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Ex-Athiest writing a book on how to save you godless heathens

Posted on January 17, 2013 at 2:25pm 69 Comments

hi there friends. i am an ex athiest and im a putting togethter a book/blog for christians about understanding and then saving athiests. I PROMISE, I AM NOT TRYING TO SAVE YOU! but i would greatly appreciate your input.

like i said i used to be an athiest. actually i was more of an anti-christian. i was very thorough wile compiling my arsenal of anti-christian material, and was very articulate when fighting christians. i had a long list of great arguments against christianity, but i…


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At 8:08am on January 20, 2013, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…

//what is your best argument against jesus. not god, but jesus specifically?//

If Jesus were an omniscient, kind and wise god then he provides little evidence of this.  At the very least he would have prevented centuries of bickering and blood shed by writing his very own personally penned New Testament.  At the very least he would have chosen literate disciples who could have written stuff down at this dictation.  Islam had Mohammed who was able to write down what an angel told him directly.  Mormonism had Joseph Smith who able to dictate the translation of material written directly by a god.

//what is the most annoying thing about christians? or what do you dislike about christians?//

Completely irrelevant to whether what any of them believe is true.  Imagine asking what is most annoying about Charles Darwin or Newton or Pasteur or Stephen Hawking or your high school science teacher as "evidence" that the facts they have objectively shown to be true are actually false. 

But since you asked:  the most "annoying" thing about any religious believer is the nasty habit of slaughtering, torturing, bullying, disadvantaging and socially shunning people who don't believe the "right" things, as decided by them. The Jewish god provides lots of graphic examples of this type of heinous behavior for the adherents to follow.

At 7:49am on January 20, 2013, Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said…

What would impress an atheist is a list of all the rational objective reasons that you once had for not believing in the existence of a god and the objective refutation of them that led to your conversion to theism.   If you really were that kind of thinking atheist then you don't need real rational atheists to tell you what these are:  you would know them.

For example: 

1.  All the reasons given for believing in the existence of a god are based on evidence that is at the bottom of ladder of reliability and accuracy.  There are better explanations to be found using data from more reliable forms of evidence.

2.  Things which can be conceived by the mind do not necessarily exist outside the mind.

3.  The use of reliable and accurate forms of evidence leads to consensus of opinion among those who have studied the area under consideration (scientists, academics, scholars);  the use of the unreliable and inaccurate forms of evidence, including logical fallacies, leads to diversity of opinion.  Religious opinion has a thousand fractures and maintains orthodoxy only by coercive means. There is no logical reason why any particular version of god or any particular version of a particular god is more true than any other.  It is more probable that they are all wrong rather than that one of them is right.  The religious believer always thinks that it is their version that is the most correct.   This commits the fallacy of ego-centrism.  The chances of any religious believer being correct are millions to one - that is, virtually impossible.

4. The characteristics given to the Christian god are logically incompatible with reality.  For example, the Problem of Evil.

5. Non-exclusivity of miracles and answers to prayer. The same kind of miraculous happenings, of personal feelings of ecstasy and certainty, and of communion with a god are given by the adherents of all religions as the reason why their particular version of god/s is correct.  Prayers to any deity are answered with the same frequency.  Miracles of healing occur with the same frequency, with the same degree of certainty and all have the same kind of failure and failure rated.  No severed limbs are ever regrown; no confirmed Alzheimers patient ever has their disease reversed; no mentally disabled person has ever turned into a person with average intellect, no person with cerebral palsy has ever been cured.

6.  All holy texts contain material that theists claim prove are fulfilled prophecies.  The same texts all contain "prophecies" that were not fulfilled.  The Bible contains some absolute clangers in this regard.

 7.  The god of the Old Testament is very different from the god of New Testament.  Why the personality change?  How can a supposedly unchanging god show clear evidence of change? 

 8.  The behavior of the god of the Old Testament is grossly immoral by today's evolved standards.  There is no way to tell the difference between behavior that is attributed to the Devil Demi god and the behavior attributed to the Yahweh god.  There is thus no way to tell if your internal conviction that something is "good" is from your version of god, your version of the devil or your personal and socially conditioned value system.  Equally devout people come to mutually incompatible conclusions about the morality of things. They each consider the other to be "not a real Christian". 

The New Testament god invented an extremely warped and unjust method of eternal torture for people whose only crimes are that they were born human and failed to believe the "right" things about the "right" god. If this god were real then there is no reason to worship such a monster.

 9. The Jewish and Christian Bibles are full of errors of fact and contradiction.  The Jesus god makes serious mistakes that show him to be ignorant of scripture (what he was supposed to have said in the pas


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