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Comment by John Cook on September 11, 2013 at 12:15pm

First, there is no god of the bible, as that entire thing is just as mythical as Xians see all other religions. However, Sam, as always, is correct.  That monster portrayed as a god in Biblical fiction is a horrid beast more inclined to be confused and then murderous to hide his confusion from his subjects. It's not that he doesn't have his priories straight, he apparently has very little straight--except perhaps, frightening formative age children using the character who plays the devil, and then vowing to release them from fear as long as they claim that god, the tyrannical beast, loves them and they agree to follow that strange murderous beast forever to stay out of that burning lake of fire.  Children are assured they would burn and scream and gnash their teeth and hurt and face eternal and unbearable pain forever if they do not follow that murderous biblical character.  They are told that "just" following that "loving" god that loves everyone so much and always looks out for them, will keep them from hell----providing they pay money. Lots of money!  

I doubt I could write a better script for brainwashing the ignorant than is in that terrible book. That thing should be banned except for a few museum copies to display the worlds most horrid dehumanizing myths.  Of course that museum should include a copy of the Qur'an, Book of Mormon, Wicca, Druze, Scientology, Taoism, Adi Dam and a few hundred others.      


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