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About Me:
I'm inquisitive, I don't stand for BS. I prefer fact over fiction in terms of reality. But novels over nonfiction for entertainment. Unless it's well read. I don't have ADHD. Can I be the only one? But I am tangentially challenged. I like to connect the dots. I don't want to spend too much time on minute details I like to see the forest.
Why are you here?
Because two random gametes bumped into each other over 50 years ago. Voila!
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
None of it was logical.
I was a "precocious child" and was dissatisfied with religion shortly after my first communion. I had one simple question as an 8 year old. If "god" created heaven and earth, where was "god" before that?
The rote answer was "god" always is was and will ever be"
Well even an 8 year old can see through that bullpucky. I became agnostic shortly after that and atheist in high school. (Catholic school will do that to you.)

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At 4:52pm on September 2, 2010, Sydni Moser said…


Picked this pic just for you <3.... Hope you have been well? Been busy, busy, busy and although things are coming along, the house is close to being unpacked and I'm better at getting around town, there are so many loose ends that still need to be dealt with. Still need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with this new life of mine??? Any suggestions? haha I'm really relieved that Allegra loves college and has begun to make some friends, now it's my turn... Stay in touch.
At 2:26am on June 2, 2010, Sydni Moser said…

I didn't recognize your new profile pic... It''s odd how I come to associate one image in my minds eye of friends, and when it changes I become disoriented. You do look thinner in this picture than in your last, and very much the intellectual! Still riding your new bike? Miss talking to you...
At 6:24pm on May 5, 2010, T A A said…
we all have messed up brain chemistries to a point right?
I'm developping a new philosophy, anything that shortens human lifespans without increasing tax burdens and hospital costs is a good thing. :)

And what a great Shroom shot that is!!!!
At 1:48pm on April 22, 2010, Sydni Moser said…


Do you have any 'green' music in your collection? I always enjoy visiting you page so I can check out your tunes...
At 7:54pm on April 18, 2010, Sydni Moser said…
Bill, to get your kitty to play with you, roll your cursor around him/her. Pet his belly and he purrs. Raise your cursor above his head and he'll swat at it. Loads of FUN!!!
At 9:36am on April 18, 2010, Sydni Moser said…
At 3:05pm on April 15, 2010, Jeffrey Sherrard said…
Anyone who posts Hard N Phirm to their page has to be a friend! :)
At 9:13pm on March 26, 2010, T A A said…
Wow, you stopped smoking :) Bravo, my mother stopped smoking at 55 (had been smoking since 13), my y sister stopped 3 years ago at 35 (had been since age 14) my brothers stopped smoking for a couple of years, then started again for a couple, then quit again for a couple, then started again for 6 months, now quit again.

It's a tough path. Amazing how the cigarette tzars still aim their marketing plan at catching pre-teens to the addiction. I wish we could just bury the whole lot of them! I recently watched a 'new' documentary about cigarette companies. I know there can't be anything new on the topic, but there is.

They never paid any of the damages of those lawsuits they lost, not a penny. They're still writing mails to each other about how to better hook pre-teens, and the worst (or the funniest ridiculouest :))

30% of shipments of 'raw' cigarettes (before each nation packages them) are LOST, you heard me lost. When journalists asked them "what up with the huge losses" cigarette man answered "oh you know, containers get lost at sea, it's normal A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA TO HICCUPS

Turns out that those 'raw' cigarettes show up in indian reserves to be sold tax-free, show up on all the streets of third-world cities, sold by children to children, SIGH.

Last year in Montreal, they shut down a huge raw-cigarette-traffic on an indian reserve just south of Montreal. They arrested 42 people, only 3 were native. It's all white people using the reserve as an illegal operations base for the LOST cigarettes. Amazing no?

Bravo, and keep it up, ride that bike hard :)))
At 6:27pm on March 26, 2010, T A A said…
One month of class lectures left, then I become a normal social human being again. I just come here to procrastinate! argh! But you know, up North here, we now have sunlight til 9 in the evening, we will soon be bright til midnight. :)
What's new down South?
At 4:46am on March 14, 2010, NoSacredCow said…
I am in the process of building a music list for this site as there doesn't seem to be a way to link my playlist from another site. (at least not that I have discovered yet)

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