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The Rise of Existence/Cosmos/Creation

Started this discussion. Last reply by TJ Apr 28, 2017. 9 Replies

The Rise of Existence/Cosmos/CreationX -> Energy -> Matter -> Atoms -> Stars -> Planets -> Self-Replicating Molecules -> Cells -> Multi cellular Structures -> Plants ->…Continue

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lloydleroimiller commented on Andrew Brown's blog post 'Post Atheism'
"I understood and appreciated the post. I too believe that many folks, with golden intentions believe what they were taught to believe without any need to push it on me or even shout it out at all, they believe they are doing right when they pray and…"
Aug 18, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Ok Unseen, you don't understand what we are saying the way we are saying it. I love the conversation and will continue in other threads. I will give this thread one last shot. The "Kingdom of God" is figurative, an analogy. The whole…"
Aug 10, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Yes, I am stating my opinions. Not sure what I redefined other than God which has no definition as every single person has a different idea of what the word entails. I am not horseshitting you; I do my best to never lie. Luke 17:21 from King…"
Aug 9, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Yet it is the truest thing I know. Everything has to work together for everything to exist. The truck driving down your street follows all of the rules and does not run through your living room.Black Holes lie at the core of the Galaxy. The Galaxy…"
Aug 4, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Yes, we are all energy flowing to and fro. You can call the force driving everything to more complexity is God, is the Dao, is Natural Evolution of the Cosmos. Second by grueling second, the entire cosmos is holding itself together in a…"
Aug 4, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"All is One. Everything you see and don't see is all part of the One, the Unity, the whole Cosmos."
Aug 3, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"You get it. I agree. Nearly all people have a God concept with which they believe or not; we atheists tend toward the latter.The believer has all of their questions answered by fiat. Atheists have the big problem of trying to solve all of those…"
Aug 3, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"No. We must use the word God. We just have to define it in our own words because, as you may know, in a group of 5, there are at least 6 God ideas. God: The ever present pressure which forces all energy in the cosmos to change at all times creating…"
Aug 3, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Using the most basic God concept (fills all spaces, the foundation upon which existence lives), we all experience God at all times because we are the God itself. Limiting God to love gives you "God is good."Making God everything gets you,…"
Aug 2, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"I disagree with your assertion but it's not important enough for us to debate here. Everything is a theory. The evidence backing the theory is the proof...and each piece is questionable.I don't remember being born. How do I know I…"
Jul 27, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"We come into this world from the void and return to the void when our time is up. The void must be before anything else is possible; the dark must be for light to come."
Jul 27, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Hunter Goodman's discussion 'God?'
"Do you understand Evolution? Do you see how life fills all niches? There is no vacuum on Earth as all voids are filled. The same phenomenon occurs in space as every area is filled with energy. Atoms are condensed energy and are only limited by the…"
May 31, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Katherine A Flowers's discussion 'Pattern recognition'
"If DNA is not a pattern, I do not know what is."
May 26, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Katherine A Flowers's discussion 'Pattern recognition'
"You're correct. If all patterns are not based on knowable, natural processes then there is no pattern to recognize. A whimsical god would destroy the fabric of existence, thus "God doesn't play dice.""
May 24, 2017
Davis Goodman commented on Andrew Brown's blog post 'Post Atheism'
"Indeed. His idea that God is everything everywhere and that of "his" infinite attributes, we can only learn about him through two of those aspects (thought and extension). In a sense this may make sense (though the numbers are wrong) as if…"
May 17, 2017
Andrew Brown replied to Belle Rose's discussion 'PLEASE HELP US!!!!! This is a true emergency...'
"Drop the hotel cost and sleep in the car. Would that solve the problem? Link a way to send money; Paypal, Venmo maybe."
May 17, 2017

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About Me:
I am as far beyond an atheist as an atheist is beyond a theist.
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Why are you here?
I love proper, logical discussion. Atheists tend more towards to calm rational than many other groups.
The religion you left
Why you left your religion.
My father was a lapsed Catholic, my mother a relaxed Protestant. Very little church was forced upon my childhood, but there were definitely pressure applied. A few church picnics, outings, get-togethers, a bit of video games to keep me there...pretty minor compared to many others' gut wrenching stories.
As I gained an appreciation for science and engineering, I read outside of the school's box. Enough stories from other cultural religions and you figure out the Agnostic position; no one has the answer.
Less religious pressure during high school, had a few more conversations with my brilliant, sci-fi raised, science minded father, and I was achieved the Atheist perspective.
The first time I recognized Atheism was my freshman year at community college. A fellow student invited me to pray with his group. I instantly recognize him from the Varsity Volleyball team. I was on the JV team for one year and this guy was the star varsity player.
When I realized he didn't recognize me, I immediately declined. Well entrenched in the Atheist position at this point.
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Andrew Brown's Blog

Post Atheism

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 5:44pm 17 Comments

I have been on a philosophical journey since I learned the world is knowable. I take every opportunity to learn new skills, practice old skills and improve my knowledge to better understand myself, my perception, the subjective world, the objective world, other perspectives and how all of that seems to work together for what seems like eternity; 13.8 billion years is approximately eternity compared to a single human life.

My step father invited me to join his church bible study. I…


The First Lie

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 12:46pm 11 Comments

Hi there, everyone.

I need to tell you about the first lie.

You are not God.

Seems obvious. I am a human. I live a human life which is fragile and temporary. I have human powers which make me normal among my other humans. Some humans have more powers than others, some less, but we are all human and all humans are equal.

God is incredible! God is everything? God is does that work? God is the greatest ultimate so therefore, God is. God is apart from us;…



Posted on April 13, 2017 at 3:07pm 14 Comments

Understanding freedom has only come through the sum total of my entire life of learning crossed by meditation in which I can focus on a single idea and explore it from all sides.

I first learned of freedom through patriotic songs, but I didn’t understand it; I had only taken the first step.

I first declared atheism during my twelfth year of life which freed me from the god concept, but I still didn’t know freedom; I…


World War 2

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 3:30pm 2 Comments

I visited the New Orleans World War 2 museum.

Tough, emotional time learning about the whole event.

As a martial artist and Tai Chi player, I have learned a great deal about combat and theories which function best in said realm. Hitler and Hirohito had the exact same flaw which allowed the allies to defeat their militaries. Both expanded quickly with their respective forces. Spread thin accross so many captured…


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