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Comment by H3xx on July 17, 2013 at 12:54am

@ Richard Bohn

Some would insist that being a 'true' Christian is actually a relationship, not a religion

Something like this?

The Bible is like no other 'religious' book in that those who answer God's call are blessed with the discernment to ferret out what is true or not

Is this in any way in reference to the fact that most Atheists became Atheists, because they actually read the bible? Sounds like they were "blessed with the discernment to ferret out what is true or not."

Comment by Christopher on November 12, 2013 at 2:33pm

That's what religions view on religion is. It's what makes me feel sorry for the religious, though religion remains a good start to any persons journey through life as long as they know when to let go of it. I think the problem is that too many people from all groups within the overall group of humanity are prone to following blindly and without question. Some times, people are forced to believe something they don't want to believe in and some times what they refuse to believe in may be partially the right thing to believe in. For, many are those who overlook the good values of religions to state simply their dissatisfaction with those religions.

It becomes a matter of fact that while espousing many bad ideas about how to live life and while horribly spreading hypocrisy through hate while their religion preaches love and undermines its own wordings, those religions themselves; much like any other grouping; are still prone to corruption and deceit as they do remain comprised of earthly men and women who similarly believe in something without true understanding of their own belief.

What I find most common in so many people is a belief in something without the thought structure to reinforce it; including atheists. This leads me to believe that it is the mixture of all stories into a singular narrative; the combining of all things into one; that is the true answer for everything. Only when we all come together in our similarities; for our belief structures for as varied as they seem are massively similar to one another; to disregard our differences will we finally understand and have mass-acceptance of truth and peace and harmony.

One can not fight hate by issuing hate and hate is the division of self and of groupings. Only through love can the combination of selves and groupings maximize their potential and exceed it. Only when the majority are bent toward peace will peace be obtained; as is evidenced strongly by when the majority seeks violence and when does the majority seek violence? When freedom is trampled on and when justice is lost and righteousness fails to fall equally on all people and when peace becomes an impossibility.

Wars become the product of singular individuals who are able to utilize peoples blind faith for their own purposes. Only when people question intensively everything they do and believe in to the point of leaving behind something that remains impossible to deny will they stop having their faith in good things taken advantage of. There is a balance to life and lessons to be learned and those who refuse to learn from those lessons refuse to learn of life and so they come to hate those who do learn those lessons and do learn of life and that brings us to modern society, which isn't so very different than some ancient societies; which only goes to show how much history repeats itself for our benefit. It can only continue on so long until we ultimately destroy ourselves, though.

A war is already here, yet to be fully announced to the public. It remains a war politely fought through politics and non-violence; yet is cruel beyond belief. At any moment, it has the volatility and potential to escalate firmly into a full-on war. It will be the worst one we have ever seen in the history of our kind. And yet, it will breed the greatest time of peace ever known for the survivors. It is not just a war of man against man that we need to be concerned with, but a war against man by nature; a war that man started foolishly as a child argues with a parent when punished fairly for a misdeed.

Imagine no religion; no government; no politics and no drama; imagine a brotherhood of men that all looks out for each other and has true equality and have recognized the responsibility needed to espouse such equality. Personal responsibility, and accountability for ones self and ones actions.

Comment by Christopher on November 12, 2013 at 2:44pm

With more and more frequency, people all over the world are entering into higher states of awareness and with each day that passes that we continue to exist in this age of mass-media and information at our fingertips, the more people that are likely to similarly enter into higher states of awareness. This is surely the age that Jesus spoke of and dreamt of all those years ago; not to make christianity the foreground for this post as I view Jesus as just a man largely slandered by the church and immortalized against his will. He wanted people to connect with him and to him and to take his entire life as an example of everything he was saying. I believe he was more like any one of us than a lot of people realize. Just a man and yet a great man all the same.

The answer has always been to understand ourselves; to make fixing ourselves and working on ourselves and bettering ourselves our top priority; for each other. For how can we be strong together if we're not strong on our own and how can we be strong on our own if we're not strong together? And yet, strength is what is given with each failure and mistake, with each persistance and refusal to give up. Spirituality is something that is strongly needed in humanity; it has a truth all its own, though each religions garbled view of it is wrong and its hard for any true atheist to find any concrete answers as to... well, anything.

This teacher, he would destroy in fire those unrepentant fools who persist in harming themselves and others and refuse to change for the better; for what else would he be able to do with them? And this teacher, why would he reward the faithful over those who don't have faith the same as everyone else? If he were a true teacher, would he not praise those that questioned and learned the value of the answer for themselves and learned to have faith in themselves and through that, learned to have faith in him? For whether they know they have faith in him or not, if he is truly a great teacher, then having faith in the answers is more important than having faith in the source of those answers. Faith is what makes us see that all peoples answers are the same answers voiced in different ways; true faith and not false faith which is followed blindly.

Comment by Cavegal on October 11, 2014 at 1:09am

That is a pretty creative analogy. I love the cookies and milk for the good little cultists.


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