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Andrew Brown commented on Andrew Brown's blog post 'The Spiral Theory'
"Hi Simon, Yes, I agree with the statement, "Everything is One." I have many reasons, but here is one that convinced me. Andrew Brown is, Andrew Brown's Parents are, Andrew Brown's Grandparents were, etc, Humans are. Knowing just…"
15 hours ago
Simon Paynton commented on Andrew Brown's blog post 'The Spiral Theory'
""Everything is One."  - I don't know.  I don't feel that way, and it seems to be a mystical feeling that some people have, that everything is connected by some sort of consciousness.  Do you agree with this…"
23 hours ago
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Maybe I am speaking to an ideal where you are speaking to the reality. I thought I had explained my understanding of war by admitting it is a part of human nature. Conflicts will always exist while there is a resource shortage. Universal trade is…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
""Peace is not a thing." What the fuck? I am peaceful. You are most likely peaceful. Do you resolve conflict through more war? I am so confused by that statement, but I see what you are trying to say with the subsequent statements. Let me…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Thanks for clarifying. When I say 'spiral', I am pointing at a fundamental motion that I could point to in nature with many thousands of references, ie Spiral Galaxy, Spiral of Flower petals, Spiral of your Hair, Spiral of a single cell…"
Andrew Brown replied to ProgrammingGodJordan's discussion 'Are humans Gods? (article by an atheist)'
"I have to disagree with you on AI surpassing humans. We all have skill sets and once we understand them well, we can create tools which perform the skill with high efficiency and near infinite endurance. Humans have one super power that no AI has…"
Tom Sarbeck commented on Andrew Brown's blog post 'American Politic'
"He doesn't but he has some music in him. He also doesn't know how many people are consulted as a law is drafted."
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Sorry, TJ. I have to disagree with your assertion of "no spinning". Please read up on Quanta. All of them have a Spin. Because they must spin just like the Earth and the Sun rotate on their…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"I agree with 'Origin' over 'God' over 'Creator' over 'Jesus'... Of course, we always have the problem of a simple definition. I have never heard of definition of God with which I could agree until I…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Haha, TJ. Fun response. Guano Crazy...maybe. I think it is more likely the author has not read, let alone understood, all of the mathematics, quantum theory, physics, chemistry, biology, gravity theory, electrical theory, relativity/special…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Ok. All done. First: Please have someone else proof read before you post. There are some serious grammar mistakes which make the sentences difficult to understand. Second: What does every single thing within existence share? It is One. It is…"
Andrew Brown replied to Viktor Oskin's discussion 'The Creator is, there is no God'
"Halfway through, have to make a quick comment. The ancients solved the logic puzzle of what comes before us; the Sun. What does the Sun produce? Energy, of course. What is the Sun made of? Material/Atoms. What is matter/atoms made of? Condensed…"
Cindy Bissell left a comment for Andrew Brown
"Thanks Andrew."
Andrew Brown commented on Kirk LeFou's photo

Intelligent design works

"Product of Evolution vs Product of Intelligent Design. I read the sentiment as dogs are not part of the natural path. I find it funny how we separate ourselves from nature. Evolution is regardless of what guides it because it guides itself with all…"
Andrew Brown commented on Kirk LeFou's photo

Intelligent design works

"Tom! I love that joke. That is a deep cut..."
Andrew Brown commented on Kirk LeFou's photo

Atheist Extremists

"Tesla > Edison. Been on my car for years. Oatmeal is awesome."

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About Me:
I am as far beyond an atheist as an atheist is beyond a theist.
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Why are you here?
I love proper, logical discussion. Atheists tend more towards to calm rational than many other groups.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
My father was a lapsed Catholic, my mother a relaxed Protestant. Very little church was forced upon my childhood, but there were definitely pressure applied. A few church picnics, outings, get-togethers, a bit of video games to keep me there...pretty minor compared to many others' gut wrenching stories.
As I gained an appreciation for science and engineering, I read outside of the school's box. Enough stories from other cultural religions and you figure out the Agnostic position; no one has the answer.
Less religious pressure during high school, had a few more conversations with my brilliant, sci-fi raised, science minded father, and I was achieved the Atheist perspective.
The first time I recognized Atheism was my freshman year at community college. A fellow student invited me to pray with his group. I instantly recognize him from the Varsity Volleyball team. I was on the JV team for one year and this guy was the star varsity player.
When I realized he didn't recognize me, I immediately declined. Well entrenched in the Atheist position at this point.
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Andrew Brown's Blog

American Politic

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 11:08am 2 Comments

Why is America in near constant war?

There is more than one reason.

We like to swagger. We like to sway. It lets us feel the clothes, lets us feel the groove, let us show off a bit. We know we can’t always swagger, but we do it where possible.

The government is run by humans and thus their personal bias bleeds into policy and it makes us sway. When we come to our senses and put in some…


The Problem of Language

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 10:55am 6 Comments

As humans, we are drawn together and then we notice we must be apart.

Language bridges the ideas stuck inside two minds. Communication is the difference between a human and society. We must have communication to have what we have. We must never forget the flaws inherent in attempting to communicate with another mind.

We feel communication is fairly simple as we do it on a near constant basis, everyday for multiple hours. It is easy and comes naturally. Remember that time you…


What is Strength?

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 12:13pm 4 Comments

Let me tell you a story.

A youth, full of exuberance and vitality, comes across a bully. The bully forces the youth into situations which cause anger and resentment.

The youth, unable to best the bully, recedes and contracts inward. Afraid of the bully, decisions are made, paths taken.

The youth reads and tries to understand the bully, but is unable. The youth knows the bully is strong and the youth is not. What does he do?

The youth witnesses Boxing. Two strong…


The Spiral Theory

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 5:10am 10 Comments

I need to show this to my atheist brothers before I start attempting this on theists.

Please berate me as much as possible. All I ask is you try to disprove my claim. I know the burden of proof is on the claimant, but as we understand logical absolutes, there is a point where only a disproof will do.

Existence is. The Statement.

It is 1. And it is not 1. At the same time. And 0 is the end?

Existence is. This is the logic chain.

First, the…


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At 7:15pm on February 16, 2017, Cindy Bissell said…

Thanks Andrew.

At 10:41pm on January 30, 2017, Pope Beanie said…

Hey Andrew, welcome to Think Atheist!



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