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Comment by John Cook on November 17, 2013 at 10:59am

America doesn't need a dictator, but an intelligent and benevolent king would certainly be a huge improvement. Three cheers for his excellence, and long live the King!  Just keep his progeny out of it until considerable testing and numerous psychological reviews could ascertain their factually reasonable chance of having any ability to lead. 

I hereby propose we do away with voting as two choices with each investing $200 million into campaigning is not the way to elect a leader. We need open TESTING plus psych reviews to find someone actually QUALIFIED for the job. They would need to be intelligent, not given to committee decisions, psychologically stable and without the currently mandated GREED incentive.  They could NOT be religious, and must have the personal courage to renounce all religion as childish HOO-HA.  They must dislike wars, and understand that attempting to continue America as the international police is BULLSHIT! And, more than anything, they must get rid of the most ridiculous practices and laws we have... Such as our PHONY system of taxes, ALL church exclusions, and the WAR ON DRUGS. That war on drugs is a social problem best handled by society. Hell, let evolution handle the problem if society won't, but this continuous throwing of billions into the pit that never fills is frikking STUPID. Let the people who committed victimless crimes out of jail, reinstall women's rights--as in accepting abortion as a singular decision, not a public stage show open to voting. It's just NOT as interesting as a good hanging and regardless it's up to THE WOMAN. Use stem cells as it is a LOGICALLY EFFECTIVE move, and make a REAL EFFORT to abolish federal waste so there are far more funds for available for the truly disabled, the elderly, and beneficial scientific research and testing--and I don't mean sponsoring 12 million dollar studies to find the best shape for a crapper seat either. Lets GET REAL as a country, and do away with all the congress and senate bullshit too. Those dolittles need to live like the rest of us so they can work for national improvement. Having federal employment as an open ticket to wealth is WRONG, and a really STUPID policy designed to attract the WORST sort of national idiot. LET'S change that right off the top! We all realize it's screwy yet no one does anything about it. Change the laws and there would be plenty of very intelligent, very capable people in line for a job with high responsibility and the potential of making a difference, and they probably won't be money and power crazy. Our current system of uninformed Americans VOTING in some unknown and untested RETHUGLICAN or DEMOCRAP backed lackey is an antiquated and a completely useless method of advancing anything! 

OK, I'm off the soapbox--even though I haven't put a real dent in the MALARKEY we call American politics--but someone needs to organize a group strong enough to do this. Somehow, I think we have enough intelligent atheists to do a REAL million person march on the capital and get noticed for the good we can do.

Whew... I'm exhausted and gettin' off my soapbox.


Comment by Cesar Deicide on November 17, 2013 at 9:20pm

@John Cook

Why do select the monarchical family or how would they select themselves?

The first time i heard about someone wanting a ruling class i was dumbfounded, how could someone want to give up democracy with the freedoms it provides and the dangers monarchy has sought on the townsfolk. Later i realized it wouldn't be different from now. It would be better to have someone on power with real power than debt from possessing a title.


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