This is the best way I've ever seen to teach someone evolution

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Comment by Noel on June 19, 2013 at 8:13am

That was great!

Comment by Physeter on June 20, 2013 at 12:03am


Comment by John Cook on November 21, 2013 at 12:38pm

That red to blue example of evolution was first presented perhaps four years ago. It had little impact then and I suppose that will continue similarly where the religious are concerned.

Regarding evolution, we must remember that the religious are a highly defensive people. The more an act or statement reveals a truth that appears to negate their "belief training" and the more clearly it is presented to them, the more defensive dogma it will illicit. Believers are well trained in fear of the unknown--especially following death--and will continue to certify their strange beliefs with whatever nonsense their group takes as a personal reality.  This is to allay the false reality provided, or that of heaven over the eternal tortures of hell. They must follow established beliefs or suffer those induced fears, and they are powerful fears. This is the result of church and parental coercive persuasion utilized to instigate and continue powerful religious delusions. 

It's a bit like solipsistic delusion where one believes only the self exists--regardless of openly available visual information that would claim otherwise. Yet the religious cannot imagine certain factual realities. Their inculcation into religion is designed to prevent that and established dogma is their argument. Logic is reduced, and beliefs are strengthened through the concept of terrible consequences; such as the nearly indomitable fear of eternal pain brought on by the false concept of hell. The religious are well conditioned. Provided with illogical proofs and defensive excuses by way of dogma, they feel justified in supporting the blinding Christians receive. It is difficult to escape such a tragic upbringing.

I wish those of us not so disillusioned that reality has been permanently hidden could assist those poor religious people more than we have. Sadly, Christians cannot accept anything that appears to negate their god concept--regardless of how realistic it may be.

So the realities of evolution that text displayed with the red to blue gradient and the message about evolution is lost on Christians suffering under the induced brain strangulating concept of their "special" god.  I'm not knocking the red to blue thing--it's actually perfect. It's just that those of us who realize that all religion is merely a false concept can see this while so many Christians cannot.

What Christians cannot realize is that today, using what science has provided in the field of psychology, the church is sharpening it's methodology with and implantation of effective coercive persuasion with an eye on increased income.  That church has learned how to apply well-structured mass brainwashing as a method of increasing profitability. Those who continue to think religion is real and cannot see that it has become a high stakes American business, are the truly delusional and probably cannot be assisted--especially with concepts that they can see as an attempt to alter their beliefs by opening their minds.

Perhaps if we can remove or change their nonsensical rears we may be able to ease them back into the reality they deserve. Stopping all Christian church profitability could get things started.

Or, perhaps if we augment the "church as big business" concept with as much factual evidence as can be dredged up, and publicize that across the internet, it will impact those lost Christians. However I suspect they will find dogma to support the Big Business of Religion that is attempting to warp their minds for profit--continuing to be so fearful of reality that they sink even deeper.

The book that forwarded the concept of Big Brother was partly incorrect. It is not government that restricts society so horribly, but the efforts of big, profitable, uncaring religion.  


Comment by John Cook on November 21, 2013 at 4:50pm

Robert Taylor. I realize your post was several years ago, but if you are still receiving notices, could you tell me what "transperia" means?  I have never encountered that term and am curious.


Comment by Jerry Mack on September 29, 2015 at 7:05pm

nice post 


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