What I think when Christians tell me that gays should be fine with a "civil union".

What I think when Christians tell me that gays should be fine with a "civil union".

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Comment by Ryan Peterson on November 27, 2011 at 9:30am


Thank you, I read through it, and it seems the difference lies in the state laws, rather than in the title anyone chooses to give it.

I imagine that LGBT rights will eventually come around, social changes take time.


One argument that I've heard used to justify the difference, is that a homosexual couple, married, unionized, or whatever, cannot bear children. But in this day and age of more children than parents, I don't imagine that should matter either.





Comment by Unseen on November 27, 2011 at 4:25pm

I'm not sure it's only Christians who will say that. Even some atheists might feel that, in some heavily Christian locales, even that little is so much of an advance that little more can be expected anytime soon.

Comment by Dave Gibbs on November 27, 2011 at 5:09pm

Christians think tanks, such as those at the Family Research Council, use the child bearing one a lot. I don't think its a very good argument.


The FRC version of it reasons that:

1. It is the only relevant factor, i.e. ignoring property rights and more in regards to marriage because "unions" and other legal statuses can deal with that

2. The fact that many couples choose not to or are incapable of having children does not put a damper in their stance because those who don't intend to have children might change their minds, and those incapable might be surprised and have one


The idea that the couple can use an alternate legal method to attain couples rights sounds exactly like Sophie's picture, to me.


The 2nd justification is just plain silly. Many couples who choose not to have children simply will not change their minds, and there are ways to reduce the chances of childbearing to close to 0 that we can safely say they won't have any accidents. Some people marry at very old ages, or who are missing the means to reproduce, for whatever reason, such that they definitely won't be surprised with a child... we don't discriminate against these people for wanting to have a marriage even if it definitely won't involve having a child.


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