me. When it comes to guns, people get about as ignorant as those people who cling to the bible. I'm going from memory here, but let me just break down a couple of…"
Dec 15, 2012
Cody Kirchner commented on emma bailie's blog post 'Why do atheists celebrate xmas?'
"    Yes, we steal the one day a year they go to church, act like they actually like their drunk brother who just got out of jail, put up with his fat girlfriend with the tramp stamp and her six kids from different fathers. The one day…"
Nov 28, 2012
Cody Kirchner replied to Dale Headley's discussion 'For Christians only'
"   Sarah, the great thing about being an atheist is that you are allowed to say the phrase, "I don't know". As a christian, which I was for years, "I don't know" can't be in your lexicon. God knows, and…"
Nov 18, 2012
Cody Kirchner replied to peggy's discussion 'I am intimidated!'
"   Some of the most beautiful poetry is written by people who simply saw something, and wrote down exactly what they felt. They had no restrictions of rules, or even of punctuation. They simply wrote what they thought, and their thoughts…"
Oct 14, 2012
Cody Kirchner replied to Nerdy Keith's discussion 'Liberal or conservative? Perhaps we need a new title!'
"   Why do you need a word for yourself? We always want to have nice little neat packages that we fit into and can wrap up with a pretty bow. We want to be able to say, "I'm a…"
Sep 19, 2012
Milly and Cody Kirchner are now friends
Jul 12, 2012
Cody Kirchner commented on Grady Jean's video

Atheists vs. Rick Perry

"   Now, this is going to seem a little racist because I'm only judging on her accent; please forgive that. She said that in 1962 there was prayer in church and that an Atheist overturned that. Well, only ten short years before that,…"
Jul 12, 2012
Cody Kirchner replied to Brandon Keith's discussion 'The challenge...from a friend'
"   Go back and challenge your friend. Give him this scenario. You're going into battle, you're choosing your gear, you've got your rifle, your water, everything except... do you take body armor? Its a perfect outline of the…"
Jul 12, 2012
Cody Kirchner commented on Skycomet the Fallen Angel's blog post '"Please Help Us Take Back America from the Godless Left - and Buy our Stupid DVD."'
"   I hate this kind of thing. Firstly because its moronic and inaccurate, as we all know, to say that God had anything to do with anything, let alone the founding of our country. As a history major this irks me to no end. Secondly because…"
Jul 6, 2012
Cody Kirchner commented on Heather Spoonheim's video

Kill Gay People - North Carolina Pastor's Outrageous Sermon

"   Whoa! When did Larry The Cable Guy become a preacher?"
May 26, 2012
Cody Kirchner replied to Sophie's discussion 'What is the appeal of smoking?'
"   Tex:  First allow me to translate my sentence about other's life perfection. I am not saying your life is boring. I am saying, if I can borrow this phrase, that for every finger you point at others, there are three pointing…"
Nov 10, 2011
Cody Kirchner replied to Sophie's discussion 'What is the appeal of smoking?'
"   I always have to kind of chuckle a little when people say with absolute definity that there is no appeal to something they've never done. Was there no appeal to sex when you were virgins? You think every smoker on the face of this…"
Nov 8, 2011
Cody Kirchner replied to Unseen's discussion 'Pitbulls - Threat or Menace? Our blind spot when it comes to this breed'
"   Ok, so you want a ban on all large dogs. So that would include labrador retrievers. For instance, you would like to take away my labrador retriever. Her name is Googie, like google but without the L. She's six, hasn't hurt a…"
Oct 26, 2011
Cody Kirchner replied to Unseen's discussion 'Pitbulls - Threat or Menace? Our blind spot when it comes to this breed'
"   I will accept the extermination, or even the end of breeding for any breed of dog when, and only when, you can produce documentation giving you the right to control what I, or anyone else, is allowed to own. If I had a pitbull, which I…"
Oct 24, 2011
Cody Kirchner commented on Robert Karp's blog post 'Young Life - help'
"    No, we're not quite talking camp jesus or anything, we're talking sugar coating here. Basically what Young Life does is take the christian "ethics" and "morals" and puts them into events, activities…"
Oct 13, 2011

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About Me:
I was raised in a westland baptist family. Questions were somewhere between smallpox and ebola on the list of things to avoid. After the rather ugly separation of my family, I started noticing differences between the strict life I was forced into by one half of my family, and the seemingly happy life of the other. Eventually, I realized neither half made any sense, and I decided to be switzerland in the whole affair. That, combined with a thorough study of history, led me to the realization that I was an atheist. I've been battling against religious tyranny ever since.
I have been blind from the time I was two, and though I'm certainly not happy with it, it never really factored into my atheistic tendencies. Though it did lend a bit of comic relief to the lifestyle. Being told your blind because your mother didn't make you pay close enough attention while the pastor was screaming at you, eventually boggles your mind so thoroughly that your forced to laugh uncontrollably. Blindness certainly can make things interesting. But I try very hard not to act, appear, seem or in any way deserve of the term blind, other than the fact I can't see. That is to say, I'm no daredevil, but I'm not the blind guy in the bible either. I like to think of myself as somewhere between scent of a woman and blinkin from robin hood men in tights.
I guess the point I'm trying to make here is, I'm normal, I welcome questions about my blindness, but please don't pity me because of it. Trust me, it has its advantages.
I attend a private college in florida, accompanied by my guide dog. I have no romantic involvement at the moment, but I always keep an eye out.
I'm a few days short of twenty two as I write this. Any sparks of curiosity this may have kindled, feel free to ask me about
Why are you here?
Its so difficult being an atheist these days. If your a young atheist, its even harder. You have to deal with all of the people around you wondering why they're going to church every sunday, and your stuck at home watching reruns of home improvement while recovering from a hangover.
In light of this, I have come here, in hopes that I might find friends or kindred spirits if you will, with whom I can share my thoughts, experienceds, and of course, rant about how frustrating the idiocies of organized religion can b. You know, socialize.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
Well, being told that you can't date until your out of high school, and dating without the express intent to marry is a sin, and being told that god loves you, yet he punishes you for everything, but you have free will, as long as your will meets his will, or you'll be thrown into a boiling lake of fiery hot torture, but he loves you; yeah, not a lot of logic there.
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Cody Kirchner's Blog

How can anyone make this claim

Posted on August 6, 2011 at 10:07am 7 Comments

   I've been having a religious discussion on another site that I frequent, which is mainly gauged toward the blind. I won't name any names of course, but the jist of the posts are about whether the christian god is "good" or not. I, being an atheist, (though I'm liking Hitchens' term of "antitheist") claimed that god could not be good even if he existed, because of the cruel and morally disgusting acts ordered by him in the bible. To which was replied, and I'm paraphrasing here, "I don't…


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Thanks for joining and welcome to the club!
At 3:16pm on August 5, 2011, Monica McGee (Monicks) said…

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At 9:32am on August 2, 2011, Robert Karp said…
Welcome to the Think Atheist community Cody!

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