tweak to to charge the battery 24/7 while providing HV to lightbulb.

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Comment by Physeter on October 11, 2013 at 5:12pm

I also wouldn't want to stop you from trying. I think building those machines would be fun, and I kind of wish I had a workshop here at my apartment where I could build some for myself.

Now, if you told us you were going to pay a guy $200 for a kit that he said would create energy out of nothing, I would try to dissuade you from getting cheated, but if you want to experiment that's fine.

Comment by Physeter on October 11, 2013 at 5:23pm

Regarding the one with the ball inside the wheel: imagine that instead of a magnet holding the ball in place, you used a spring. Gravity tries to pull the ball down, but the spring pulls the ball back up. Would the wheel turn because of that setup? Of course not. I don't believe putting a magnet there is any different. The ball would either be stuck towards the magnet, or it would fall down. It wouldn't remain perpetually unbalanced in a way that releases constant energy.

Regarding the wheel with lots of magnets on it, I think the issue comes when the magnet transitions. I see from the diagram that the spinning magnets are alternately attracted or repelled by stationary magnets around the inside and outside, and the outside magnets seem to be arranged in hopes that the pull in one direction will always be stronger than in the other direction. I don't think this would actually be the case, though. The closer two magnets get to each other, the stronger the attraction. At some point the moving magnet goes very close to an attractive magnet, and then goes past to the repulsing end. During that transition, there would be an instant where the force of attraction would be pulling the magnet the wrong way, and that force would be very strong because the magnets are so close together. This pull in the wrong direction would negate the push and pull in the right direction, and the wheel would not spin as long as a similar wheel without magnets.

You may also find this website interesting.

Comment by Physeter on October 11, 2013 at 7:33pm

That's debatable. Either way, the Big Bang resulted in the creation of our universe. If you meet a guy who is able to create a universe for you, I'd say we have interest in him far beyond just running a few light blubs.


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