Yes I was bored. Listen, the thing that pisses me off most about these "MuslimahPride" Stockholm syndrome stooges is that they're completely oblivious to the suffering of other women. This isn't something new, but for some reason none of them is figuring it out. It doesn't matter whether you like to cover yourself with a rag, you stupid hag, because countless others don't, and the point is to help them. But because you're standing there bitching and whining about how awesome the veil is and how muslim women don't need any outside help, you're also staggering their process.

You're like a favored slave, who says "Do I look oppressed? I like being a servant, I like being a slave, I like this shit! We don't need liberation! Being shackle-free isn't freedom! #NiggerPride" and meanwhile your brethren are getting flogged, you piece of shit. Wake up!

The only reason these women can even post this bullshit online is precisely because they're enjoying the freedoms of a civilized society, because they don't get stoned or lashed for minor offenses, yet they're whining that the same shouldn't try to help the rest.

I hate humanity.

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Comment by kOrsan on April 11, 2013 at 1:01am

Angela I knew what that video link was before I even opened it. That is the kind of guy that comes to mind when I read anything about islam and woman related. They see women as cattle that must be guided. And sadly, the muslim women not only accept, but also defend that.

Comment by Simon Paynton on April 11, 2013 at 5:38am

Hi Angela, - 

"So why dont we start putting the spotlight on Muslim men, calling them out and making them more accountable for the state of their women. I would like to see Muslim men heavily targeted by Western men.." 

That's an interesting point, it sounds very fruitful.  I know the situation is more complex than that - but plainly, men are a big part of the picture. 

My friend who is Afro-Caribbean says that a lot of English women prefer Muslim men, and they move to Arab countries, because they treat them better than their own men do. 

I believe that Islam has a strong element of refinement and beauty and civilized values. 

Comment by Simon Paynton on April 11, 2013 at 5:38am

You ought to do portraits in the town square on an i-Pad, kOrsan.  You'd be a smash hit. 

Comment by kOrsan on April 11, 2013 at 9:10am

Simon ya and get my ass beat for picking on people's flaws. I made these in MS Paint with a mouse at work, out of sheer boredom.


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